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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another meeting of the great minds of Fort Wayne

And that would be myself and the inimitable Bobby G, who sometimes singlehandedly prove that there is intelligent life in Fort Wayne.  Oh, and our respective better halves, of course.  Today's get together kicked off with a long awaited presentation to the "Gs" of this:

Story behind:  My friend from Australia, Trish Ward (former blogger, too- I woulda linked, but she just jumped out of the game), who as you might notice is a painter of no mean skill, recently ticked "trip across the US of A" off her bucket list.  It was in NYC's Central Park she met her first squirrel, and when she posted the finished painting, I said, "I know just the perfect person for that!"  You can see more of her work on Facebook on Trish Ward- My Art.  They were very happy with the artifact, which will, I am told, will be hung above the master's throne in the living room there at the Fortress Of Reason.

Afterwards, we got reciprocated, notably with a copy of "Doctor Who:  The Complete Guide" (which I made it all the way to the Third Doctor on the way home in).  Then after pizza and chocolate cake ( these guys really know how to treat guests) we made our way to spend a beautiful day at Foster Park.

Away we go!

Warning: Lots of neat flower pics ahead.

Spring has indeed sprung.  Right there it is!

"Hey, Irma!  Friends of yours?"

"If I had my sonic, I'd get us in there..."

Bleeding hearts... the kind that used to grow in our front yard, not the ones I'd like to Gibbs-slap...

Butterfly sex

Look out, Laurie!  That tree's about to grab you!
Shooting craps at the gazebo.  Well, not really, but it looks that way...

"Yeah, they put up this sign- 'Stay off the golf course'- after we walk on the rough for the last ten minutes?"

One big-ass leaning tree...

The Mighty Bob to the rescue!

Bob tries his squirrel-whisperer talents on the local avian population:  "Quack, quacky quack..."

"There's a lot in what that guy says..."


  1. So very very happy your friend loves the little squirrel painting. Such a thrill to see my art in the hands of others.
    Gorgeous photos as always

    1. Trish:
      Stop by my blog tomorrow and you'll see exactly WHERE it has "found a home".
      Thank you (and Chris) so very much.
      Stay safe.

  2. Chris:
    Wifey told me you already posted the chronicles of our "excellent adventure", and I must say the pictures turned out simply fantastic.
    That spot on our living room wall is OFFICIALLY RESERVED for that wonderful painting (now I gotta find those small brads I used to hang things with).
    Shame my grandma isn't think I like squirrels? She LOVED them!
    (she cam from a farm in Hummelstown, her blood, as it were with critters)
    Oh, and since I have NEVER been to Central Park, I feel like I have now with that painting.
    Trish is extremely talented.
    (I was an art major in high school...I know this stuff...heh)

    LOL - that "tree-holding" picture looks convincing...HA!
    And your goslings photo is closer than mine was...very nice.

    It's SO refreshing to do a "meet and greet" with REGUALR folks. We have SO few of them down here.
    And since you posted, I know you two made it home safely. That's a "biggie" with me (yeah, I worry at MY

    Again, thank you both for several of the best hours this year has afforded us thusfar.
    Always a pleasure.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. The gosling pics, as you mentioned at the time, benefit from good cropping software.

      Shouldn't haveta worry about us getting home. Now KC's phone... THAT you can worry about.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a beautiful day!