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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Guard your virgin ears, rant time

Normally I don't post about work unless I can put a funny bend to the story.  I'm gonna have to force myself today.  I won't go into all the gory details, but let me put it this way.  At 9 AM, I went into the boss's office and said, "Y'know, I put up with crap at Arden for 15 years before I came here, and I didn't think this job could EVER destroy my morale to a point where I'd want to give up..."

And it got WORSE from there.

What could make a day that bad?  Well, say you were interested in buying an expensive used car.  What is the first thing you'd do- have your mechanic look it over, right?  So we bought a used cutter- actually, we just got the Missouri plant's hand me down.  Did we get it looked over?  No.  Why?  Because a warrantee plan with the manufacturer was "too expensive".

Shouldn't be a problem though, if:

-our fellow plant lets us know upon starting this plan that we should order a new belt;
-our fellow plant advises us before hand that it has some "issues" and what they do to overcome them.

Wanna take a guess at how much of this actually occurred?  They put a sticky note on the machine with a smiley face sticking its tongue out.  That's how much.

We have been busting it helping them get stocked up for a customer who STILL managed to order them clear into OT and full-day Saturdays, and that's the thanks we got.  My sympathies for them are now minimal and eroding.

So here we have this machine, of which I just saw a similar by the same manufacturer tipping the scales at $90K, and its ability to work the last three days have ranged from DOA to sporadic at best.  They had to get a manufacturer tech in yesterday- and we spent approximately 8 months of my pay JUST on parts, and this morning it was doing. The. Same. Thing.


With that- although I could add MUCH more- we will leave this sad tale (which BTW included me forgetting my lunch and the snack machine eating my dollar and jamming, thank you), and move on to why I decided to have Laurie drive us to Shoaff Park for a quick walk rather than availing myself of our own lovely wood.

Yesterday, in a similar vein of mind, we took a walk only to see half the Rivergreenway trail occupied by YET ANOTHER tree service cutting down YET MORE trees.  So let me just clarify with the subspecies of allegedly intelligent life that orders these actions- You actively WANT this stretch of "soon to be improved" (lol) Rivergreenway trail to erode and fall into the canal, just like the other end of it is slowly heading for a trip into the river.  Because what could be nicer than playing soccer in a culvert-ridden, sloppy economy-sized ditch?  Or is it that socceristas just don't LIKE trees?  Not of a mind to watch the game underneath the shade-giving boughs on a hot day?

No, I'll tell you what it is.  As I have explained before, IPFW thought expansion was the golden goose that would put them on the map, but it didn't.  They got overextended, and now they have to cut expenses where ever they can.  And a BIG expense they're cutting down is insurance.  That's why they dropped the heavily attended Riverfest; that's why they gave up the Independence Day fireworks show.  I'm betting it explains how they lost the Shindigz soccer festival to St Francis (another HUGE draw), and I believe it rang the death knell on the trees.  Why, you ask?

When we had the Big Wind Storm a few summers back, a lot of trees around here came down.  The next fall, our complex was cutting down big healthy trees in our yards- only reason for it had to be anything which had better than an N % chance of falling and damaging a building had to go.

Same thing here.  Cutting the trees along the Plex parking lots reduces insurance risks.  Cutting the lilac bushes along the north end of the greenway trail?  The brush at the edge of the woods by the soccer fields?  Can't have that, some reprobate might jump out and rob or rape somebody.  So why do it in stages?  If you know the end result is going to be a collection of 100' X 50' strips of grass surrounded by pavement and streetlights, just go for it.

So, Laurie, there's the trigger for my depression last night.  And maybe when the frustration and anger from work dissipates, I'll get back to it.


  1. Chris:
    When it used to come to Work-related, I DO feel your angst...many times over.
    Whenever I hear stories such as this one, I can't help but shake my head in both disgust and frustration.
    The bosses WANT one thing (a good job, done timely) but they NEVER see the BIGGER picture - like HOW TO GET THERE.
    And that may mean spending some of the bankroll once in a while.
    Simply amazing that some things HAVE to stay the same.

    As to the IPFW clusterf*ck:

    Without sounding repetitive...same old BS there, too.
    Just a different "venue".

    Beyond unbelievable.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

  2. I wish I had some words of wisdom to give you solace.
    Or at least a good fart joke,
    But, I got nuttin'. Except an overwhelming urge to fart now. Maybe I should "Dutch Oven" the sleeping Mrs. Penwasser...?

  3. Ugh, even the best of us have bad days. Hang in there my friend!!

  4. I have no wisdom.

    A friend of mine lives on a piece of land that has been actively falling into the creekbed below it for years (not kidding, I actually remember his yard being twice as big back in high school before half of it fell into the creek). The road is also falling into the creekbed, so naturally the county sent some folks out to install a "retaining wall" to try and stop it. This involves knocking down the few trees left that are actually holding the ground in place, and construction work that leaves my friend's house shaking so badly that pictures are falling off the walls and the inhabitants can't even walk around because the construction shakes the floors so badly.

    Now I'm no engineer, but Imma guess that this shaking ain't doing any favors for the land and houses in danger of falling into the creek.

    But no, it's more important that the county road be *retained*.

    People suck. If y'all ever feel like joining me when I finally decide to set up a small village of redneck rebels out in the wilderness, lemme know.

    Hope the work woes get resolved without any major issues.

  5. Hoping you have a stress free peaceful weekend. Sorry the other plant were jackasses and didn't give yall heads up. That sucks!

  6. UPDATE: She was not amused.
    I sleep alone now.


  8. I am awaiting The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.