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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tried to do an MWN post... not smart enough people out there

Y'know, I was going to do a Martin World News post, but sometimes you look at the level of sheer stupidity you find in everyday life, and say to yourself, "It just isn't even funny today."  Today, I shall try to show you why I am currently in that mood.

Here's our first example:  This was recently posted by a FB friend ( a relative of Laurie's)...

Okay, now I will admit not everybody might remember Mork and Mindy.  But surely Robin Williams should be recognizable, right?

Here's the first answer he got...

Donnie and Marie Osborn Show???

Yeah, Donnie and Marie Osborn.  They are Ozzie and Sharon's kids.

It reminded me of a few weeks back watching Jeopardy.  There was this girl who was being asked to name the mountain range that runs down Italy.  (Answer:  Apennines.)  Her answer:

What are the Urals?

Now I realize that not everyone knows geography, and technically she kept it on the same continent.  How about this one?

Now there did used to be a comic book character named Ghoul who could touch a dead body and get them to talk, but he wasn't a cop.

Now, next up I have a real killer.  Millennial Democrat Socialists at a FeelTheBern rally were given a phrase from American history.  Before I give you the phrase, let me give you the responses:

"That's some right-wing Republican Bullshit, right there!"

"Who said that stupidity?  Donald Trump?"

"You know who said that?  Hitler said that!  He hated socialism!"

"Wow, really?  Who even thinks like that anymore?"

"No way!  That is so un-American and goes against everything we stand for!"

So, what was the heinous statement?

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?  This nation is full of people so utterly unable to string two rational thoughts together, who have the "right" and WILL vote, that a Donald Trump candidacy makes more sense than any of them can even formulate.  You want to know why Trump could "shoot someone in the street and still win the polls?"  You wanna know why the party of "diversity" can field two 70-year-old white people and not miss a beat?  Here's your sign.

I know there are smart people out there.  I know the cause for our children and grandchildren is not yet hopeless.  I know there are some people with voter registrations, or even Facebook accounts, who DON'T lose several IQ points every time they pick a bugger and don't eat it.

But seriously, people.  I watched the South Carolina debate- I watched Jeb Bush hand Trump his ass SEVERAL times.  And the next morning, I saw three different polls that had The Donald winning the debate by 67% or thereabouts.

It's no longer about what you say or do.  Like Don Henley once sang, "I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear."

And don't start me on the major Presidential candidate that, after getting caught for the SECOND time sabotaging a fellow candidate with the most outrageous, most easily discovered of lies, NOW fires his PR man (aka "threw him under the bus").  I wonder if the Pope would like to do a "Christianity check-up" on him like he did on The Donald.


  1. Chris:
    Yes, the LEVEL of stupidity tends to amaze even ME...(and that ain't easy).
    It's like CRIME - it's not that we gave LESS of it, just more VIOLENT levels.
    Same argument can be made for STUPID people.
    The OSBORNES???
    --The Jeopardy player kept it UNDER 3K miles,
    ---LOVE the ZOMBIE meme...ROFL!
    --Yes, the word "cogent" is MISSING-IN-ACTION these days in a LOT of cranial cavities.
    --Lyrics from DIRTY true!
    The really SAD opart to this is all the crap that's dredged up that should not EVEN be an issue.
    It's no longer about's the "cult of personality", and the better you can "wow" the people (screw the truth)...the better off you are (and higher in the polls).

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. There's the term I was reaching for... cult of personality! I've been trying to build one, but you guys aren't gullible enough...

    2. I can be VERY gullible (for the right price).

    3. You mistake me for The Donald...

  2. At least she didn't say the "Appalachians."
    That doesn't really make me feel better.

    1. At least then she coulda said, "Well, it SOUNDS like Appalachians..."

  3. Oy. Sadly, it's true that people don't think that way anymore. We don't ask what we can do for our country. And the thing about finger-pointing regarding ads. Never mind the ad itself, you'd think everyone would screen every advertisement they're spending thousands or millions on. Surely Cruz didn't tell the guy, "Do whatever you want with all the money. I trust you." But Cruz ain't to blame. SMH. =)

    1. My take- "Run it as hard as you can, I'll fire you when it blows up, but the damage will be done and I'll take care of you later."

  4. When I think about the voting options in this election I get very depressed. So, I try not to think about it, but not thinking about it doesn't prevent it from happening. So, I read my Bible and tell myself that this too shall pass. Focus on the eternal. That's where my treasure is.

    1. Tune in Sunday- I'm thinking the SM might be right down this line...

  5. Oh yeah I remember Mork and Mindy, but also you know what the world is full of idiots who have no idea and these people make us wonder how did they survive so long without walking into traffic and ending up dead and no I have no idea why I said that I just wrote the first thing that came to mind

    1. I'm glad you said that- fit the post perfectly.

  6. I never watched a complete episode of Mork and Mindy--I hated it enough to turn away from the channel when it was on. But honestly when I first glanced at the picture I also thought it was Donny and Marie--it does resemble them.

    Even I know the Urals is not a mountain range in Europe, but those white porcelain things that men pee into.

    People seem to be getting stupider in general, but I think it's because they don't listen and don't reason things out. That starts from the first day in school when their little minds are thinking of TV and video games.

    I seriously am one of those who listen to Donald Trump and get what he's saying. It's not a literal thing, but a conceptual thing where my mind reasons out the ideas he's throwing out. This country needs someone like Trump. I don't think he'd do any worse than any politician in the past 30 years and in all probability he would improve things because he'd be taking a different approach. You've got to give some credit for his marketing prowess and his ability to totally baffle the traditional system.

    It's time to laugh in the face of political correctness and overturn the system.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Someone like Trump being the optimal term. One day you see him do something like his response when the protester turned out the lights at his speech- his response was classic. And then you watch the SC debate the next day and wonder what you've blundered into.

  7. "Dumb and Dumber" might be descriptive of many, many people. It never ceases to amaze me! While you and I have different political perspectives, Chris, I believe we both share common goals. I truly like and respect that you are a thinker, not a drone, and not one of the "sheeple" as my good libertarian, conservative, now-deceased (may he rest in peace) friend, blogger Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) called them. Thank you for your contributions to the thinking world, Chris.

    1. That's all I ask of mankind- engage your brain once in a while. Heard a 22-y-o college graduate today tell Rush he started listening to the show because "I've only followed current events for a couple of months and thought I should probably hear both points of view." I apologize to all of those who think that it is acceptable to know nothing about the world around you until AFTER you finish college, but WTF?

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  9. I am often blown away by the general public's lack of knowledge when it comes to geography.