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Thursday, January 14, 2016

M50- the ambient bunch

NOTE:  Busy trying to work my sugar down so I can have a Pepsi later, as well as figure out this week's M10.  So no fluff at the top, proceed straight to the M10.

And our penultimate installment of the M50 is what I call the "Ambient bunch"- the "dream pop" or "space music" end of the spectrum.  With only the top ten left after today, here we go...

The song that kicked off the M50 at #50 was a combo of two Alan Parsons Project songs put together on Parsons' solo 2004 lp- whose combined title was A Recurring Dream Within A Dream.  Of course I don't know how "solo" it is when a lot of the tune is an Orson Wells monologue... (M10 peak #10)

The final of the non-charting hits on the M50 is the one that Pure Bathing Culture was about to get in the M10 with before I heard their earlier hit, Pendulum.  This one, though, still sneaks into the M50 at #41...(NC)

The only one of the three hits on the M50 by Beach House that DIDN'T make tomorrow's top ten is the actual lead single from the lp Depression Cherry.  It's called Sparks, and it finished the year at #40. (#10)

The longest song to make the M50 at 7:04, the title track from Duran Duran's Paper Gods lp made its way to the #37 slot on the 50. (#8)

The third single I took from Jeff Lynne's ELO and "their" lp Alone In The Universe is the other song you can hear Jeff's daughter in background.  The song is When The Night Comes, and it comes to #32 on the M50. (#8)

And then their was the one song I thought would make a quick in-out in the M10... but I couldn't get rid of it until it peaked at #6.  By Spotify's "in-house artist" DA Wallach, the (ironically named for our purposes) song Time Machine ends the year at #27.

The Knocks had that smooth summertime sound that carried their hit I Wish (My Taylor Swift)- a song not in my normal range, to be honest- all the way to #24 on the M50. (#6)

Spotify sent me this one from 1993, from the band World Party, who we knew from their earlier hit Ship Of Fools.  The song I got was called Is It Like Today, and its up-and-down career on the M10 netted it the #19 spot on the M50. (#5)

Perhaps the oddest song the Big Spot sent me that I actually loved was Katie Queen Of Tennessee, with its somewhat creepy video, from the Apache Relay from 2014.  It comes in here at #18. (#3)

Finally today, it was the highest charter for Family Of The Year- their 2009 breakthrough Hero- that finishes off the preliminaries at #15. (#2)

Tomorrow, it's Time Machine and the M50 top ten of the year!


  1. Chris:
    --Can't say that Alan Parsons "evolved" in a way that kept a lot of it's fan-base together. The new stuff isn't nearly as good (imho).
    --Aside from DA Wallach, don't know much of the other songs, so I can';t call them good or bad.
    Looking forward to the TOP TEN.
    (make 'em good ones that I know...LOL)

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Aw, you listened to them... they just didn't stick good. Maybe I should put more links, but I'm afraid I'll video people out. Like on the coming Time Machine...