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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The M10 songs of Summer '16 part one

Brought to you by... Time Machine!

If you were expecting Drake, or Timberlake, don't turn away, it won't be your fate!  I have the songs that touched my heart, that ruled my waves and rode my chart, this summer from a year so grim, but brightened by the songs within!  The very top of what you heard on Time Machine, in song and word, and if you've had enough of rhyme, then sit right down, 'cause now's the time!

First off, I would like to mention that I call summer the time from our chart of May 25th to this past week's chart, and thus there are two number one songs of that era- the first and the last, that did not have the points to make the list!  One was the very slow-climbing Strawberry Runners' hit When We Were Good, at the start; the other from this week, Phantogram's Fall In Love.  With that said, and the note that any ties were broken by highest position/most weeks, here we go with installment #1!

NUMBER TEN (imagine as a Casey Kasem jingle)

Plume Of Feathers is more of a cause than a band, if you listen to their lp.  They are bemoaning the fact that our iPhone and laptop-driven society has changed the way we socialize, and not in a good way.  Nobody meets at the local pub anymore, and thus in the UK the number of such establishments has dwindled dramatically.  Their self-titled lp is a time capsule of the way things used to be- leading off with that first blind date:


One drunken night last spring, I was meandering through Spotify and saw an ad- the only time I have reacted with more than one finger at one of their ads!  That ad said that the Monkees had put out a new, 50th anniversary lp called Good Times!  I listened... and within an hour had ordered my own copy!  For me, this was the unquestioned lp of the Summer, and the first single falls in here.


Jonathan and Drew Scott are an amazing pair by any standard.  Between their real estate and remodeling careers, the shows on HGTV, personal appearances, Jonathan's magic act in Vegas- you wonder how they squeeze anything else into their lives!  But they squeezed in two very good singles- and one became the first country #1 on the M10:


One thing I never expected was to have someone as far from my usual musical tastes as k.d. lang become a factor on my charts.  But she and her friends Neko Case and Laura Veirs- themselves an unusual teamup born of an e-mail invitation- recorded an lp and their lead single had an affect on me far beyond what they charted- and would be much higher if SOMEBODY hadn't hogged #1 for 4 weeks:


I have discovered a number of bands who haven't actually put out full lps yet in the course of the M10- Strawberry Runners and Castlecomer come to mind right away.  Another act of this persuasion is the Pom Poms, and after I loved their latest single so much, I went back in time and found this gem that makes it to #6:

All right, you dancers, take a break and come back tomorrow for part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    (Sorry, I was having a Beatles flashback.)

    Hi, Chris!

    I'm in a strange city, holed up in a flea bag hotel, living out of my suitcase and using a tinny sounding laptop. (Adding to my woes, a redheaded dame I don't even remember meeting just left and now I can't find my wallet.) But all that didn't stop me from coming over here to enjoy the first segment of your countdown.

    I remember these artists and like them all. Naturally I enjoy some more than others.

    Plume of Feathers tickled my fancy (see what I did there?) because I agree with their lament about modern technology changing society and not for the better. I enjoyed their "First Date" (more than the one I had with that redhead last night).

    My Pick To Click for this set is "Honey and Smoke" by the Canadian-American supergroup case/lang/veirs. I wish that I could listen to it on better equipment, but there's no doubt this is my kind of recording. I'm glad you kept an open mind about an artist you thought you didn't like and discovered a gem.

    If part 2 gets published early enough tomorrow I will be able to listen and comment before I hit the road again. If not, it will be much later in the day or the following day before I can get to it.

    Thanks, Chris, and have a Scrap-happy Sunday!

    1. I told you you could wait...

      I liked the video on Honey and Smoke. There was a live version that was pretty good, but cut off like the first fifteen seconds. This video, though unofficial, really made the song better.

  2. Some pretty good songs there, the love of my life aka the pain in my bum loved anything by The Monkees just thought I would throw that in there

    1. I wish I could bottle your way of putting things...

  3. Chris:
    Good to see some of the one I found melodic included.
    (Pom-Poms,Scott Bros, Plume of Feathers, Honey & Smoke).
    And I just KNEW that the Monkees song would be in the mix. (thought it would be higher, though).
    Part one...definitely worth the trip.
    Looking forward to PT 2.

    Stay safe and sound up there, brother.

    1. Hang tight, the Monkees (and the Pom Poms) aren't done yet!