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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

If you just get through the other stuff, pictures in the middle!

Okay, we're at that time of year I am about to expound on something totally amazing (if you live in this house) or very boring (most places outside).  Yep, it's our fantasy football league's Super Bowl week!

For you who don't know and are still paying attention, the three of us (Laurie, KC, and myself) each run 4 teams.  This year, KC's number 2 team, the Sunset Rangers, and Laurie's top team, the Elks, each won their division (and the Elks won both Super Bowls XVII and XVIII the last two years.)  However, this time around my #4 team routed the Rangers (the Aguas, 46-27) and my #3 team, the B2's, beat the Elks 40-30 to put me alone in the Super Bowl, # XIX.

So, the tale of the tape.

The B2's (under slightly different names depending on the hamster they were originally named after) went 5-7 this year.  Not the first team to make the playoffs (or even win a Super Bowl) with a losing record, but the first since the 2008 Fiery Beagles (Scrappy's team with Mommy's help) who went 5-6-1.  Their all time record is an even 126-126, with an 8-6 playoff record and three Super Bowl appearances.  They lost in 1998 (as Butthead's Wheel Runners) to NYCAC (the first sub-.500 team to win a Super Bowl) 29-25.  They rolled in 2002, routing the Beagles 52-12, and again in 2011, 53-21 over the Rangers (which was the only season the Rangers ever won a playoff game in 9 trips).

The Aguas, fully the Aguascalientes, were an original member but were on hiatus after the Great Purge of 2002, returning after we gave up on Shenan showing up for any other drafts in 2011.  They went 7-5 this year, and are 84-60-1 in ten seasons, including a 5-7 playoff record that never before included a SB appearance.

Head to head in the playoffs, the B2's ("Tubers" for even shorter) are 2-0 against the Aguas.  And as for the lack of division winners, not an uncommon thing.  Division winners have won just one third of our Super Bowls.  In fact, of the four teams that have won the most games season + playoffs, only one- the '03 KCA's (my #1 team)- won a Super Bowl, and that was only because they beat another of those four teams, the '03 Elks, 31-30 in said Super Bowl.  The '04 Clock BBQs (KC's #1) lost in their SB, and the '01 Angels never even got there.

With that, I will post our Super Bowl Champions- AFTER I share the latest pics.


We took a walk in the 6 AM darkness Sunday.  Thought I'd show off the neighborhoods decorations for Christmas...

...but there weren't a lot of contestants.

The retirement community loves white lights...

The swamp in the dark

Next up, I used a quote from the embattled coach of the Colts for a new sign near my machine at work:

To which was affixed a note from my relief girl this morning:  "Just add a little salt and pepper :) "

I told her when she came in, "Not even A-1 would help."

Today, we went to the Bark Park:

If you close-up on the three center left, you'll see it was raining in bright sunshine.  Neither lasted long.

Then we decided we hadn't shown you around the back yard woods lately.  Not much to see...

The neighbors through there...

Lots of discarded junk...

...and Mr. Owl hanging out just below his nest.


And now the SB winners, starting from 1997's SB I.

I- Greenwoods
III- T-Cubs
IV- T-Cubs
V- T-Cubs
VI- B2s
IX- T-Cubs
X- Buzz Lightyears
XI- Elks
XII- Angels
XV- B2s
XVI- Fiery Beagles
XVII- Elks


  1. Your neighbors are certainly festive. That's nice. Really good pics.

  2. Chris:
    I don't do fantasy leagues ibn ANY sport (gave up a lot of that a long time ago in a cuty pretty far

    But rumore has it there are some up & comers such as:
    The Jedis
    The Timelords
    The Daleks
    The Sith
    The Wookies
    The lightsabers
    The Tardises

    Just to name a few...
    As for the pictures...I would have NEVER believed that someone could take a walk when it's STILL dark outside and:
    A) NOT get robbed
    B) NOT rob anyone else
    C) NOT get shot or shoot anyone
    D) NOT stealing a car or breaking into one.

    That's just AMAZING and certainly a testament to FAITH....but then again, we live on the SE side and we only see the "dark side"..

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. We do have the Buzz Lightyears...

      Timing is everything, my friend... crooks around here have about a 2-hr window between bar time and passing out. I was safe from everything but possibly skunks.

  3. Hi, Chris!

    Fantasy or reality, the mighty Nittany Lions of Penn State will Shirley be crowned Super Bowl champions.

    I enjoyed your pre-dawn walk and the Christmas lights you encountered. No Joy Harmon sightings? It's always nice to see Scrappy happy.

    See you tamale, good buddy!

    1. For a moment that joke was over my head. Ba-dum DUM!

    2. Yes, but I'd like to know WHICH joke. There were several! :)