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Monday, November 23, 2015

Some things should be simpler to look up

So tonight in perusing my news sources, I saw that a group of Iranian refugees has decided to protest their inability to get out of the Balkans and into mainstream Europe.  Now I can understand their frustration; after all, they've crossed mountains, deserts, seas, and mountains again only to have nations such as Croatia and Slovenia tell them, go mess up someone else's front lawn.  But these men decided that a viable protest means would be:

Hunger strike?  Not quite.

A 20 foot paper mache sculpture of a nude Angela Merkel?  Thank God, no.

No, they decided to strip to the waist and sew their mouths shut.

A spokesman told BBC, "Mmmhff mrfgh mmmmbbbl mmmmh!"  Not a real effective way to get one's point across, though it does show a willingness to work in Europe's sewing industries.

Which got me thinking- what are the stupidest protests of all time?  I mean, out side of this and the naked Spanish clowns in Palestine.  Surprisingly, the internet search wasn't all that fruitful, unless you were a conservative bashing the Occupy movement, a liberal bashing the Tea Party, an atheist bashing Christians, or just had a funny PETA or Westboro Baptist Church story to share.  However, I did find a couple of qualifying offers.

1- Apparently there was some protests when Charles Manson was arrested, based on the idea he had been working with the Beach Boys on some music, and "he might have a Good Vibrations in him."  Kids, I've listened to Cease To Exist.  He didn't.

2- A Swedish feminist movement thought it not so nice that women earned roughly 100,000 kroner less than men on average.  So, to protest, they burned 100,000 kroner.  "If I can't have it, nobody can" doesn't really apply when you HAVE it.

3- I gave in and allowed one PETA protest- dressing up in KKK garb to protest dog breeding as "racial purification".

Next for PETA- dressing like Hitler to protest kosher hot dogs?
4-  My favorite "cut off your nose to spite your face" moment, more or less- a 25 year old Egyptian man in 2009 cut off his weiner, because his family wouldn't let him marry into a lower class.  Now THAT'S love.


That damn dog, part two:  several weeks ago, my beloved fantasy football team, the KCA's, fell into last place after Scrappy's team, the Fiery Beagles, hammered me 75-31.  But I rose up, won four in a row, and was in a position to make the playoffs.  But this week, I played Scrappy again.  He had lost 4 straight, never scoring more than 36.  This week, the 6-4 KCAs played the 2-8 Fiery Beagles again.

And lost 54-24.

Next year, I'm switching Scrappy to the other division, so I don't have to play him.  I'll bring over KC's Clock BBQs.  I always beat them...


  1. Chris:
    And here I thought this sounded like a CWM

    Sew their mouths shut?
    No shouting "allahu akbar" (no relation to ADMIRAL Ackbar,

    --Manson and the Beach Boys? Oh, there's not a chance in hell!
    --Those wacky Swedes!
    --The KKK and DOG-BREEDING (there has to be some irony attached to THAT one)
    --NO, that's STUPIDITY (and no one better tell him to "just screw it all"...ain't gonna happen.

    Never bet AGAINST the family pet (trust me - that's why I never became the millionaire I was meant to

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Actually the Manson/Beach Boys deal was a very near thing... Manson finally creeped out Terry Melcher too much at the end, and they stopped answering his calls.

  2. I had to go there, CW. I had to go see the Naked Spanish Clowns in Palestine. I didn't think you'd make it up, but it's still unbelievable - even now that I saw it. It's almost as unbelievable as the movie, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. That was/is just awful.

    On a happier note, have a blessed Thanksgiving week.

    1. You should watch Nude On The Moon. I kid you not... Not a porno, just a nudist sci-fi. Funny as crap without meaning to be.

  3. You know that expression "cut off your nose to spite your face"? How would it be for "cut off your weiner to...?" Can't come up with that Good post !!!

    1. Y'know, I wanted to do that line but, like you, I just couldn't think of what you would be spiting that you haven't already removed...

  4. A nude Angela Merkel? You WANT me to turn gay?