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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Picture post

Finally, Christmas light pics!

Scrappy was used to the old lights that faded in and out.  They are history now, cut to ribbons after making me spend 20 minutes to put up and then not working.  He's not a fan of flashers.  I am.  He's getting used to it.

Village the smaller.

You got an ancient string that burns too hot to put behind anything, whaddya do?  Decorate the furnace closet!  And yes, only about 60 % of 'em work.  Sue me.

Village the bigger.

The couples actually waltz.

Alright, you're getting stupid with that camera, Daddy.

Yes, really.
Our walk Friday was a bird filled affair.  The whole neighborhood was chirping!

Along the trail, breakfast is served.

Saturday walk...

Some neighborhood Christmas decorations

Whaddaya doing with that camera, mister?

Somebody finally started doing about the fallen trees in the hedge row.  Wow, just 6 months later...

Our buddy red-tail.

A couple of the trees refuse to drop their leaves...

I counted well over a hundred geese near the Holiday Inn...
...including in the driveway, checking for terrorists...

Hey, whaddya know?  The Plex road has a name now...

Fort Wayne's Finest, watching the south canal for unruly muskrats I guess...

IPFW killed off the grass on their main field... must be getting new turf in the spring.

Seeya later!


  1. As usual I enjoyed your photos.. Christmas decorations are nice..I love the villages. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Chris!

    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations. It's good to know you are an optimist and regard strings of lights as "half on" rather than "half off." :) My dog Toto always got excited at Christmas time and snooped into everybody's presents on Christmas morning, assuming they were all for her. Toto loved the lights, decorations and the singing Santa, dancing Frosty the Snowman and other battery powered characters that we placed around the house.

    We used to have family in Terre Haute and your outdoor shots reveal familiar terrain. Looks like you were filming a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds. It does my heart good to see Scrappy happy in the woods and in the water. What a lucky dog he is!

  3. Well, you wouldn't have thought me a "Light optimist" if you'd have seen what happened to the old string! And Scrappy agrees he's indeed blessed.

  4. we threw out some of our Christmas lights too this year. Ones in the garden that just don't work anymore.
    Looking pretty cold for you guys now. Love the photo of Scrappy in the water. The reflections are really cool

    1. As it turns, we were around 60 F (around 15 down south) this morning. And it takes an artist to pick out my favorite shot :)

  5. Chris:
    I's quite nice to see not only what Laurie & you have placed out for decorations an lighting, but also the manner in which the neighbors also have done up their places...very "Christmasey".

    The "locals" around here don't get into lighting (like our old neighbors used to), and the few that do...well, they will leave them all ALL night and definitely leave them UP well into NEXT year (lazy asses).

    Love that curious cat! Cute.
    And those "naughty /Nice" signs...that's cool.

    Also like those villages you have and that ballroom with the waltzing couple is epic.

    I can imagine how that bad light string wound up...sounds JUST like

    Nice walk...WOW, that's a LOTTA BIRDS!
    (looks like our patio when we dump seed out there. You can hear them take off en masse from INSIDE the house...all that flapping going on.
    And ALL those geese (free dinner?)
    You would need to find a Hoosier pioneer-type woman willing to DE-FEATHER it, a Mother-plucker, maybe?

    So THAT 'S where the cops down here are...UP THERE! (who do YOU know?)...LOL!

    "Recreation Dr"..sounds like the city spent a few thousand to for a committee, hire a developer who formed a task force to get that road named...and it's SO "original", too.

    Great photos. Stay tuned for our tree and cookie pics Monday.

    Glad things are doing well.

    Stay safe (and always nicely-lit) up there, brother.
    (and not THAT kind of "lit"...lmao)

    1. Sorry it's taken so long to answer comments... I've had a couple "lo-sugar" afternoons and ain't been quite on the ball. But one Atkins bar later, I'm here playing catch up!

      That "naughty-nice" one was my favorite. Our neighborhood ain't exactly blowing it out this year.

  6. Festive in your house! I won't be decorating until Wednesday as we're getting our carpet and sofa cleaned. Then I can feel festive.

    1. Festive in a scattered-in-unobtrusive-spots way.

  7. What great pictures. I love Christmas, because it's that time of year when I get all sentimental with love for my fellow man and the joy of the seas...HEY, YOU KIDS GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!!!!

    1. Y'know, as old as I am, I still keep expecting me and scrappy to hear that...

  8. I like 'village the larger' and the ballroom display.