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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On the bright side, she gave me something to blog about

So a co-worker and FB friend decided to comment on the migrant crisis in Europe.  For those of you out of the loop, it goes like this:  Germany announced they would be willing to take Syrian refugees from the civil war/ISIS attack.  However, the path these migrants chose included clumping through Hungary, which really didn't have the resources to deal with them.  Chaos ensued, and the EU woke up to the realization that Germany had blundered them into a real mess.  As an intelligent person, my friend realized the potential for mayhem in allowing migrants into your nation unimpeded.  So she wrote a post based around this cartoon:

A FB friend of hers then berated her, saying this was "just as ignorant" as saying all Mexican migrants are terrorists or criminals (which neither my friend nor the cartoon says), and posited that this "racism" showed "hatred in her heart."  Needless to say, I hadda put in my two cents- that she needed to actually read the post and the cartoon, that they both had a valid point.  The lady then once again pointed out what we were all agreed on- that not all Muslims are terrorists- and went on to blame it on US because we didn't finish setting them on the straight and narrow after our war on terror.  To which I expressed that THEY need to take some responsibility for the sh!t sandwich they currently live in- they're the ones that let the dirtbags that run/ran their nations IN charge, and maybe they should straighten out their countries rather than playing rat-and-sinking-ship.  I even agreed that "you shouldn't hate a whole people on the actions of a few".

At this point, she excused herself, calling an intelligent discussion "a troll fest".  (After I explained to her what a troll was, she rescinded that term, choosing to go with she thought it was "when people not in the discussion enter the discussion."  I apologized for not seeing the (this person only) button.

But now, let me bring up the points she couldn't quite grasp.

Germany has basically been caught making promises for the whole EU yet again.  Guess what?  Hungary had neither the resources nor the interest in being the sidewalk from Syria to Germany.  Police had little choice but to react violently while the government tried to figure out what to do and Germany stood by with one thumb firmly up their ass.

They weren't the only ones.  Just today, Denmark cut all rail ties with Germany to prevent their becoming the migrant wave's walkway to Sweden.  Even if you remove the consideration of terrorism, no country wants to, or should be subjected to, an invasion of their sovereignty because of the promises of a neighbor.  Germany and Sweden want to take in refugees, fine.  Good for them.  PROVIDE THEM AN EGRESS THAT DOESN'T SCREW OVER YOUR NEIGHBORS.

Next up, let's discuss these alleged "refugees".  A BBC article I read a few days back when this all got started (Tip to the lady commenter:  Try looking at some REAL news sources.  Become informed.) said that the hedges and bushes at the Serb/Hungarian border were littered with IDs from Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other known hotbeds of terrorist thought, discarded after receiving fresh new Serbian made fake Syrian IDs that would get them into Germany.  So you want me to trust that most/many/any of these refugees are legit?

Please confine your answers to the current discussion

And what about the people getting in?  One refugee when interviewed told BBC he blamed the US and Europe for what was happening in his homeland... so where does he move to?  Yeah.  This isn't about fear or principles.  This is a bunch of opportunists using the suffering of others as their way to go live somewhere where they don't have to eat camel pot pies every day.

The lady was right about one thing.  There are many of these people who are legitimately fleeing war, fleeing religious persecution.  I wish we could just close our eyes, click our heels, and give everyone of them a good home.  But like in everything else touched by fallen man, for everyone in legit need there are three douchebags either seeking a way to sneak in, or a place that should go to someone needy.  You can't just believe in the good in everybody- you never could.  And you can't say that when someone speaks out about a specific subset of a group (such as ISIS), they are being hateful to the WHOLE group.  That flies about as far as those who call me racist because I oppose President Obama, because if you oppose a black president it HAS to be because he's black (Note: I opposed Bill Clinton too.  Does that mean I hate pervs?).

And you don't start a comment thread by calling someone ignorant or having a heart of hate and then hint that I'M a troll.


  1. Chris:
    Sorry, but my thought on OUR (southern) immigration problem might sound too "uncomplicated" - if you come into this country by ILLEGAL means, you just BECAME a criminal, .

    And yes, you're right...the GOOD Muslims NEED to step the hell up and speak the hell out AGAINST the radicals among them.
    .And, if need be, FIGHT for a better nation for themselves. We did nothing less a couple hundred years ago, if I recall.

    That person who excused themselves sounds like a liberal (to me)

    Germany showed up for this "refugee-in" with their knickers down around their (EU) ankles.

    And maybe let's NOT call them "refugees...but rather ILLEGAL immigrants?
    As an historical example - Refugees are the ones fleeing Paris during the Nazi occupation and who were the ones gunned down by German aircraft AS they fled along the roads.

    "camel pot-pies"...LOL!

    Granted there ARE some who are leaving their homeland for the RIGHT (humanitarian) reasons. Russian and German Jews had to do the same thing when they came (to America) during WW2.

    It's like I take ALL people "one-at-a-time", and always by their character (or lack of it).
    THEY will always let you know by THAT (alone) how they want to be treated. It's that simple.

    You did a good job "splainin" that.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. My friend said that very thing this morning, "She's nice, but she's just so liberal." I have no problem with her caring, but when "caring" policies put your life in danger from someone who doesn't care about you, you have to be smart and draw a line.

  2. Its heartbreaking to see the women and kids crying and distraught. They are scared and have been sleeping on the streets cold. I hate that. It drives me nuts when people want to blame the US but like you said - come to the US.

    1. I've been praying for these people. The person on FB just didn't get that she was doing the same thing that she accused us of doing- taking what the cartoon said about ISIS and expanding it to all Muslims. Only thing is, we were LIMITING it to ISIS, but she couldn't see past "migrants" to get that.

  3. Submit this to the NY Times, Huffington Post! It's so well written Chris.

    1. ME, in NYT or HuffPost? Several dead liberals would no doubt roll in their graves. Now the American Spectator or The Blaze...