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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The planned parenthood video and my take- and something about "other"

Okay, serious subject here.  Most of you by now know about the video taken of a Planned Parenthood exec having lunch with an undercover investigator and her wonderful blaise attitude on selling "fetal material".

Deep breath here, choose words carefully.

This posting isn't going to be about how pro-life I am, and how awful abortion is.  There are those of you that have thought out and strong feelings to the pro-choice side, and I am not going to change that with all the stats and pictures and ultrasounds in the world, I get that.  I will just say that I don't understand how someone can do such a thing to a child at any level of development, and yes, part of that is because I've never found myself "accidentally pregnant" and in dire straits.

What I am going to say is, this is just another in the long line of facts, circumstantial evidence, and testimony about the nature of the Planned Parenthood organization.  For them to do something as reprehensible (yet probably "legal") is no surprise; they still follow the moral set provided by founder Margaret Sanger.  (Which Hillary saying how much she admires Sanger is also not much of a surprise.)  I challenge you to really look into this woman, and see how much you have to overlook to support "the good she stood for".

Now, I will come to my point.  If you are pro-choice, that's your deal.  If you feel that this was all put up, remember that nothing substantial has been denied by PP, remember ACORN and Lois Lerner and Fast and Furious, and that it was no doubt their person in the video- and why would she set herself up?  But here is the crux of the matter, no matter WHAT you believe about the rest-

If you can look at Planned Parenthood and not see an organization that has allowed economics to compromise what they claim in the media to stand for, YOU ARE ADDICTED TO THE AGENDA.

You look at the women you here speaking out at the protests- any abortion at any time for any reason.  That is not a woman's choice to own her own body, that is a group's demand to be able to commit any despicable act without fear of recompense.  They have no concern about women who "made a mistake", no concern about girls raped, about children destroyed by incest.  They care about the agenda and the power it gives them.

I feel that having an abortion is like all others save one, a forgivable sin.  I don't think a majority of women who have them are evil or disgusting.  However, the operators and leadership of Planned Parenthood?  THEM I believe will find a special place in hell.  The next time a liberal calls me a racist, perhaps I shall discuss Margaret Sanger with them.  And when I see your facebook posts about what a douchebag I am to believe the video and it's makers, I'll just smile and say, "addicted to the agenda."


In the meantime, the spam assault from France continues unabated, with another 20 blog posts hit yesterday, and 27 more so far today.  At this rate, they should have hit every post I ever did by the day after Labor Day, and they'll be ready to start over.  Unfortunately, all these "comments" are lifted from other spam comments, the only thing differing is the random name generator thing, which today gave us the interesting moniker of AhmedPMcquaide.  The only comments I found funny in the entire 80+ list was one where they didn't grasp a simple concept about doing fill-in-the-blank.  For example, you need to fill in something different when you see the word "other":

Yes! Finally something about other.


  1. That a majority of people know very little about Sanger and that a lot of people support Cankles without knowing a single thing about Grandma makes me reach the sobering conclusion that we are outnumbered by ignorant (not stupid, although there are THOSE, as well) fools.
    Well, now, I'm depressed.

  2. Chris:
    You have made one of the BEST explanations regarding Planned Parenthood that I've heard on quite some time.
    And yes, it IS about "the agenda".

    Lets us also NOT forget that Margaret Sanger sa certainly NO "saint".
    She was ALL for EUGENICS, and that boils down to "selective breeding" - something that Hitler was keen to embrace.

    Sheeple can be led about too easily, and unfortunately, too many listen to too few these days when it comes to the TRUTH.

    As to the spam - I thought there was some ways you could block CERTAIN "people" from commenting altogether, yes?

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

  3. I haven't heard or seen the video. I can not comment.
    What is the fetal material used for? I don't get it.

  4. I gather the discussion was around the topic of "Crushing (the fetus) above or below the wanted organs to avoid damaging them". Apparently livers and hearts are in big demand. Supposedly used by medical companies "to try to find cures for diseases." Arms and legs too. PP's defense is basically that they "were donations" and the fees they rake in "covered shipping."