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Monday, February 29, 2016

Follow the birdie

Time for a walk post, since it was 55 degrees and a bit breezy yesterday.

This guy serenaded the start of the walk- "Hey Pete, Hey Peter Peter Peter Peter..."

They actually cut up the tree that fell last summer on Groundhog Road, and cut it up into fireplace size logs, which are now all but gone.

Heading for the "secret entrance"

Kids attempted to make a teepee against Big Tree earlier in the winter.

Ready for this scene to be green!

Oh, I never showed you my new hat from my work!

Like any other child- find mud, walk through.

Checking out something at the big fallen tree.

"Lean on me... when you're not strong..."

Jets were busy this morning...

BTW, did I tell you we're under a wind warning?  But it's a south wind, and feels good.  Long as my hat stays on...

River's actually up again...

Scrappy was about there when a wave made him jump...

...but moments later, he was asking permission to get in the water.

The Bluebird of Happiness was watching over us.

Along with the dove of happiness, lol.

These were definitely NOT the geese of happiness...

Yup.  Someone stole a no parking sign.  Remember being young and that stupid?

I tried three times to get a shot of Woody but the best I got was his butt.

Scrappy chases the very mouthy geese into the swamp.

As you can see, the second one is still complaining- not that the nearby duck cares...

...or Mrs. Duck.

Actually had small whitecaps on the river...

Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks!


  1. And now, today? It's raining. I knew I should have gone for a walk yesterday.

  2. Chris:
    Always love seeing where we trekked last uear, and we're looking forward to another such journey when it gets nice out (and yes, a bit more on the GREEN side (Scrappy nailed that one).

    He sure loves the water, too
    Hopefully, he's nice and DRY before entering "Fortress Martin", right?

    Good to see the swamp is STILL "where we left it", and that it's being put to good use.
    I'll bet with that wind, you DID have whitecaps on the old river.
    Nice hat, too.
    (can NEVER have too many of those).
    Great bluebird, picture, too!
    (wish we'd get a couple down here)

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Scrappy usually gets "grass-cleaned" on the way home.

  3. I am jealous of your bluebirds, we never get to see any here. Just a flash of blue here and there in the summer, but never still long enough to get a photo.

    1. Yeah, they can be stubborn here too. This one was in a posing mood.

  4. I like the bluebird's red breast. But I thought the red breasted ones are robins. Wait - *checking under my shirt* - never mind.
    Cheers, Chris.

    1. My kids didn't know what a Bluebird even was. They kept asking, "blue JAY?" I finally showed them the picture, and they christened it "Blobbin", for "blue robin." Where did I go wrong?

  5. I still am moderately young, and am more than adequately dumb, but I've never stolen a street sign.

    Also, I need to borrow Scrappy to help chase off the mouthy geese here. Those angry sumbitches peck and bite without being provoked whatsoever.

    1. First, I got the dedication sign off a bridge once. Thought it might make a cool tray, but was way too heavy. Second, Scrappy only chases already fleeing geese like we have. I've seen him cross the street to avoid the aggressive ones.