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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Daddy and Doggie Memorial Weekend picnic

So those of you who are FB friends know that Friday night was a catastrophe of music and liquor.  Other than my ability to type at the end, the only casualties were my last 4 inches of a bottle of Admiral Nelson, though KC's smaller bottle of Captain Morgan and my "God-knows-why-I-bought-it" bottle of peach schnapps took major damage.  So somewhere in the night I amended plan A for Saturday to Plan B- the early picnic at the river trip plan.

Scrappy raring to go


While Dad is lucky to maintain foreward motion, Scrappy still insists on sniffing every little thing...

more ZOOM!

Canal is loaded with flowers- and the pics don't really do them justice.
Wouldn't be a trip to California Road without morons unclear on the concept.  Apparently, this person needs to have "NO MOTOR VEHICLES" posted in a language other than English.  Or in cartoons, maybe.

And there's our next contestant, who evidently has a similar problem with the "NO OUTLET" sign posted before you pass the Plex.

At last, the bridge to our goal is sighted.  The backpack feels about 100 lbs by now, and it sure seems more like it's been 5 miles getting this far rather than the just-under-a-mile it actually was.

Crap!  Here they come!

"Table for two?"

A nice seat to watch the river go by...

Scrappy and a curious squirrel...

...with a big mouthful of something.

"Today's courses:  For monsieur, cheese sandwiches, chips, and cottage cheese.  For Doggie, BabyBels.  And water for both."


Dude fishing on the homeward bank

Here are the next two idiots that think they were going somewhere.  Bike belongs to fisher dude, who was concerned enough about the pickup's over-wide turn that he soon moved down the way.

Scrappy was amazingly content to just chill for a change.

Me, content with the view, watching the swallows dive the water.

Our next contestant in the "WTH am I" contest was a bit unusual.  After turning around, he parked, sat there for a minute or two.  Then got out, went to the back of his car, smoked a cigarette, and watched the river.  Finishing the smoke, he circled the car the rest of the way, got in and drove off.  So me and fisher dude would think he ALWAYS just drives down here to randomly smoke one and leave, I guess.

Light dinner music by Robin and the Redbreasts, coming to you from high atop the St. Joe au fresco restaurant.

There's a Sargasso Sea-like dead spot in the current were the creek and the river join up that rather looks like the floor of an unswept sawmill.

The Umbrella Magnolia on the tree walk has apparently been naughty, and is in time out.

These are shots from upriver- I decided to trust my somewhat rolling innards for a brief walk a little farther.  Almost not a good decision, but I digress.

Tiny island near the inlet at IPFW.

Apparently this tree, a criminal associate of the Umbrella Magnolia, is in witness protection and may not be identified.

No turtles at the swamp today, but plenty of frogs.  Like this big boy.  Took this picture as we were being passed by the second of our last two contestants, who couldn't find the clearly-marked entrance to the soccer fields if IPFW put up a big freaking neon sign.

Final totals: 2 hours, 2.5 total miles, all food consumed and trash removed, 8 dipshit lost drivers, and one pair reasonably clean underwear.


  1. Chris:
    Aside from the slight (?) over imbibing on your part, that was a nice walk.
    Love the signage-impaired drivers...ALWAYS a hoot and a half with those.
    Nice wildflowers, too.
    LOL - great one with the magnolia tree and his cohort. Criminal associates...HA!
    Hope it wasn't THAT humid along the river.
    It has been creeping up (damn). I hate the humidity. Only time I like getting wet is in a pool or shower. Had my share of days rolling in my own sweat.

    Again, a very nice walkabout.
    (BTW, tell Scrappy that's NOT one of "our" squirrels)

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. It wasn't bad, with the breeze and all. But it was still deceptively hot, and today I think Scrappy will be confined to riding in the car because it really wore him out.

  2. Hi, Chris!

    I enjoyed today's walk along the nature trail with you and Scrappy. You took some nice clear shots of Scrappy from every angle. I'm still making up my mind which is his best side. I insist that you enter Scrappy in your next Beauty Contest.


    * Maybe people are using that dead end road as a lover's lane.

    * Maybe people go there to smoke "funny" cigarettes.

    * Jimmy Hoffa might be in the vicinity.

    Question: Did you happen to spot Mary Ann on that tiny island?

    I never heard of the Umbrella Magnolia. It's interesting that it has such huge leaves and flowers and that the blossoms give off an unpleasant smell. Next year at this time that giant stink plant will probably be in its blooming glory and Scrappy will want to rub against it to soak up some doggy "perfume."

    I hope you had a Scrappy weekend, good buddy, and I wish you a Scrappy Memorial Day and a Scrappy week ahead. (That should cover it.)

    1. Theories would be okay if they actually STOPPED there- only the one guy has that excuse. No, they just use gps directions to get to the soccer fields or IPFW, IDK which, and fail to open their eyes to the very well-marked turn off. The guy that went up the ped trail? Now HE might have looked for a "funny cigarette spot", or maybe he was just trying to get to the IPFW alumni center and missed its even more clearly marked entrance.

      Answer, It woulda been hard to miss her- I doubt two people could have found a place to stand...

  3. Looks like a really nice spot for a picnic. :) We've on occasion went to the park just to people watch. Often more entertaining then bird watching. :)

    1. I know, right? Unfortunately, much of the rest of the weekend it was too hot to even enjoy that...