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Monday, August 24, 2015

And now, a little light stuff...

Here's some pics of a pleasant walk in God's beautiful world....

 I had to take the picture fast.  We saw each other at the same time, and when I reached for the camera pouch on my belt, he ducked.  To my surprise, he stuck around...

Shortly after this one, he let out a snort and ducked into the woods, which wraps around the swamp.

Ducks on the south canal...

I saw him, Scrappy didn't...

Admiral on the stone...

Wind blowing one way, current flowing the other... leaf, going exactly nowhere.

Somebody lovin' those milkweeds...

"...Looks like dragonfly lo-oo-oove..."

California Road all blocked off so the people pouring into the Shindigz soccer fest this past weekend didn't get lost... or park in the swamp...

And yes, that is one seriously huge thistle...


  1. Hi, Chris! I enjoyed this post. It reminded me of my dad who was a nature photographer all his life. He loved to get closeup shots of tree bark, flowers, fungus, ladybugs on leaves, butterflies, bees, lizards, you name it.

    It's so cool that you spotted deer. My family used to spend summer vacations at a log cabin in Potter County, Northern Pennsylvania. My dad would mount a camera on the outside of the cabin where apple trees stood. He attached a string to the shutter and ran the string up the side of the cabin and into the second floor bedroom. At night, when we heard rustling and feeding sounds outside the cabin, dad pulled the string, the flash went off and he got some excellent close-ups of deer chomping on the apples.

    It's good to see my buddy Scrappy again!

    1. The year I started this blog, we had a very friendly herd in our woods that we got all sorts of shots, even videos of. Since then, we've had more growth... more people... and the deer are much more shy and private.

      Your dad sounds cool as can be. I've often thought about setting up a place to sit and wait for our furry friends to stroll by... but that would mean leaving my four legged pal out of the thing, and we both know THAT ain't gonna happen as long as one of us sucks air!

  2. Replies
    1. As Bob can tell you, here you have to hunt for it.

  3. Chris:
    Another very nice stroll...I can almost smell the fresh air.
    And those thistles look like the neighbor's back yard...BEFORE I called NCE and got it hacked down.

    Excellent walkabout.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Yep, when it tops out at about 8 feet, that's a big thistle.

  4. For such quick sightings, you get awesome photos, Chris! But what's that creature in the second to last photo? Smiles.

  5. Great photos. Its funny that we have deer all over Texas but when I travel and I see deer, I have to take the picture. I just love seeing wildlife regardless. Sweet Scrappy!

    1. Agrees across the board on that one!

  6. There's a mini-herd of 4-6 deer that appear in my backyard pretty regularly. The most amazing thing about them is the way they glide - yes, glide - over the fencing in the fields. It's like the fence isn't even there.

    Love the critters.

    1. Their clumsy moves are more graceful than my graciest.

  7. Oooooo I like all the cool bugs!! I love dragonflies, they're so pretty.

    Glad you did not get assaulted by the deer. Every time I see the lady ones outside, they start stomping their feet and snorting at me. 'Tis very disconcerting.

    1. You mean like this?

      (Might wannna scroll past the one minute mark, this was a while back and I was still learning the camera.