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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The further adventures of Daniel Boofus

This started out as a typical walk but devolves at a certain "Spot".  Enjoy!

Just struck me that we were in the last days of the Green.  Soon this will all be gray and cold.

Thought the weave of this bark was pretty cool...

The wet weather stream beds are all dry now

 And then down to the Spot.  It is hard to watch how much our little secret spot is changing as time passes...

Right now, it is a grass covered sandy hump overlooking the creek.  It was much flatter here in early 2012...

But erosion is dropping the creek farther from the growth above.

That's where we come in at..

Erosion has also made it easier to walk around the corner of the stream from the Spot.  But it ain't always a bright idea...

 Scrappy wanted me to cross here.  I wanted to climb the bank on the side we were on.  But erosion has made it WAY steeper than it used to be.

Scrappy made several attempts and failed.  Turth be told, it was touch and go for me, too.  So then Scrappy thought, "I am STUCK here and began to get the wide-eyed, scared look...

But finally, I crossed, hopping rocks.  On the other side was where the south end of the woods drains in, making a small gorge.  I tried to go up the side where I crossed, but Scrappy was still shaken over his attempts at the other side.  So, as I tried to negotiate hopping the gorge to the other side, he was up the other side, then behind me, then back across the creek, anywhere to get him to more solid footing fast!  And that meant wrapping me once or twice, taking me under brush, whatever it took.

Eventually, we both ended up on the same side, and untangled.  But solid footing?  Well...


  1. Chris:
    "Daniel Boofus"...LOL!
    Now THAT is a great name!

    Hope that area still has SOME green by the time the 17th-18th rolls around.

    Yep, that creek is wearing away well enough.
    And those trees on the banks might not be there much longer, given the root exposures (wonder if they make any noise when they fall?)
    But, on the up side, if a tree falls ACROSS the creek - easier to cross (at that point).

    I'll be sure to have some hiking/climbing/walking shoes on.

    Nice pics...but,where are all the critters (other than you too)?
    Looking forward to seeing "the spot" up close and personal, also.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. First, I'll wager there will be plenty of green left.

      Second, I don't know if they make noise when they fall, but I can attest that they make some afterwards- when the wind makes them rub together. Even Scrappy stops, wondering what that rusty hinge is!

      The critters are getting more rare, as the utilization of the trails/soccer fields rises. I haven't seen a fox OR a snake this year!

      You REALLY don't wanna fight your way to The Spot...about 2 yards of bushes, a half broken down wire fence... I sometimes wonder how the heck we ever found it!

  2. It is kinda sad that soon all the green will be gone and it's just going to be sticks. The only good - no weeds in the flower beds.

    You talking about your Spot reminds me of the erosion at our beaches. All that hard work they did after Irene blew through and it's gone. Again. Just sucks to see my beach small again.

    1. Squirrels are already packing on the pounds. We saw three of them in one spot so busy eating they only fled with reluctance. I don't want to say anything about winter before I see a wooly worm... but this doesn't bode well...

  3. I get a bit envious every time you post one of these pictorial essays. I think of being back in Tennessee and hiking in the Smokies. Southern California just isn't quite the same as what I'm seeing in your pictures.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. We are nothing like the smokies, but we do have our charm. Unfortunately, you have to close your eyes to the garbage in a lot of spots.

  4. You'll have to tell us how you got Mr. Scrappy to take your picture! Seriously, those are great pictures. I wish I had pictures of my secret place when I was a teenager. I can only imagine how much it's changed after 40 years. Nice post.

    1. Scrappy is a dog of many talents... just hunting isn't one of them lol