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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Whaddya mean, they're not in the directions?

So here's the weekend catch-up.

First, (our biggest customer) comes stumbling out of the New Year like a drunk trying to tie his shoes while walking.  As a result, we were told already on Monday the week past would be a 4-day affair.  Which became even shorter for me.  The last roll of black fabric I had, which was the only color I had left to cut, was a real pinnacle of professionalism from Wujiang The Dragon fabric company.  When you are dealing with fabric being pulled down a conveyor belt while being cut, you can well imagine that a well-rolled, straight edged roll of fabric is required.  What I got:

And, believe it or not, that was after I had disposed of the worst 25 yds- most of which to the trash bin.  Frankly, I don't care if they are giving it to us free, as a business you should have more pride and professionalism in your product than to let THAT get out your dock doors, just sayin'.  But, I persevered, and when at 1:30 Thursday (an hour before I get off) I found out the only roll left (until maybe Monday) had white streaks all through it, the big boss said, "Have a nice weekend", and I was none to slow to take the better part of valor.

But the story goes on.  See, I had not told Laurie I wasn't working Friday, and had the grand plan of waiting until her alarm goes off and she asks if I'm getting up, and answering, "Piss off, I quit."  Getting home an hour early made that a little hard to swallow.  But there WAS hope- I had meds to pick up, and my new glasses were done.

New glasses, same ugly mug
And if you recall the long story getting sighted and fitted for them was, you might suppose it could slow things down a bit to pick them up.  Not to disappoint, of course there was a glitch- somehow, the big boss had NEVER gotten that safety form e-mailed to the right place in the 14 days since he was going to "right away".  However, this time the person who knows what to do WAS there; and I was only delayed long enough for the girl that called me that they were ready to tell me that I had the same name as Coldplay (which I knew), and she had his songs going through her head the rest of the day  For all this, though, I still hit Walgreens by 2:10 and figured I better call Laurie and confess to my dastardly plan.  Fortunately, Laurie, who gets her needed extra sleep in between lunch and my coming home most days, was groggy and asked me why I was getting off AT NOON.  Confused, I said, "I may be devious, but even I wouldn't waste two hours without letting you know."  A few more confused statements later, she tumbled onto the fact it was after 2 and not after 12.

I prolly still could have gotten away with it.


Yesterday I had a sad satisfaction.  After battling liberal posters who bashed me for not wanting Syrian refugees, calling me an Islamophobe and saying that "No refugee has ever committed a terrorist act" over and over in meme and comment, I found two news stories that might have even given THEM pause.  One involved a group of several North African "Immigrants" who went on a rape and abuse mission New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany.  Several were arrested (after the fact due to a poor showing by the Cologne PD, whose chief resigned), at least one of which had in his pocket a paper translating into German phrases like "Let me see your tits" and "I will kill you".  Might not quite qualify as refugees, but they highlight that these people come from a culture where women are completely disrespected (and yet I'M part of the "war on women"), and many Arab expat women took to social media to berate these idiots with things like, "Every time our people make progress, some group of idiots tear it down."

The other was on the island nation of Nauru, where actual refugees (from Iraq) were involved.  It seems one ref sexually assaulted the SIX-YEAR-OLD daughter of another, until the father interrupted him, along with his face.  Now, I am not now nor have I ever suggested that all refugees are going to be like this. BUT, when you get the offscouring of another culture foisted on you like this, you will get some scum like this; and my whole point is, that all those who told me I was an Islamophobe for not allowing unrestricted access to ALL refugees, ALL the time, can...

There is a reason to vette these people, and it ain't a religious basis.  If you guys want all of them to come here, then send them to that great sanctuary city, San Francisco.  They can get all jiggy with them.


Finally, Laurie and I bottled the beer from the Mr. Beer keg last night.  It was quite fun, considering I kept hiding the caps on Laurie (by accident) and showed an inability to know which way shut the tapper off a couple of times (actually about once every third bottle).  At any rate, I poured the now-beer-smelling mixture (a vast improvement from when it went in the keg two weeks ago) into the bottles, Laurie added the two teaspoons of sugar for fermentation, and away they went back to their temporary home in Scrappy's unused cage.

This morning, as I put the keg away, I had a shocking thought:  There were carbonation pills in the kit!  WE NEVER PUT THEM IN!  How did I miss that?  I grabbed the directions, re-read them three times- they never mentioned the carbonation pills!  WTH!?!?  So I picked up the pack of carb pills- which, after scanning the instructions again, weren't even supposed to be IN this pack- and it said, "use IN PLACE OF priming sugar".  So we had the sugar in there, we're okay.  Whew!  Hopefully that's the only thing not made clear because we didn't bother to watch the instructional DVD as well as read the directions.

Beer, anyone?


  1. Okay, here's how I see the whole frikkin' refugee thing:
    If you let them in (as compassionate, brainless Progressives would have us do), there is a chance (personally, I think a big chance) of a refugee doing something very bad.
    If you don't let ANY in, there's a ZERO chance of a refugee doing something very bad.
    I think we have enough home-grown psychopaths in THIS country, thank you very much.
    BTW, nice specs!

    1. Thanks! And I pretty much agree. I am not near as much against helping refugees as I am being Naiive.

  2. My husband came here when he was 10. He had to be vetted... the family had to have a sponsor, a place to live, JOBS, and a clean background.


    It is a pain in the ass. It takes forever. But it is what MUST be done. Period. Why should we make exceptions?

    As for instructions... I am so done. My sun tunnel that should have taken 4 tools and 2 hours took multiple power tools, two people and 6 hours. My new fan in the bathroom? Well, I started after I got home from work today... worked until it got too dark... will continue tomorrow. So far I am into it for 4 more tools and a whole lot of swear words more than it said in the instructions.

    Clearly they are written by blog trolls.

    1. Missing the instruction "If you want, you can use the pills instead of the sugar" is a forgivable sin. And, we didn't watch the dvd, after all. I have a feeling you got instructions more like we had to put together my computer chair- Cartoons without any words.

      I think all these people want us to circumvent the law because they have been educated how "evil" government is for so long. Funny how all the teachers that taught them that ARE the government now. Do as I say...

  3. Chris:
    Oh, good Lord...!
    Pride in workmanship IS a dying art, whether it's in manufacturing OR supplying. you "idea" when the alarm goes off.
    (man after my own heart)

    The glasses look good.

    Good for you in posting those stories (which happen to be FREE of liberal intent OR purpose). I read those as well.
    Hell, we have troubles in our (Ft. Wayne's) Burmese population...and they like machetes.
    Not many translators for when the po-po show up in THEIR areas.

    LMAO...that beer gig sounded like that 3 Stooges short where they ask one very important question of each other
    "Who put the yeast in?"
    Ans: "We ALL put the yeast in!"

    Glad you did the right thing there.

    BTW - I'm with AL on the refugee deal.
    (just so's 'ya know)

    Stay safe & well-brewed up there, brother.

  4. You covered a bunch of topics here today and all were good. I'm with you on the quality of a product, even if it's free. There's just no excuse. Brewing your own sounds interesting.

    1. The worst thing about that fabric was how we were told they were going to be looking for a vendor who could deliver higher quality than we had; but in the end, whoever did the selecting heard $4 a yard and stopped looking. Unfortunately, the guy who told them was at the time selling watches in a Shanghai alley...