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Monday, September 26, 2016

Scrappy's Sunday walk

So here we go on a typical Sunday walk- starting by going through the next addition to the woods.  I am trying to figure our distances on these walks, so that we know we have an excuse when we drop dead.  I didn't think to take a picture of our 1/4 mile post, but thanks to the magic of Google maps, here you go:

Just off the corner of River Run and Inland Trail.  From there we proceed into the north side of the woods...

Where we see some pretty flowers...

And here we are at the half mile mark- just before the first big bend in the Loop.

The 3/4 post was about halfway down the back stretch of the loop...

The south turn back into the woods- one of the prettiest spots in the world...

And here we are at the one mile mark- the intersection of main trail, creek road, and Dead Tree Road...

Easily found by being right at the gateway into the woods.

And here Scrappy sets a personal record- 1.17 miles into a walk before having to stop and... you know...

We hit 1 and a quarter at the very edge of Mushroom Ridge, looking down at the trail that runs south of the Alumni Center.

Scrappy decided it was a good point to take a break.

The mile and a half mark was right at the monument for the IPFW footbridge... we stopped at the river for quick refreshment.

Bird vacation meeting at the swamp...

Mile and 3/4 was just past the wooden bridge on the greenway trail, just before the first high-tension tower.

And mile 2 ended just across from the Plex's dumpster.

A quarter mile later we are  in the complex and almost home.  And Boofus has a bad case of the "where am I going again?"s by this point.

And back home, some 2.4 miles later, some 1.6 pounds lighter, and some 6 points lower on the sugar scale.  Let's have breakfast!


  1. Hi, Chris! Hi, Scrappy!

    Thanks for taking me along on your Sunday walk through the woods. With the temperature cooling down in Indiana I would think these walks will become a lot more enjoyable than they were at the height of summer and enable you to walk farther before petering out. The autumn leaves will also be a perk. I agree the leg of the journey that took you deep in the Shady woods is one of the prettiest spots on the planet.

    Thanks again, good buddy, and have a Scrappy week!

    1. Yes, the temps are a lot better... but our bodies are worse! I think tomorrow might have to be a sit around the house day for Mr Limpy Gimpy...

  2. Chris:
    ---LOL. take it from someone a bit older, I mean more "seasoned" than you...
    You NEVER need an EXCUSE to drop dead...just a pretty good REASON!
    (you may quote me)
    ---That south turn IS a nice part of the "trail".
    ---I really love the names of the areas that you've given them like mushroom in "the battle of"???
    ---And who's "we"?
    You drink from the river too?
    Not enough Chromium-6 from the tap going into in the old kidneys?
    ---Quick, of all those birds in the trees, how many BLUEBIRDS were there?
    ---Scrappy get lost? Never happen. It's all part of HIS plan.
    ---That was a decent walk. How's it stack up to the hike we took last year?
    (be interested to know, so I can plan my heart have a REASON - heh).
    Nah, just kidding.

    Very good tour.

    Stay safe (and remember it's pancake day) up there, brother.

    1. The Battle of Mushroom Ridge? Believe me, even the high ground would suck there.

      - That would be the Victorian "we". He, at least, is willing to eat grass and barf if it's icky...

      - I wish it was part of his plan. But one of the "perks" for him of getting older is losing focus as he gets wore out.

      - According to the post I did back then:

      "I had estimated 2.75 miles for the tour... Google Earth came up with 3." So, a quarter to half-mile shorter.

      Now if we are shooting for the coronary, we want to take this route in reverse, so we can climb UP Mushroom ridge and the killer north end of the loop...

  3. I think Scrappy's walk was a good one just saying

  4. Do you ever let Scrappy off his leash? Lila is a runner so we have to have leash on her at all times. Jax is kinda a runner but he always comes back home. I wish they were well behaved and would run/walk next to us at all times.
    very nice walk!

    1. He gets off the leash at the bark park. Being a hound, his nose has more control over his movements than brain or eyes or ears. Plus, he can get in enough trouble ON the leash.