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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Because you care

I'll tell you a story to answer that.  I'm going to keep it anonymous for reasons not mine to share, but a wonderful thing happened this week.

A woman with (I believe, I'm going from memory here) 3 year old twin boys donated a bunch of things of theirs to the Goodwill.  Unfortunately, inside one of those things, a diaper bag I think, was the birth ID bracelet of one of the twins.  Days later, a blog friend and FB friend of mine went a searching for baby things, as she has twins on the way.  She discovered the tiny ID bracelet.  She knew how she would feel if it was her child's bracelet that went missing.

So she started a Twitter and FB hashtag to find the baby, hoping against hope that the small world theory would work on her side, that the mother would even care, and it would be feasible to unite them.  And then she waited.

According to the FB post by that mother, she soon was deluged by her FB friends, and strangers, about the bracelet.  And the two of them got together!  There were some amazing coincidences along the way- again, privacy forbids a lot of detail- but it was easy to see that God meant for the love of two mothers to be shared in this way.  It was a wild, tear-jerking moment.  And all because one person cared.

One thing I have learned about the vast majority of my fellow bloggers:  they care.  So many of them support worthy causes, fighting diseases and abuse.  So many selflessly promote others, or write in order to bring their experiences in going through the various hells of life to others going through the same thing.  MY blog friends are special, and not because of me.  I found them because they ARE special, they put themselves on the line for what's important.  They CARE.   So all of you, give yourselves a round of applause.  By the way you write, by the way you live, you show that you deserve it!

Wow... maybe I shoulda cut the audience off of the 5-hr Energy first...


  1. I like watching that audience. Kinda hypnotic.
    Nice story. I still have that bracelet.

  2. Chris:
    Now if THAT isn't proof that God's on the job...I don't know WHAT is.

    It only takes ONE person to make that difference.
    (and I always encourage everyone at the end of each post to do so)

    Love this kind of nice to see more of it.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Just have to look past the news media to the real lives of people- of course, you knew that already.

  3. I love this story.. Thanks for posting it.