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Monday, October 26, 2015

Mondays suck, but...

...fortunately we have pictures of a good weekend to fall back on.  KC treated us to a hockey game Saturday night- Komets vs Indy.

Jessica took this snap of herself, KC, and an unidentified Time Lord.  However, when I tried using my pitiful camera phone for a shot...

...approximately 7 seconds after, Indy scored.  I won't bore you with a ton of hockey stuff, but let me hit some highlights:

- Indy is the best passing time I have ever seen in person.  The Komets, however, need to work on passing.

- That didn't matter, as Indy didn't have heart when it counted.  Komets tied the game with 55 seconds left in the game, and won it with 38 seconds left in overtime.

- Coliseum renos are in a word impressive.  It truly looks like an NHL arena now.

- A lot of expensive food, but $5.50 for a pizza slice roughly the size of Rhode Island was well worth it.  I hadda fold it in two to get it to my mouth!

Sunday, after kicking the crap out of KC on Draft Kings, we took a walk.

No critter pictures with these two along, lol!

Somebody lost some nice shades...

Apologies for the overexcited sonic...

Can't we ditch these bozos, Dad?

KC read the "Will you marry me" tree out loud.  Almost a big mistake.

I was thinking of asking them for a portrait style picture... then I turn around and saw this.  Maybe not.

Everyone saw him but Mr. nose to the ground.

I think they closed the dam this weekend...

Finally, Sunday night afforded Laurie the opportunity to catch Scrappy in a compromising position...

...and since she was taking them on her Kindle, to make them yet more embarrassing...

I think she'll be getting his treats tonight...


  1. SO funny!! Lila is an avid squirrel hunter and I cant tell you how many times one has literally ran right by her. haha!!

    1. Her and Scrappy would get on great... if they could find each other...

  2. What did you do about the glasses? A young friend found a diamond ring here, but it turned out to be cubic zirconia.

    1. Think they went to the "acquired by Jessica" file.

  3. Chris:
    Having seen several FLYERS games (at the old Spectrum) in one of my past lifetimes, I admit that seeing it LIVE beats any other sport, but that's must MY opinion.
    And if you have to FOLD a slice of pizza, it's probably well WORTH that $5.50.
    Sbarro's comes pretty close in both size and price...LOL.

    Looks like the foliage done REAL good up there, too.
    The red trees are marvelous.

    Those sunglasses look familiar...were they RAY-BANS and did they make a noise you might recognize?
    No FEZ though...right?

    Scrappy looked too pooped to woof...heh.
    Glad you all had a good time.
    I speak from experience - Looked like fun.
    Very nice photos as always.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Sbarros used to be a good go-to mall place, not so much the last few times I was there, Workers who barley comprehend English, barely comprehending what I want, bartely comprehending what they're doing.

      The shade were more Clara's type.

      Pretty accurate take on Scrappy. Though someone getting a snack would power him right up!

  4. What a fun and silly duo those kids are. And then there's Scrappy. I have no words, CW. None at all.

    Cheers, and Happy Halloween-time.

    1. Yeah, they are quite a pair. Unlike Scrappy, who has no pair.

  5. Mondays DO suck, this is true. But, I think I have a "glass half full" approach to Monday. Last night at work, a coworker complained (not obnoxiously so) that it sucked working on Monday. I told her that, since it was five o-clock, Monday was already two hours underway and we were heading inexorably toward Friday. I think that cheered her somewhat.
    Then, I reminded her that it also meant that we were heading inexorably toward NEXT Monday.
    I just never know when to shut up.

    1. "Inexorably" in a conversation never leads to anything good.