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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And a bit of M10 music

As promised, on vacation the M10 goes on.  And this week, we kick off with the 100th song to hit the M10!

And that song belongs to Australia's Castlecomer, and their third hit on the M10 comes in at #10...

Castlecomer is one of 2 bands on this week's list that have yet to release an lp- the other is last week's band at the top, the Pom Poms.

Our #9 this week is a second debut, and we go back to 2004 for it.  Actually, I go back to the recent A to Z of li'l ol' me blog hop, and the favorite song of Guille Castillo of the Quiet Laughter blog.  It's from R.E.M.s lp Around The Sun, and it's a classic of theirs...

The song at #8 is prolly a bit tired of getting pushed about.  It debuted at #8, got shoved back to #9, and is back at eight...

...Two Door Cinema Club and the bizarre ad-fest Are We Ready? (Wreck).

This is a big week for country music, as there are two from the genre on the chart once again this week.  At #7, climbing three spots....

Maren Morris BS's her way up to the 7-slot with Drunk Girls Don't Cry.

You'll prolly notice this is a bad week for former #1s, as both Tangerine and case/lang/veirs drop off this week.  And it could be a rough one next week, as two songs by bands on this week's chart look to debut next week!  One of those bands....

...the Monkees, drop 2 to #6 with You Bring The Summer.

The top five has an oddity- three songs that start with the letter F!

The first of those, moving up three to #5...

...Basia Bulat's Fool.

The second F'er is a tune that has slowly been fighting its way into the upper reaches, pausing this week after an exhausting battle for #4....

...First Date by Plume Of Feathers!

Next up, by the other band looking at having a new song in next week's countdown...

...the Pom Poms drop to #3 with Betty.

At number two was a tune without an album- until this week...

...when Agnes Obel released her new lp called The Glass Citizen.  The lead single, Familiar, slides up a notch into the number two slot.

And, at number one...

When last we saw this act, they had another hit on the M10.  And the video was a masterpiece of heartwarming.  Home in the country, on the farm.  Holiday dinner, a soldier's coming home.  It celebrated the strength and courage of our servicemen, and the love and innocence of home.  A world we'd all be much better off in than the politics and hate, the debate over which lives matter. And imagine, from a pair of Canadians!

This time, however, they hit with a fun party song, a rowdy number that becomes the M10's first number one!  Moving up one notch into the top slot...

Johnathan and Drew Scott with Let The Night Shine In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed, see ya next week on Time Machine!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    I enjoyed Castlecomer but the R.E.M. song was too mellow for my taste.

    I just got back from YouTube where I vetted your other picks. Me likey Basia Bulat's "Fool," "First Date" by Plume Of Feathers. the Orbisonesque "Betty" by Pom Poms and "Familiar" by Agnes Obel. Sorry, but I did not like the Scotts' song or video.

    Hope all is going well as you and your clan make your way to Barrow, Alaska, for the annual Whale Blubber Festival.

    1. Well, today's leg of the adventure was a crap fest, thanks to the car we have no money to do jack, and I am well fed of playing "Convention Wars" on FB. But we have home and health, and God is still looking out for us, and we still live in the best country on the surface of the earth outside Gilligan's Island, so I guess it's okay.

  2. Chris:
    Caught me a bit off guard with the midweek gig.
    ---Castlecomer - thought I was watching Disney XD...nice song,
    ---Never was a fan of R.E.M., but I do like this song. Reminds me of some old Alan Parsons Project (sort of).
    ---Sorry to see the girls not doing as well this week, but I will concede that the Scott Brothers have got a finger on the pulse of what OUR country used to have a lot MORE of.

    Guess being "on the outside looking in" STILL has it's advantages.
    An objectivity lesson, perhaps?

    Good M10.
    Keep those charters up and coming, brother.

    1. That's why I love you, brother. You GET it. I feel less alone with you around.