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Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence day begins to lose momentum- Sunday...

After two days packed about as full as can be, Laurie had to go slave for you consumers- er, work at Wal-Mart- as she does again tonight.  But after a wake up walk and breakfast with Scrappy, it was time to see if KC could catch with me as his good luck piece instead of Jessica.

So we gathered the gear- including bait- and boarded our stout ship for the day.

That ship being a Smokercraft (get that, Dowco peeps?) rowboat.  It was a little hard to maneuver for a couple of reasons.  One of which was that the oars don't stay with the boat, and don't come with cotter pins to secure them.

The other reason being that KC is just a so-so rower, and I was absolutely abysmal.  My right side would have been fine without thinking, but my left needs thought, and that screws them both up.  You'll note I have the same issue with air guitars.

My casting was suspect for about half the trip as well, and about the third attempt, the top came off the reel.  KC informed me after the fact that that reel does that, and we should check that the top is tight every so often.

Nonetheless, it was a nice day, and a good thing that.  Nobody was getting a bite anywhere, and the only reason to believe the fish weren't all gone visiting relatives was that four or five carp lept out of the water to laugh at us.

We finished the escapade with a rather keystone kops-ish attempt to dock, as KC could not get his arms to learn "reverse", and I was as stated before less than useful.  If the carp weren't laughing before...

Scrappy and I topped the night off with a little more eventful twilight walk.

Starting with a bunny sighting- at least by me...

I was playing with my settings.  It was that time in which the light was playing hob with my options.

Then I got a second sighting of a deer I'd briefly seen leaving the soccer fields moments before...

It was rapidly getting dark as the sounds of shellfire came across the river...

A stop at the barn revealed removed pallets and a groundhog skull...

That was of course brought home for Laurie's inspection.  It sits next to the other- I think fox- skull in our living room.

Then we saw the second deer, just after we crossed the canal.

And that concluded our excitement for day three.


  1. July 4th afternoon and the coming work week mocks me. Cleaning toilets, scraping toilets, hauling desks...basic "living the dream" stuff.
    I'm so lucky.

  2. Chris:
    Yeah, oars that DON'T stay with, in, or on the boat tend to be a lot more problematic than many people realize (unless THEY have to use them to row).
    Gimme a canoe...and a "star to steer her by"...(or an Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer.)
    Nice phots of the wildlife, and I especially like that sunset (wih shellfire in the distance)
    How close to our "Fortress" did you get?

    We STILL sound like a Friday in Fallujah (or is that Khe Sahn...or Bastogne...or Gettysburg, or Breed's Hill?) down here...ever since early June.
    We need a LOT of vets to move down here, bring their weapons and DARE people to set off fireworks that shake the house...THAT would be worth the price of admission.
    (and the price of "clean-up")

    Got some nice dusk pictures there.
    Another excellent travelogue, my friend.

    Stay safe (and rested) up there, brother.