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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

All right, the pictures first this time!

But first, one for Bobby G.:

This was shared on FB by Time Crash, that wonderful Doc-Rock band from Chicago and I just had to save it.

And as long as I'm doing memes, this one cracked me up:

So as I sit here debating on the M10 (which I promise I'll share tomorrow), here's some more fun stuff:

Laurie put 2 + hours of work (and bothered easily annoyed neighbors) to put this together a few days back.  I put in the flashy bulbs for her and when she was talking about interweaving more to it, but didn't want to because it would be too hard and the neighbor was echoing her hammer blows (in the middle of the day, jerk!)  I offered to put in whatever other nails she needed... just mark the spoots and I'll put them in, say about 2 AM...

This morning, we kicked off our watching of the Doctor Who marathon this week...

He thinks Martha Jones is hot....

Speaking of the M10, here's a song by a dude who, when I tried to learn about him, all I got was that Leon Bridges LOVES him.  And I see why...

Will Sonny make it?  There is seriously a LOT of competition right now...


I read an article on Voice Of America that really irked me today.  If you cringe everytime you hear "global warming," "CO2 emissions", or "Our responsibility to clean up", you should then hit an article like this one.  It's about two of the most heavily populated, and heavily polluted, cities on earth- New Delhi and Beijing- and the mess that THEY are creating:

Air quality monitoring stations in Beijing and New Delhi displayed readings far exceeding the threshold for the highest-category hazardous level.

The Chinese capital on Monday and Tuesday was under its second-ever pollution red alert prompting Beijing's metropolitan government to order factories to reduce production or shut down, pull half the vehicles off the capital's roads and close schools.

In the early afternoon on Tuesday, air quality index machines in central Beijing showed readings in excess of 400 micrograms per cubic meter for PM2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, which can lodge in the lungs).


“Studies have shown that in Delhi every third child has impaired lungs now. If you look at the number of premature deaths that get reported from different studies in this city that virtually works out to be one death per hour due to air pollution related diseases,” said  Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director for research and advocacy at the Center for Science and Environment in New Delhi.

The World Bank this year calculated that the shortened lifespans of people in India’s cities due to air pollution is costing the country’s economy $18 billion annually.


The Delhi High Court, which previously said that living in the Indian capital was akin to being in a “gas chamber,” on Monday declared an emergency. Two judges of the court directed all concerned authorities to follow existing rules, chastised traffic police for being ineffective in reducing road congestion and ordered officials to ensure particulate matter levels not exceed 60 microgram per cubic meter per day for the particularly lethal PM2.5 and 100 microgram per cubic meter per day for PM10.

The WHO considers any level above 25 micrograms as unsafe.

The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi late Tuesday morning recorded the air quality index at a hazardous 534.


Well-heeled Chinese are purchasing high-quality imported air purifiers for their homes and offices. But those units are too expensive for many Chinese who have resorted to rigging up makeshift units by attaching glass-fiber filters to household fans.

A Canadian company, Vitality Air, which began bottling Rocky Mountain air as a joke, now claims to have sold thousands of cans in China for up to $28 each.\


But at every climate summit, the US of A is expected to make concessions.


The Super Bowl XIX came down to last night and a crucial mistake.  By me.

I chose Matthew Stafford to be my starter for the B2s over Teddy Bridgewater.  We went into the Monday Night with only Stafford yet to play and the Aguas holding a 43-28 lead.  By the time the first quarter was over, that lead was down to 43-37.

But there's where it stopped.  Detroit began running the ball and Stafford threw no more TDs.

If I had started Bridgewater- who threw 4 TDs and ran one himself- the B2s would have won the game on Caleb Sturgis' field goal Sunday Night.

If Stafford would have run one in, we would have had our first OT Super Bowl- which, with Bridgewater's 18 points on the bench, would have been an easy B2s win.

But the Aguas hang on to win their first-ever Super Bowl- the first time a new team has captured a Super Bowl since the 2008 Angels.  And thus, I break Laurie's three year hold on the championship trophy.

B2s owner Chris Martin hoists team's third Super Bowl trophy.

The B2s  would have become the third team (with the 1998 NYC Athletic Club and the 2004 SVA) to win a SB with a losing regular season record.  Instead, the Aguas win makes the eighth of the ten original teams from 1997 to win a Super Bowl- both the Clock BBQs and the Sunset Rangers (KC's #1 and 2 teams) are still waiting...


The closest Super Bowls...

2003- the all time classic.  Laurie's first season as the Elks, she started 8-0 but faded by playoff time.  She went 11-4 the next year, and fought a savage 59-54 battle against the B2s to get a SB berth.  The KCA's were the opponent, making their first SB appearance in six years after whupping the Beagles 73-28.  The game was an instant classic, with the KCAs taking their first title 31-30.

2008- The Angels had been to the big game four times before- three losses to the T-Cubs 45-31 in 2000, 62-53 in '01, and 34-16 in '05), and a 64-32 drubbing by the Buzz Lightyears in '06.  They faced the State Ducks, who had just wrote finis to the Clock BBQs latest hopes 45-28.  But the Angels, who just survived a 3-point game over the KCAs to make it, survived another 3-point game-  27-24- To finally claim the golden cup.

Three games were decided by 4 points- in fact the first two SBs were decided by that score (Greenwoods over KCAs 31-27 in SBI and NYCAC over Butthead (the first name for the B2s) 29-25. )  The third was the '07 Elks 28-24 win over the Beagles.

The worst blow outs:  the '02 B2s 52-12 over the Beagles; and the aforementioned '06 win by Buzz.

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  1. Chris:
    --LOVE those memes...(William Hartnell...LMAO!
    --Christmas always seems to bring out THOSE "neighbors"...yeah, 2 AM oughta work out JUST FINE,
    --Oh, yes...gotta watch that marathon!
    (BLINK is supposed to air at 7PM)
    --Hey, I say let Delhi & Beijing choke on THEIR OWN pollution...then maybe the REST of us can get to something close to NORMAL again...sheesh.
    The ONLY concession THIS American will make is to "concede" that India and China deserve what THEY got when attempting "westernization".
    --And all those fantasy stats mean absolutely nothing to me (I lost enough money to my late father on the REAL Super Bowls,...until the AFC finally won one...HA!)

    Enjoy the DW-takeover.
    Stay safe up there, brother.