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Monday, September 12, 2016

What kind of animal are you?

Hah, gotcha.  This is not one of those touchy feely FB quizzes which takes your personal info and gives you a totally random answer.  I'm talking about political animals.

This weekend, Hillary Clinton pushed herself a bit too hard with pneumonia and paid the price.  My thesis here is, why would she do such a thing?  Well, if you add in "first major woman candidate", "Having to work harder as a woman to prove herself", "Can't afford to show weakness", etc, she had a few good valid reasons, in her mind if nowhere else.  The facts that she, as not only a woman but a soon-to-be-elderly woman, and being very sick, possibly for weeks now, didn't figure into her (or her planners, whichever) plans.  But they should have.

They didn't because she knew just what was going to happen- her enemies were gonna pounce.  They've been discussion her health for weeks now, and admitting she was actually sick (even if it wasn't the apocalyptic plague some are trying to say it is) would be admitting a weakness that she could not allow.

Since when?  Since we let the media and the spin run our news cycles.  Being that human was too much of a risk.  And she was right, to her thinking, because look what has happened since.  Now she's "too sick to run," "what if she dies in office?", etc.  Not to mention the inevitable memes including a few really tasteless "Weekend at Bernie's" wannabes.

So is that the kind of animal you wanna be?  Where a person can't allow themselves to be sick, or else they're a cadaver?  I did see one post on FB urging people from all political affiliations to pray for her- and soon after, saw a comment that was a "prayer" that she recover so that her time in prison wouldn't be so miserable.  Really?  This is what we've come to?

And you know it's both sides.  I was on a thread discussing the horrible things being said about her "just because she's a woman."  I happened to put in my two cents that I hoped this wasn't going to be another "if you don't support Hillary, you're a sexist" like Obama was "if you don't support him, you're a racist."

This of course led to a little rough and tumble, in which one lady and I were forcefully, maybe not quite politely, but certainly respectfully, going back and forth.

And then a lady- the comment since deleted- came in and basically said she had "looked at my page" and that I was proud to be one of the "basket of deplorables" that Hillary described (leadership from the top?), and that they should stop wasting time with "this racist, homophobic, misogynistic, jingoistic basket case. (AKA me)"  Which sadly is what you get about 60% of the time when you argue with a "liberal" on FB- and sadly more and more when you argue with a "conservative" as well.

Those of you who know me know that none of those epithets apply to me.  But this woman decided, here's my chance to be a troll for my cause.  Congrats, you made yourself look like a horse's ass, and I'm not surprised you took down your comment and went scurrying back under your bridge, awaiting the next chance to pop out and go, boo.  What kind of animal were you, again?

Y'know, a lot of people have made the comment that this election has the worst candidates ever.  Even the Libertarian, someone who DESPERATELY needs to look intelligent, apparently can't tell the difference between a 3,000 year-old city in Syria and a brand of dog food.  And you wonder how we came to this?

Because we DESERVE it.  All we are is a nation regurgitating the latest sound bite or coming up with "clever" rejoinders.  Count the bright comments vs stupid comments on social media, and tell me where we aren't getting exactly the candidates we would scientifically extrapolate from the crap that comes out of our mouths.

So, in closing, I ask you to do what I have done today, PRAY for Hillary Clinton.  Not for her to get whatever misfortune is connected to the funniest meme, but for a human being who is ill.  A human being that is in just as wretched state spiritually as you are, and who needs God's mercy just as much.  Pray for someone who very well could be President and needs to be at the top of their game for our country's sake.  Pray for Donald Trump.  For Barack Obama.  Paul said pray for all men.  Not just the ones you agree with or support, or share values with.  Be the right kind of animal.


  1. I love this post.

    Politics turn so many people into animals, in the bad sense of the word. Quick to anger and quick to speak. I wish we had a presidential candidate who inspired the opposite.

  2. Chris:
    you, jingoistic???
    (nah, never gonna happen).

    You make a good point and in my post I said "the least said about her, the better". I wasn't going to dwell on her condition, which resembles less like pneumonia (because I've had it - double pneumonia - months in a hospital - weeks in an isolation ward) and perhaps more like symptoms of possible congestive heart failure (her mother's side...just speaking from a "genetic preponderance" aspect here).
    Could even be a form of epilepsy, given the concussion she had a while back.

    Whatever the case, the election cycle is VERY screwed up all the way around...period.

    I would pray that she finds GOD to SOME degree.
    Besides, I could conjure up a lot better ways for her to leave the political realm (standing up, mind you), maybe dressed in an orange or pink jumpsuit.

    I just want all this insanity to END.
    (and I want our country back)

    I think I'll remain a sheepdog, (or maybe a

    Good call on your part.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Note: I abandoned the interwebs for football early last night and got home late today.

      I just don't really get why we are all so bent on Hillary's health issues anyway- does anyone remember FDR, Wilson, Nixon, Eisenhower, Harding, or even WH Harrison?

      I'll always think of you as a chipmunk, lol!

    2. A chipmunk...ROFL!
      Good Lord, that IS funny.
      (wish I were that quick & agile)

      Thanks...I think.

  3. A more excellent commentary could not have been scribed. Thank you for a message that could not be more spot on, CW.

    1. You are most welcome- glad to see you among the living again!

  4. Yeah when I saw her collapse on the news I thought trust a woman to push herself to exhaustion and collapse, it is sad that because she is the first woman in line to become the first female president and showing that she is sick would be seen as a sign of weakness, it is wrong, being an Aussie I know bugga all about American politics but as a human with compassion I am sorry she is so sick at this stage, I hope she has a speedy recovery.

  5. I needed to read this, Chris. It was a good reminder that we are all human at the end of the day. Not just democrat versus republican. Thank you.