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Friday, October 2, 2015

Time Machine week 43

Today we slam into October 2nd, 1972, and it seems like every time we land, we're in the vicinity of a plane crash.  But just to prove that that's not all we look for, today is also the date of the first Major League no-hitter pitched outside of the US of A, by Montreal's Bill Stoneman against the Mets.  It was a challenge- Stoneman walked seven and made an error- and it was just the first game of a twin bill (Relax, Mets fans, the Amazin's came back in the second game 2-1).  In other news, Denmark joins the Common Market, and...

And the plane crash.  An Aeroflot plane (AKA "Come fly with Russian Airways!  We'll try to keep aloft") made it  two-and-a-half miles from takeoff from Sochi when it plunged into the Black Sea with a loss of 109.  Before you're too hard on Aeroflot (not Aerofloat, BTW), it wasn't two weeks later that they put another plane into "a large pond" near Moscow, killing even more, so they can hit smaller targets than the Black Sea.

Annnnnnd welcome to this week's version of Time Machine, where we find:  Chris forgot half the Unknown Song story last week, so he's gonna stick it in this week since he didn't find a good lead feature; A six degrees that will take in not only the last two panel number ones, but also a recent Martin Ten tune; 9 panel number one votes, and only three get into the final four; and a Martin Ten that features, in some order, my favorite band, the second act to land two at a time on the list, the longest song ever to make the M10, AND a debut all the way up at number four!  If that's not a good time, then screw it, we're going back to 1979 next week!


Before we get any farther, I have a funeral notice to mention.  Ordinarily, someone like Phil Woods, who passed this week, might have passed by my radar.  A "successor" to the great jazzman Charlie Parker, his was the sax solo on Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are.  But what really caught my eye was that he had a connection to Michel Legrand, who you recall is the father of last week's M10 #1 lead singer, Victoria Legrand.  That connection was in the first of his four Grammys- his lp Legends, recorded with Michel and his orchestra.  Phil was 83.


Our panel comes to us from:  KTOE, Mankato MN, KONO San Antonio, WHUS (hopefully not pronounced "wuss") Storrs CT, KCPX Salt Lake City, WLS Chicago, KRAE Cheyenne WY, WDRQ Detroit, WMYQ Miami, WAMS Wilmington, WFIL Philly, WAVZ New Haven, and KTLK Denver.  They totalled up 27 different songs, including 19 of the first 20 I looked at!  One third of them got a #1 vote in a wild race, including Gladstone's A Piece Of Paper, (which was featured one year ago this week on Time Machine) in Mankato, the Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose with Don't Ever Be Lonely in Storrs, Lobo's I'd Love You To Want Me in Salt Lake, Chicago's Saturday In The Park in Miami, The Moody Blues' Nights In White Satin in Wilmington, and Elvis with Burning Love in Denver!  And even with all those NOT making the panel four, we still have a TIE for fourth, so you buy 4 and get a fifth free!  Here we go:

Without a #1 vote (none left) and 13 points, our joint number fours are Michael Jackson's Ben (Cashbox #9) and Chuck Berry's My Ding-A-Ling (CB's #6), a song to Mike's rat and a song to Chuck's... er, toy.

With the #1s of New Haven and San Antonio and 17 points, the national #4 the Main Ingredient and Everybody Plays The Fool.

With the number one vote of Philadelphia and 91 points (trailing the winner by 9 points), the national #1, Three Dog Night's Black And White.

And at #1... stay tuned.


Last week we featured Michael Henderson's Take Me, I'm Yours as the Unknown Song, but we didn't mention who that song featured.  Rena Scott has a Time Machine connection, and who doesn't?  Her career was a succession of jingles, touring a brief time with Aretha Franklin, and being a spokesperson for Harvey's Bristol Creme wines until Take Me hit the charts, but her connect came after that.  Not long ago, the song Street Life by the Crusaders- specifically, lead singer Randy Crawford- was featured in a six degrees.  Rena took over the singing chores with the Crusaders after Randy left, through the 80's.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any more tidbits on this lovely lady.


Next, it's Bottoms Up time!

10- Al Green's I'm Still In Love With You is on the way down at 58 after 14 weeks.

9- I warned Shady about a possible Bread sighting, but all they get is this spot and 5 panel points for Guitar Man, on the way down at 59 after 11 weeks.

8- The final big dropper is Jim Croce's You Don't Mess Around With Jim, at 63 in week #15.

7- We find a slowly climbing Helen Reddy with I Am Woman at 64 after 6 weeks.  She picked up speed later.

6- Eric Clapton was at 66 after 3 weeks with Let It Rain.

5- Another TM connection is Cashman and West's American City Suite, at 70 after 3 weeks.

4-  Seals and Crofts were at 71 in their second week with Summer Breeze.

3- Mott The Hoople had All The Young Dudes at 77 after a couple of weeks.

2- Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes debuted their classic If You Don't Know Me By Now at 83 this week.

And this week's top bottom?

... Donna Fargo's Funny Face, debuting this week at #95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, so what do last week's panel #1 (Exile's Kiss You All Over), the week before's panel #1 (The Knack's My Sharona), and last week's M10 #7 (Racey's Some Girls) have in common?  Two of them were written and one produced by Brit legends Mike Chapman and Nicky Chin! (In fact, in the part of the story I almost left out THIS week- perhaps a new feature?- they offered Some Girls, rather curiously, to Blondie first, who turned it down.) They also wrote the biggest hit for a British band you prolly don't know named Arrows, a song called Touch Too Much.  That song was #8 in the UK back in '74, but they are perhaps more known for a song that didn't chart for them, but did in the US of A when covered by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- the massive #1 I Love Rock'N'Roll.    One of the follow ups for the band was the #20 Do Ya Want To Touch Me, which would take on a darker significance not long ago when it's original writer and performer- glam star Gary Glitter- got convicted for child seduction and porn.  The pervo's big hit- Rock And Roll- unfortunately heard to excess in sports arenas everywhere prior to said conviction- is the song that was highest on Cashbox (#8) but got no love from the panel this week.


And now, the Martin Ten!

You all should know by now I am a huge ELO fan, and last week I was beside myself when Jeff Lynne released the first single off the brand new lp, Alone In The Universe.  This week, at number ten, brand-new ELO:

At number nine Duran Duran takes the title of second band to have two hits on the M10 simultaneously, and at 7:04 the longest song thus far on the ten.  It's the title track to the new lp Paper Gods.

Bow to the paper gods in a world that is paper thin
 (oh, the paper gods)
Fools in town are ruling now 
(in the sky of grey)
Bleeding from paper cuts, money for headshots 
(all the fools in town are ruling today)
Fools leading 
Who needs it?

Adam Lambert slips a pair of spots to #8 with Ghost Town.

Family Of The Year had their older hit race up the charts in advance of the new one.  But newer songs are butting ahead and last week's runner up, Hero, tumbles all the way to #7.

Also tumbling out of the way is two-time #1 Island In The Sun by Weezer, from 3 to #6.

Castlecomer doesn't tumble, but it doesn't gain either, holding at #5 with Fire Alarm.

And at #4 a song I heard the first time at work on our new Alternative station (the only station I can bring in at work that doesn't SUCK).  It actually came out in 2009, and hit #4 on the Alt charts, but I didn't know it till now.  They are from Versailles, France, they are called Phoenix, and the title of this song is defined as "used by Heinrich Heine to describe the intense fan frenzy directed toward Franz Liszt during his performances. The video to the song shows the band visiting the Franz-Liszt-Museum in Bayreuth."

And with that slamming into the top four, things are about to change- even more so because last week's #8 leaps all the way to #3!  That would be Duran Duran (again) with Pressure Off.

The top two spots were a hard choice for me   In fact, I had them switched at one point, fully convinced that the song at number two- Family Of The Year's Make You Mine- was going to be this week's numero uno.  But something in the way Victoria Legrand sings, "You bright-eyed girls, you get it right..." turned me around.  The number one on the Martin Ten for a second week...

.... Beach House and Space Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the panel number one....

...Mac Davis with Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac was on 8 of the 12 panel charts, and #2 nationally this week.

My random year generator had a bit of a stutter step, so come back next week for a slice of... 1971!


  1. Hi, Chris! I made it over to see you and Scrappy and I'm ready to do a little time traveling with you guys.

    Records mentioned in this post that I like a lot include "Saturday In The Park," Everybody Plays The Fool," "I'm Still In Love With You," "If You Don't Know Me By Now," "Kiss You All Over," My mean Sharona," "Do Ya Want To Touch Me," "Rock And Roll" (even tho the Glitter has worn off) and ELO's "When I Was a Boy."

    I also kinda liked Phoenix "Lisztomania." Do you happen to know if the band ever recorded the song "Franz' Kiss is On My Liszt." :)

    I also kinda like the Mac Davis song "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me."

    Dang me, dang me, they oughta take a rope and hang me. You have a knack of making me like songs I don't wanna like!

    Nothing you can do or say will make me like the following records mentioned in this post. I got awfully tired of hearing them (after the first time). They include "Just the Way You Are," "Burning Love," "My Ding-A-Ling," "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" and "I Am Woman."

    I'll be back in my office, using my regular computer instead of this old coal-burning laptop, and back to full service blogging Monday, good buddy Chris. I'll see you then!

  2. It is indeed a rare song that survives over play to be well liked, and certainly Just The Way You Are fits that description. I survive Don't Mess Around by playing a cartoon in my mind during the chorus. Although I don't have a good mental image for messing around with Jim, I certainly chuckle when the character reaps the reward of spitting into the wind.

    I saw not the Phoenix song you asked about in their discography, lol, but I will tell you, that that is one of those rare songs that catches me off guard and won't let go. I suspect it will soon break the "2 weeks at #1" record on the M10.

    Hope your trip was fun and safe!

  3. Chris:
    ((Dunno if my first comment attempt took, so here we go again.))..

    --Sorry to hear about Phil Woods - another one of those great musicians that you never know about, until...
    --Good to see WFIL (560 AM) in the panel again.
    --Funny, both Nights in White Satin & anything by Three Dog Night got LOTS of air time in Philly.
    --Rena Scott - VERY easy on the eyes, and with a voice JUST AS GOOD as those who followed her (Mariah Carey et al)!
    --Got some timeless bottoms up numbers there, and Donna Fargo, another one who was a cutie.
    --Sorry, NEVER a fan of Gary Glitter.
    --And I HAD to check out the ELO song (very good),
    I confess I was expecting more...sorry.
    Phoenix / Lisztomania number (another good song).
    Like them both for different reasons.
    --Mac Davis...well chosen.

    Another very good ride this week.
    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. Second attempt made it, no word from number one...

      - Don't have to apologize for disliking Glitter... I'd be on your side if he weren't a pervo.

      I am with you on the ELO confession... wish Jeff would release more to the ether than just the lead single, but all things in time.

      Glad you liked Liszto... thought at times it had a real McCartney/Wings feel.

      The panel thanks you on Mac...

  4. I always think of 1972 as my big milestone year. I can't remember exactly why, but maybe that's what made it a milestone--or some kind of stone.

    The Phoenix song was new to me but I like it. It has a retro sound that reminds me of some other group I used to enjoy, but I can't think of which group it might be. So many groups, so much music, so many years.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Like I told Bob, I think it has a McCartney/Wings feel to it.

      My year like that was 1967- Dad got his small block Impala and I was in Kindergarten. Always thought it was the best year ever, I don't remember why but see no point in disputing.