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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve memories

Well, we won't remember the football playoff games (our teams lost) at the beginning of the evening, and we'll try to forget the ending (which included a B&E at KC's apartment to retrieve a spare key).  Not to mention we'll forget the "24/7, even on holidays" locksmiths who greet you on NYE with "Oh, we're only doing commercial tonight" when they bother to answer.  (No, wait; them we WILL remember when we need their help in daylight hours.)  But we will remember the fun, things that got caught in picture, in memory, or in FB post, such as:

Chris, at 6:12 PM:

Laurie has left for work- let the bacchanalia begin! (7 likes, 2 comments)

Chris, 7:22 PM:

Make Kc Martin take us to eat steak... (5 likes- and he did, but first place had cars parked next door, second choice had an 1 1/2 hour wait at 8 PM, so we settled for a great meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.)

Jessica, 11:36 PM:

Kc Martin says Happy Fourth of July! (which he did, but a LOT of alcohol had hit by then...  we must, in journalistic integrity, mention that the first round of shots saw me attempt to toast 1916...)

And at three minutes of midnight, Jessica (at my instigation, posted the infamous "trenchcoatguy" picture...

(I told her, "This guy's gonna flash us all at midnight;  put it on FB!"  For the record, he did not flash us all.)

Before we started out, I was able to get my camera to function for a series of pictures meant to capture KC and Jessica's wrestling match, punctuated by Scrappy's attempt to hump the aggressor:

Scrappy was uninterested in being libeled...

...mainly because he had gotten 1/2 a cap of rum and was "feelin' mean"...

Just before things really wound up

So BWWs turned into the local bar, where...

First of all, I saw something that made me wish I'd brought my camera.  To see what I saw, go here and thank Yuri Freewind, who had the same eye for humor I did...

And then...

Jessica introduced... and addicted... to duck farts.

"Look, my tits have turned into cups of booze!" (Actual quote)
And the highlight of the night was my five minute dominance of pool.  First game, I made a shot that- inexplicably to the laws of physics- put my last three balls in at one shot, after which I immediately sunk the eight ball to win game 1; followed by KC scratching on the break to hand me game two.

And that, with one further FB post of a newly concocted insult phrase devised by my son (which I WON'T be printing, family show, y'all), covers the things that can be remembered in pictures (with thanks to Jessica for the bar pics).  As for the rest, well, ya kinda had to be there.  Hope yours was just as good... and ending-free!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    I'm glad you made it back from New Year's Eve in once piece. Mrs. Shady and I watched a midnight fireworks display and went to bed shortly thereafter. I used to be very good at pool. When I started drinking I got even better... for a while... and then much worse. I never learned to stay in the zone and avoid taking it too far.

    Anyway, Scrappy New Year once again, good buddy!

    1. That, in a nutshell, describes my pool ability too. "Between 1/2 and three beers" is the baseline, but it wasn't a beer night.

  2. Chris:
    You know us...we're "simple" folk (many believe I'm MORE simple than Wifey at any given time).
    Well, I AM from Philly.

    But, I was busy watching the Who-Year marathon and the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. was doing likewise with The Twilight Zone (to which I told her to just look out any's THERE, too).

    Near midnight, I broke out the asti and we toasted at twelve. Made up a cubed cheese tray w/ summer sausage and also had some cocktail shrimp. NO parking hassles THERE.

    Wifey hit the sack around 1 AM, and I just fell asleep during the end of the marathon (my MIND'S eye was watching it).

    Boring for some perhaps, but it keeps our cat from getting lonely.

    Glad you all had a good time.
    (esp. with that B&

    Stay safe & warm up there, brother.

    1. This was the first time I was actually out of the house at midnight in a long time. And it felt good.

  3. Sounds like you New Years Eve was more interesting then mine since I went to be at 8pm with Leo he likes me to lay down with him till he goes to sleep and I was so tired that I fell asleep pretty much straight away

  4. I had shots, but I didn't get drunk.
    As far as I know.
    OK, I may have gotten drunk.

    1. I won two games of pool. I KNOW I was drunk.