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Monday, October 12, 2015

A preview of the weekend

At least the weekend walk the CW Martins and Bobby G.'s are supposed to take:

No, actually he was sniffing something else and just kinda ran into them...

"Geez, Daddy.  Why you have to stop and rest so much?"

She thought she was going to blaze her way to the meadow opposite the swamp... then she saw us.

Duck pond was a bit dry

That's her again, hiding in the back of the swamp

"I am a lineman for the county..."

No.  Because you are a tree, and that would be weird.  On the other hand, at least know we know what the T in LGBT stands for.


  1. Hi, Chris! Hi Scrappy! I see you went for another hike in the woods. I envy you guys getting to see those beautiful autumn leaves close-up and spotting deer and other critters. Hiking was one of my favorite activities in my youth. My dad loved the outdoors and took me hiking every weekend. He was a photographer and loved to snap pictures of leaves, tree bark, fungus, toad stools, blossoms, babbling brooks, bugs and frogs. Enjoy the brisk fall weather and gorgeous scenery while they last, good buddy!

    1. Hate to tell ya Shade, but we ain't begun to hit "brisk" yet! Maybe tomorrow; "Cheap Urologist" Curtis Smith says a 20 degree temp drop.

  2. Chris:
    It's looking good up there...Just be sure to keep all the critters around and don't let ALL the leaves fall off those trees.
    (glue 'em is 'ya gave

    Dunno if Wifey has the proper footwear for a hike (unlike myself).

    ROFL - Wichita Line-Squirrel....
    THAT is epic!!
    (hope he doesn't cause an outage.)

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Don't worry- I got plenty of leaves... the red guys haven't but started to turn. Laurie once took a walk in the woods with us in snow... in her slippers.

  3. I love all your deer sightings. Scrappy is a lucky hiker.

    1. You wouldn't say that watching him trip on groundhog holes...

  4. I almost said yes, Chris. I was thinking about all that hard wood, and it might be fruitful. But then I decided to leaf it alone. Sorry. Bad jokes. But you live in a very pretty neighborhood.

    Scrappy is photogenic too.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  5. I always enjoy your walks!! And I get to go along without the sweating and heavy breathing from being out of Seeing a deer always makes me just pause at how graceful and peaceful they are.

  6. Oh what a weekend, wonderful photos just saying