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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

As he wandered aimlessly, he mused...

And he mused about a handful of things, including the latest fooferal about the Donald.  When he first announced his run for president, I was less than complimentary.  I thought, he's a buffoon and will get his head handed to him.  And right out the box he said something we all know is true but everyone's afraid to say- that among the wretched, huddled masses yearning to breathe free are a lot that are just plain wretched.  That a share of the poor, innocent illegal immigrants coming into our country are a lot of people who have no desire to be legal in any sense of the word.  OMG, we have blasphemed against the PC gods, and even I, in first reaction said, "Nothing like announcing and deflating your campaign in one blow."

But it didn't deflate... nor did it deflate when Univision piled on, or NBC, or John McCain, or the Des Moines Register, or ESPN, or Lindsay Graham.  And I think the reason for that is that the Donald is something extremely rare in today's politics- someone who feels no need to $#!t down his leg.  He says it, he doesn't back down, he doesn't apologize.  Unlike our current President, who waits until almost a week has past, until he hears enough criticism from all sides, until "authorities" stumble onto the fact that Chattanooga was a terrorist attack, and until he's in front of a VFW audience- to lower flags in honor of five Americans he isn't fit to speak about.

Rush Limbaugh put it this way- that the way it's SUPPOSED to work is, the conservative figure "steps into it", the media points it out, "all America" becomes enraged, and the stepper apologizes and quietly slinks away forever from view.  But the Donald didn't do that.  Graham called him a jackass, he called Graham an idiot- and gave out his old phone number!

Fact of the matter is that the Democrats are going to pummel him with their usual BS (see Herman Cain) and he's going to ignore it.  Fact of the matter is, the GOP establishment thinks he's a bull in a china shoppe.  Good.  We need a party that is cleared of china and ready to say what it means.  If the Donald can do that, so much the better.

And stay the hell off my golf course, too!


A fellow blogger posed the very simple question yesterday- do you believe that man has walked on the moon.  I started my answer with, "At the risk of being insulted, or drawn into a discussion I have no desire for..."  because I knew the question would bring into play a huge conspiracy theorist whom I have no desire to go rounds with.  And my answer is yes, I believe we did, I believe they did.

My conspiracy theorist former blog friend (his choice) would point out all the little inconsistencies, the things that don't seem right, the authors who have made a collective fortune writing books about how everything from 9-11 to Campbell's Soup are all part of a master plan by a very intelligent, very rich illuminati who've been trying to set things up for the Anti-Christ's rule since before Daniel first wrote about him.  I'm just going to put this as simply as possible.  I do not think that any group can over time hold itself together so well as to perpetrate what they would have had to perpetrate without screwing up somehow and being exposed.  I don't believe the US of A could have faked a moon landing so well that the Soviets wouldn't have caught on and said, "Hey, this is BS!"  And besides, what POSSIBLE benefit would the government derive from spending billions of bucks on something that was a lie?  And, keep in mind they would have to do it either with the fooling of Congress or with its complicity- and you really want me to believe that none of these jackals would expose it?

Frankly, the agenda to prove the government lies about EVERYTHING it does is a little more plausible to me than the agenda of the "NWO" actually coming to fruition by the hands of the idiots that populate this planet.  Remember Rome's golden age?  It lasted for five emperors who were smart enough to "adopt" a qualified heir rather than pass it to the seed of their loins.  And even then, the supposed smartest of the Bunch (Marcus Aurelius) was the one to drop the ball and adopt a loser.  What makes you think that the Freemasons and the Rothschilds could do any better?

And that's what I really think.  Said here to avoid the insults and condescension.


A few days back, Scrappy was nosing through the leafy undergrowth of the woods, when a fearsome snarl, surely emanating from the throat of a slavering cougar, or at least a bear, made him step back.  I reeled him in soi he wouldn't get hurt, and what did my eyes behold...

...but a little bitty raccoon!  I guessed him to be too old to stay with mama and too young to know what the frazz to do with himself.  After a few moments, he toddled away.

Now, here's some today pictures:

Look close, one fawn at the extreme left, another under mom's chin

The little bluebird of happiness followed us

And while I was looking up at the avian wonders of our neighborhood, I heard a thump.  I looked down in time to see a ground hog dive in his den, and Scrappy nose-to-butt with him!  It was Scrappy's second shot at a GH, but I still don't think he's done anything to them but get a good whiff.


  1. I will always pick an arrogant billionaire over a socialist who hates America ,

  2. That little raccoon is so precious!! I know they grow up to not be so precious but I love this picture. The deer with its mama is a great shot too!! You scored with this walk you took. I love going on these walks with you and Scrappy through your pics.

    1. You wouldn't say so if you forgot the deep woods off...

  3. Chris:
    I was lstening when Rush said that...and he is 100% CORRECT.
    And too often the reps HAVE done exactly that - ran with their tails between their damn legs...that's just not right, and it's a damn shame.

    Trump HAS said the "unspeakable", but sooner or later, you know SOMEONE had to (other than
    I know Ted Cruz is charing a committee on immigration and was nailing anpther Obama-flunkie to her cross with his line of questioning.
    (maybe Trey Goudy has been coaching other committee chairs on HOW to question?)
    It was fun to listen to...NO answers on immigration [policy and incorrect stats from the regime...and Cruz CALLED her on all of it.

    As for the moon landing - the "discrepancies have ALL been debunked, so Ilm cool with that. Tell your theorist pal to STOP watching "Capricorn-1" and thinking THAT is

    Still, it never hurts to question everything...that's how we find something called THE TRUTH, right?

    Excellent photos...wish we could get a bluebird down here... (trade you for twenty sparrows).

    Nice walkabout.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. We have exactly two spots the Bluebirds turn up... on the path beside the wood's edge soccer fields, and along ground hog road. I'll trade you only if you send BLUE sparrows.

  4. The Donald can do it, I say "have at it." I wonder if he could pull the whole "You're Fired!" deal with the administration. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

    I'm so discouraged with our government right now. Almost as much as our media - or are they the same department?

    1. Yes, I think it would be wonderful... I just wonder what he'd do if he found it wasn't as easy as it is in his own companies...

  5. I'm a fan of Trump or any non-politician who steps in and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. If he stays in the race I would probably even vote for him. Even what he said about John McCain was fine with me. Just because someone once did something "heroic" doesn't mean they remain heroic for the rest of their lives. As far as I'm concern John McCain is a twerp.

    The thing about a good conspiracy theory is that those who come up with them or defend them on and on really put enough thought in them to make them seem true. I think covering up something as big as the moon landing lacks logic, but the conspiracy can be fun to play with. So far I'm not convinced that the U.S. didn't land on the moon multiple times. But I'll listen to the evidence.

    I'm saddened that your ex-friend continues to alienate so many bloggers and lambaste anyone who doesn't agree with him. I think there are better ways to have a disagreement and yet keep a friendly relationship with others.

    Wrote By Rote