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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A moment for what matters

I was reading a FB string that began with a news story.  Seems a lesbian couple is miffed because they want to send "their" kid to a Christian school, and the school isn't too willing to offer a show of society defining morality.  One of the commenters- whom I have argued with more than once- made the point that Christians should "suffer the little children" to come unto them.  Which in his warped secular way, he has a point.  And I thought about jumping in, asking this super genius:  If they truly do want the child to have a "Christian" education, why not just take them to schools run by the many denominations who bow to society's morality?  The United Methodists and Episcopalians come to mind.

Admittedly, there may be good reasons- such as none of the above schools being in the area.  After the gay dude that crossed two states to pick up pizzas from the shop in Indiana just to say, "See, they catered MY gay wedding", I am skeptical.  I see it more of a "wait'll they teach my kid our lifestyle is sinful, then we'll sue" thing, hoping that there's will be the suit that cracks open illegalization of all Christian schools.  I would bring up to Wile E. that this is just what Daniel, Jesus, and John all predicted would happen in the run-up to the Anti-Christ, and that Christians thus have a very good reason to keep them out.  Not that he'd listen.

But I decided, you know what?  I got more important things to think about.  I have a co-worker on emergency leave because her husband "won't be leaving the hospital".  I have friends tangentilly- thankfully- affected by the flooding in South Carolina.  I have a passel of little kids- toddlers, school age, even a trio of unborn- coming into a world this messed up.  Blog friends going through things, including a mother's son who was recently rescued from a suddenly form-fitting car.  And four Chinese Christians whose names I'll never remember to pray for.

I have more important things to do with my time and my prayers than to inform people not spirit smart enough to listen that they ain't as head smart as they think.

So while some people fight their petty games of "look at me catch the Christian in his own words", Here's a look at what really matters.


  1. Your priorities are endearing, and you capture them well. Nice work, CW.

  2. Chris:
    Very well said, my friend.

    The point made about catching Christians and then using the "sue" card is spot on.
    That's the ONLY reason these people pull this crap.

    And yes, there are times when "we" might have more important things on OUR plate that jumping into a battle that serves no purpose other than to exist.

    What I REALLY liked was your " inform people not spirit smart enough to listen that they ain't as head smart as they think" sentence.
    That's just plain brilliant (and SO damn true).

    (reminds me of the old "mouth is writing checks their brains can't cash"
    Your take is more in tune with one's walk with GOD.
    (BTW...very nice pictures.)

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Glad you liked that bit of wordsmithery. I thought it more revealing than "so I told the dumbass..."

  3. Totally worth looking at. Looks like a beautiful day for walk

    1. A beautiful week, in fact. And, every walk drops my reading about 30 points!

  4. Yes. There are so many other things to think about.

    My grandmother used to say "Your brain is your most important piece of real estate. Don't let people live there rent free."

    1. Your grandmother was wise. You should hold my hand when I'm on FB.

  5. I love your points and they are spot on. Lovely walk and Scrappy is handsome as ever.