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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Now, Daddy's turn

I have a scheduled Doctor's appointment in about an hour and a half, so I took half a day off.  Thankfully, work managed to cram a full day's worth of stress into about the first 50 minutes (I told the guy at the gas station that had I stayed the whole 8, my BP would have been 500 over 250), but that's a story best left untold.  So Scrappy and I took a long walk on a beautiful day, and here are the results.

Lotsa honeybees...

Scrappy gets swooped by a white butterfly (center)

Now, it's nice when I get a good shot like that, but for every really pretty shot...

You get a bunch of clunkers....

Trying to get a butterfly (little yellow spot)

Close up of Scrappy sniffing (a mite too close)

But we trudged on...

Suddenly, Scrappy insisted we head for high forest.  In we went, out we went, in we went, and then we found his "prize"...

Yep, dead raccoon, newly blown, complete with maggots.

This red-tail hawk lives near the alumni pond.  He just landed moments before.

Time for a dip in the river... so to speak.

Then a quick rest break.  There's the barn from ground level...

I thought I missed that Monarch...

...but nope, there he is!

And the grass from ground level.

And old man from ground level.

No fall colors yet... Bobby, circle 17th and 18th of next month.  Hopefully Ma Nature will co-operate with Laurie's vacation.

What're you bugging me for?


  1. Hi, Chris! I hope your doctor visit goes AOK, good buddy. I enjoyed this set of pictures. Scrappy is very lucky to have you as his daddy and you are both lucky to have these picturesque rural areas in which to romp around and get some fresh air and exercise.

    Do I have your permisson to use the image labeled:
    "Close up of Scrappy sniffing" as my desktop background? :)

    Take care, good buddy!

    1. You have our permission... though why you'd WANT to...

  2. Awesome photos and it looks like a wonderful day. As pretty as the fall leaves are I guess you don't want winter to arrive too quickly.
    Hope everything went ok at the doctors

    1. I don't want winter to arrive AT ALL. But they never gave me a vote. As for the doctors- next post, please...

  3. Chris:

    Why is it that people like US can NEVER find THE "DOCTOR" we'd LIKE to chat with?
    (and here we were feeding you chocolate cake...sorry about that - didn't want to contribute to any issues, my friend)
    It's not like it's EVERY day though, right?
    (we can cheat now and then)
    In photography, you always are your OWN worse critic.

    And the only clunker pics are those taken when the camera is in your POCKET (trust me on this one...LOL)
    Nice shot of that monarch, too.
    (wonder if I can D/L it and enhance it for 'ya?)

    Yeah, those days you mentioned sounds like a PLAN,.
    Looking forward to it.

    Good post.
    Stay safe & healthy up there, brother

    1. Don't worry about feeding me good things- the mouth can close as well as open.

      My old camera once took a picture in my pocket while I was... er... marking a tree, so to speak. I was like, "You've GOT to be kidding", but the picture thankfully was not an x-ray.

  4. Praying all is well with the Dr :) As always love the shots ... Did Scrappy take the one of the old man on the ground level? haha. I kid I kid!