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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just dropped in...

Yes, Martin NextGen is on his way, as my "scoreboard " at work says!  Jessica called us early this morning with news that her water broke... unfortunately, it shorted out her "start contraction" button, and she is now awaiting the glorious gift of pitocin to get things going.  In addition, he's trying to get a leg up on Dad and Grampa by messing himself early, thus the drugs to get things moving.  Hopefully, he will be out in time to watch his Dad's Indians take the World Series tonight!  More later as the breaking news develops...


  1. Chris:
    Congrats, GRAMPS!
    And congrats to Jess & KC.
    (Has everyone started to save for Isaiah's COLLEGE fund yet? LOL)
    Enjoy this special time, folks.
    And may God bless you all.

  2. Ok I know he is here and that is great, babies are great, babies are cute, I love babies, wish there were more babies in my family but doubt it will happen