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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The novel continues some more (AKA picture post)

All right, let me tell you a bit about KC's doubleheader Sunday.

The Bad News Derby People actually had a good game in game one.  KC drove in a run and they kept it close till the last inning- Which was the seventh, for a change.

LAURIE: How many innings do they play?
ME:  I really am not sure, they've never made it past the 4th without being 20 runs down before!

There he goes!

Yes, believe it or not there are two girls on this team that throw it in from the outfield underhanded because they "can't throw it overhand".  To her credit here, though, she made a pair of spectacular catches- one which she may just have soiled herself making.  I know I about did.

Trying to beat the shift- fouled out.
The first game ended 11-2, but was 5-1 going into the 7th.  Then we got a break while that team played Paul Davis.  PD made short work of them, pounding the ball at will and actually putting one ball into the woods.  Then PD turned and saw us.

And a lot of this happened.

PD ran up 11 1st inning runs, doing everything BUT hitting the woods.  They tacked on 5 in the second, but we actually held them scoreless in the third while they were bored.  Fourth inning, they decided that enough was enough, and returned to score-at-will, running it up to 22-0 so the ump would stop play.  Allegedly, next game we'll finally be dropped down to a class more befitting, if there is such a thing.  Paul Davis will be moving up, I'm told.


And now, this afternoon's walk.

Remember the tree I described as massive, but you couldn't tell from that shot?  You'll see it now.

Bent one tree over on the way down, busted another in two.  I wrapped Scrappy's leash around the shattered tree's trunk to see how big it was-  It was long enough to run from my foot to my hip.

And as you can see, the lesson learned is don't grow on the edge of a dropoff.

Peek!  Someone napping in the meadow.

OMG, it's Scrappy!  Run!!!

Scrappy in the flowers

Seen a few of these along the river.

I do have to give IPFW a bit of credit.  This year, they are leaving a lot more of  the "in-between" stuff unmown, unlike the last few years where if it didn't require a Bushhog, it got cut.  Thus the places where we have caught our deer friends (like today, pardon the bad pun) are more animal friendly... but in order to not pick off ticks half the night, I'm going to have to declare the way to the duck pond inaccessible at this point.

However, if it's like a couple years ago, access might be resumed this weekend.  Two years ago...

They mowed a path to the river's edge, from which to shoot off mortars at the river the rest of the holiday.  I don't believe it was an "officially sanctioned event", but remote enough that anyone who might possibly complain would have the devil's own time finding them.  I thought it was last year, but last Independence Day Weekend...

We found out what the fox says (answer:  Bark bark yip yip)!


  1. I feel badly for PD with the ballplaying. I think I'd be discouraged with these stats. But, he's a trooper!

    1. He swears no more co-ed teams for him!

  2. I think it's great that you're such a proud father.
    Wow, you spot all sorts of creatures. I always suspected the song "What Does the Fox Say?" was slightly mis-leading. Thanks for confirming that, CW.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. When I posted the fox story last year, I didn't know what people were talking about when they kept mentioning "What does the fox say". So I looked it up. Not one of my best choices IMHO.

  3. They play 7 innings here. Double headers. Takes four hours.

    1. They tell me the umps call the games in this league at 1 hour no matter the situation. A mercy for KC's team, for sure.

  4. I like picture posts as I don't have to read and I can just scroll through the photos.............

  5. Chris:
    As someone who was usually picked LAST on most every team sport, let's just say I've little love for such activities, and let it go at that.
    Still, good to see people getting exercise on a ball-diamond.
    But the walk pictures, not that's a different story...

    That is one HUGE honking tree (wonder if anyone herd it when it fell?)

    Love that peekaboo deer picture, too.
    And that fox looked to be having fun as well.

    Nicely done.

    Stay safe (and tick-free) up there, brother.

    1. I was another "picked-laster", but to get picked higher you have to be either talented or popular. I wasn't enough of the second to become the first. I just never let it effect my enjoyment of things outside the school yard pick 'em crap.

      I don't know as anyone HUIMAN heard that tree fall... but between the trees that broke underneath it ( there were a couple more that shattered ahead of the one I pictured, plus a couple that got skinned, and one that got real lucky- fitting in between branches as it fell- and the wind that morning, if there had been, they wouldn't have come away with underwear intact...

  6. Love love love the pics of the deer and the fox!! Now I'm humming the song What does the fox say. LOL

    1. Glad I never learned it that well, lol!