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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pictures and this week's M10

So today you get a mixed dose- some pictures and some music.  Let's kick it off with the #10 on this week's Martin 10.  Boz Scaggs, once a power in pop, has shifted gears just a bit- he has hit the Blues album chart with his last 3 lps, all of them top 2, the last two making #1 on that chart.  That last lp, A Fool To Care- which came out in March- just came across my Spotify suggestions.  Although the bluesy lead track didn't trip my trigger, I did find a song on the lp that did:

Took an early morning foggy walk...

Neighbor's Christmas decorations

My lights from outside

Wonderful day to spend at the swamp...

Castlecomer slips back to #9 this week with Escapism, mostly because of the "pressure from below."  There is a LOT of good new stuff this week trying to claw their way into the M10, but I only had 2 slots available.  You've heard one of those a moment ago.  The other came across my suggestions last week.  It belongs to singer-songwriter Dent May, from a 2013 lp called Warm Blanket...

Born Too Late debuts at #8.

Last week's newbie, Little Green Cars and Harper Lee, moves up 2 to #7.

Ran into a group of four deer hiding in the brush...

...I'm thinking you'll want to do the click to enlarge thing to see 'em...

Silversun Pickups recent #1 Nightlight slides a pair to #6.

Anyone surprised that the latest on the M10 from Beach House, Beyond Love, climbs a swift 5 to #5?

Cage The Elephant moves up one to #4 with Come A Little Closer.

It may seem that the grey of the deer is the only color left in the woods-

-but you really just have to look...

Avril Lavigne gets crowded out of last week's #2 slot, dropping to #3 with I'm With You.

Are you sitting down?  Alvvays gives way, stepping down to #2 with Archie Marry Me.

And at number one- taking an M10 record five weeks to get there...

...the Decemberists with The Wrong Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, no Time Machine this week or next, but January will bring the 2015 M10 review and the Beauty Contest!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    Thanks for the walk in the woods and swamp, good buddy. When I was little I loved late fall and early winter because I got to play in the dead leaves on the ground. My friends and I used to make giant piles and then run, dive through the air and land in them like stuntmen.

    You are discovering many refreshing new sounds and I thank you for introducing them.

    Merry Christmas to you and Scrappy!

    "Joy (Harmon) to the world."

    1. Well the leaves are a bit too wet to play in now- especially after about 10 minutes of curtain rainfall, mixed after five minutes with 50 MPH winds this afternoon! Glad you like the tunage. The 2015 top 50 has been assembled, awaiting release next year...

  2. Chris:
    Really like to see the Christmas decorations around the area...very festive and nice to see that no one wants to make off with them (as what tends to happen down here with any OUTDOOR displays).
    Am I seeing a pattern with YOUR lights?
    Great walkabout pics, too. Dear in the fog...nice.

    I find that Scaggs song kinda the beat. That singer in the "Born Too Late" song reminds me of a younger YOU. I paused iy around the 55 sec mark and thought "wow...looks like Chris to me".only place in the video that he does, though.

    Good M10, too.
    Stay safe (and dry) up there, brother.

    1. God... that's eerie... Thankfully it works on him!

      As for a pattern... nope, just dangled this year. Exhausted any patience to do so when I had to cut away the first string, lol!

  3. This walk with you is the only walk I have had in the last few days, due to rain and being busy as

    1. Well, today we're getting the rain...