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Monday, April 18, 2016

Picture Post: calling Bobby Knight

The title will become understandable towards the end, okay?

Day one:  Thursday

Robin footy

Some trees finally budding

Amazingly enough, he found his way out of this.

A dip in the Duck Pond.


To say we have a LOT of turtles this year is accurate.  I counted a whopping 14 napping in the swamp.

Woody, guardian of the swamp

A wood duck and (somewhere) his wife

But only the second ground hog I've seen- too far away for Boofus

Blue-winged teal at the alumni pond

Day Two: Saturday

Finally in full springtime regalia

And- unfortunately- soccerista season opens

Toby and master.  We met up a couple of times.

Dude launching a fan boat on the river.

Sang us a sweet song as we went by

Now the Dutchman's Britches are popping

The flowers just seemed so happy to be alive.

The young Buckeyes are leafing out

Day Three: Sunday

I thought this was gonna be a PSA on not leaving your dog unattended, but the owner came out right after the snap from buying a drink inside the Plex.

KC Martin, master baiter.

"Hey, where's MY pole?"

"You mean we just SIT here?  This sucks..."

Woody, guardian of... oh, never mind.

"Help, anybody!  They're hanging me!"
"Well, you IS a horse thief..."

Trying the other side, as the current was bringing the line to shore

Yeah, that fishing thing is too much like work.

Guess who sat in a big pile of last year's cockleburrs?

Our only catch of the day- the elusive stick fish

Not only were there a lot of turtles, but frogs were everywhere.  They wouldn't even move for us.  They were in a sunshine coma.

That is one big turtle...

This guy actually swam up to this log, climbed up, and just looked at us.  Meanwhile, another one jumped up and hit scrappy in the nose.

"If the NBA was on channel five and a bunch of frogs making love were on channel four, I'd watch the frogs – even if they were coming in fuzzy."- Bobby Knight.

Well, there you go.  Two pics of frogs mating, and they're fuzzy, too!  If you look close, you can see eggs in pic 2 between the little one's legs.


  1. Where's the mating pictures? I feel gypped!

  2. Looks like an awesome time!! I need to get the kids out and about also but Lord it seems like we're slammed busy all of t he time. Glad it's warming up though.

    1. You think you're busy now... lol!

      Even funnier: First time typing that, busy came out "busty"...

    2. bwhahah,... doubtful Ill ever be busty, didn't come with the genes... I know, I'm going to be so busy when they're here..

  3. Chris:
    ---Okay, with all those TURTLE pics (and that HUGE one sunning on that log), you went and made me hungry.
    I'm thinking SNAPPER SOUP now!
    (pass the sherry)
    ---Love the "Scrappy" comments.
    ---And those robins in the FIRST pic look like they're got some kind of medieval dance thing going on.
    (maybe a "safety" dance?)
    ---Frogs doing the swamp-time "mambo"...who knew?
    ---(Note to KC: AVOID the cockle-burrs!)
    ---LOL - STICK-FISH.
    (bets those BOOT fish ANY day.

    Great weekend photos.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. As much as my folks loved turtle, I never cared for it overmuch.

      Well, Scrappy is fairly witty...

      I HOPE you aren't referencing that Men Without Hats tune, Safety Dance. Gosh I hated that...

      Funny: KC wasn't sitting there but a few minutes when he said, "I think I have a thorn in my shorts"... Little did he know.

  4. This is the closest I got to a walk this morning as I have Leo here and can't leave him home alone while I go out although he is still in bed asleep at the moment but still can't leave him alone so no walk for me this morning

    1. Well, sorry I couldn't help exercise, but at least you got the view!