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Monday, October 19, 2015

The great FW blog walk 2015

Actually, just a meet between good friends who happen to be fellow Timelords/Bloggers to enjoy the nature you see here on TAW every week!  And though a person might want to say it was "the day time stood still, it actually flew by.  The first ever welcoming of Lord Robert and his companion to Scrappyland, and it was a rousing success....

It may look like Laurie just hit Bob in the neck with an imaginary blowgun, but trust me, she saved her abuse of Bob for later in the visit...

l-r:  Scrappy ( a failed Master regen), Timelord Bobby G, his lovely "companion" Donna, and Timelord Chris

Attempting to step through a rift in space?  Nah, just getting a good view of the ravine.

"Waddaya mean, go jump in the lake?"
A mostly brown wooly worm!  MILD WINTER!! MILD WINTER!!

Our return to civilization was greeted by several bluebirds of happiness!  A good augury!

I had estimated 2.75 miles for the tour... Google Earth came up with 3.

Afterwards it was Pizza Hut (large pepperoni and Italian sausage), music (new Enya, Beach House, and the lovely Jana Kramer), and conversation, followed by the rite of passage for most guests here- Laurie demonstrating her overwhelming prowess at Tetris Two and Dr Mario.  Bob put up a game effort, but this is something that takes... well, time to master.

A good time was had by all!  Especially Scrappy, who got a great walk, plus beggin' strips!

Is there one over here? it!

Here's one, too!

Hmm... nothing here...


Up the stairs... YES!

Thanks, Donna and Bobby!


  1. How lovely that you got to share your walk. Great photos, Love the Woolly Bear caterpiller. Hope you do get a mild winter

    1. We better! Wooly Worms are bad about refunds.

  2. Just saw this over at Bob's and will only reaffirm that I'm quite jealous. A nice walk with Scrappy, some pizza, and some Dr. Mario sounds like an awesome time. If we're ever out your way, we're obligated to the same full tour experience, yeah?

    1. You betcha! How does one live life without seeing the Green Hole?

  3. I used to love Tetris, though I was never any good at it. I'm guessing Laurie could beat me with her eyes closed.
    Happy new week, CW.

    1. She sometimes beats the computer in her sleep, so she prolly could...

  4. So cool!!! Meeting other bloggers in person is the best. Going on an adventurous hike with Scrappy and getting pizza sounds like a total bonus day for sure!!

  5. Chris:
    --ROFL...I just LOVE your captions...I wonder what I was doing in that one picture (wasn't a woolly worm down the neck, I assure you).

    -- I had to check out the ravine...(thought I saw a FEZ down there)

    --Your bluebird pic turned out GREAT...all I got was two blurry "bumps" on a couple branches (and that was a MAX-ZOOM for me).
    Nice job.

    --I've already started looking for a good price on that new ENYA CD...heh.

    --I never enjoyed LOSING so much in a very long time.
    And I couldn't have lost to a better player.
    By "game effort" you mean I showed up, right? LOL!!!

    --Scrappy and the Great Beggin Strips Hunt...HA!
    (sounds like a Scooby-Doo adventure to me)

    --Twas a time fantastic, folks.

    Thanks again. for the trek to Fortress-Martin (and beyond)

    You ALL stay safe and well up there, brother!

    1. I confess to the advantage- my camera downloads through PlayMemories, and I can zoom the m further there.

  6. And FUN was had by all:)

    Seriously, it's always a treat to meet a fellow blogger. Lucky you!!!

    1. Me and Bobby have met a few times over the last couple years. It's the first time I got him outta the ol' Fortress of Reason, though.

  7. Didn't read much just scrolled through the photos and letting you know I was here