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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Expanding Martin Planet

Pictures from the kids' new place- move-in date mid-April:

We told the landlord to leave that up- we'd cover "wine" with "Budweiser"

The landlord's van- liked this guy right off!

In the meantime, the first look at "Lil' Red":

Part of the afternoon was spent with the girls telling us that if you looked just right you could see a puppy's head:

In other news, Friday I unfortunately got to see one of those things you are curious what would happen but never want to see... the wheel coming off a moving vehicle.  It was a Whitley County Animal Care van, about five carlengths ahead in the far right lane on Coliseum.  From behind, it first looked like someone had broadsided it, but what had happened is the front passenger side wheel went flying off.  It wobbled to a soft stop (soft being relative) against a guardrail.  Got an e-mail in to see if anyone was injured, but they are "closed on Monday", so we'll see.


"Yes, fortunately. Only one person and no animals. The driver is sore but okay. Thank you for thinking of us!"


  1. Chris:
    The kids look to be in fine accommodations as far as living arrangements go.
    Nice fireplace.
    Thatfence could use some work. I can put them (you) in touch w/ someone that can cure that pronto.
    (and yes, good fences DO make good neighbors)
    "a puppy's head"....LOL (nasty).
    Been in a car when the rt frt wheel came off(back in Philly)...not a scratch.

    Good post.

    Stay safe & dry up there, brother.

    1. Well, all repairs are on the landlord, whom we met working hard on the place. Unlike the "landlords" in your area, this guy seems legit. Not bad for a rental, but would be a rough buy at this point.

  2. Congrats to the "kids."

    Wow. The wheel came off. I can't imagine that right now. Coming off my car accident, I'm rather gunshy about all vehicular craziness.

    1. It was the centerpiece of a near white-knuckle trip home...

  3. Exciting times for the kids. Maybe a different kind of unneeded excitement for the driver who lost a wheel. That kind of excitement none of us needs.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  4. We have LANDLORDS down here?
    Coulda fooled me...bwahahahaaaaa!
    When you say "rough buy" you mean a fixer upper or "costaplenty" (or both), right?

  5. The bit about the wheel coming off made me think of the time my brother was putting petrol in his car and a wheel came off a car on the road bounced over three lanes of traffic and rolled past my brother in the servo that was a shock.