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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Martin World News, sandwiched in a rant

I saw enough just reading the local and national news this morning to tell me I needed to do this post.

Needed?  Yes, because liberal whining, bitching about "Nazi" appointees, and hypocritically protesting, I have had enough.  People who were begging two weeks ago about "working together" have shown no interest in it.  When Barack Obama was elected, I took a vow of near-silence, put up a black armband "for America", and realized, as any adult would, that life would go on.  Obviously many of our friends across the aisle have not the capacity or wherewithal to do the same.  They have become self-appointed "activists" in a lost cause, never once stopping to think that their own arrogant intransigence MADE President Trump.  And even as their beloved NYT admits they screwed themselves by partisan coverage of the campaign, allowing themselves to be caught with their pants down, they still have no clue that half the country just doesn't agree with them.   That it was just some white supremacist fringe that got Trump elected.  And they don't care that there are people who feel just as passionately against their views as they do for them.

And since they have no desire to change, let me make the announcement now- the gloves are off.  I am going to have fun, and I am not going to listen to your drivel.  I will point it out as necessary- but by and large, I am going to ignore you.  Because you ignored me.

Rant over, and now for the fun stuff.

ITEM 1:  What kind of results do you get when you teach kids the "participation doctrine" and that their actions actually SHOULDN'T have consequences?  How about this from Akron North High School?  On October 12, a student mad because he got a suspension, apparently hid something akin to an M80 in a glue stick, decorated it with " the teacher’s name along with the words 'You will pay' and 'School Shooter' ", and lit and threw it at the teacher.  A month after the fact, the student- who also, "threatened to kill the teacher and bring 'a grenade to school and blow it up' ", was charged by police in the incident.

The school?  They gave him a TEN DAY SUSPENSION.  Let that sink in.  Oh, and the cherry on this poop float?  The school NEVER notified parents or kids, calling it a "judgement call."

Well, your judgement blows...

ITEM 2:  From the "Why do you care" department, subheading, "at least I never said THAT..."

By Masha Froliak, from Heatstreet:
A popular TV anchor on one of Russia’s state-owned channels has accused President Obama of behaving in an “uncivilized” fashion toward President-elect Donald Trump, including manspreading.

In his prime-time Sunday news program, Dmitri Kiselyov weighed in on the first meeting between Obama and Trump at the White House. During the meeting, the host pointed out, Trump was behaving “humbly” while Obama was “unceremonious” and even “uncivilized.”

“Trump behaved like an English lord, while Obama sat with his legs wide open, in a pose that is prohibited even in the New York metro, because it is considered a demonstration of male domination,” he said on the Rossiya TV show News of the Week.

The host then said that Obama “was throwing his arms about as if he was in the jungle”—a comment that was later edited out.

ITEM 3:  How's that bubble fitting?  from Heatstreet again:

British TV censors have banned an ad for Heinz Baked Beans after viewers complained that it could encourage kids to cut themselves.

The Advertising Standards Agency has banished an ad encouraging viewers to use empty tins as a musical instrument, which they said is “dangerous for children to emulate”.

The advert, featuring actors drumming on the cans whilst singing, told the audience to “learn the #cansong”, and to recycle old cans as their makeshift instruments.

Apparently, the ad went to lengths to show the proper way to tape the cans up to avoid injury, but on the basis of a whopping 9 complaints, the ASA said it wasn't good enough.  The "evidence" that Heinz presented of several (I found 21 on YouTube under #Cansong) videos taken of people successfully completing the can song challenge was ignored by the ASA, who said,  “the advert must not be broadcast again in its current form” and that Heinz must ensure its future content does not “condone or encourage behaviour that prejudice[s] health and safety.”

ITEM 4:  Finally, the thing that pushed my little car over the edge:  You've prolly heard about the thing where VP-elect Mike Pence was spoken to at the play Hamilton, which I understand is a typical Democrat re-telling of history with Minorities playing the main rolls.  Now, mind you I have no more problem with revisionist history portrayed as fiction, so we're fine there.  I have no problems with using an all-minority cast, even though some outlets are portraying that as racist of the producers.  I won't go into the tweets from the producer PRIOR to the genesis of the show, which will prolly be hard for those busily bringing up ages old dirt on Jeff Sessions to understand.  I won't even bash the statement read, though I believe its mode of delivery was typically tactless.  But I WILL point out an interesting thing that the UK's Daily Mirror pointed out.

The man who read the statement and played Aaron Burr, did not vote in the last 2 elections.
The man who played Hamilton has skipped the last three Presidential elections.
The man who played James Madison registered in 2005 but has never voted.
The man who played Thomas Jefferson skipped the last two Presidential elections.

To me, I think you have to have skin in the game to even comment and be credible.  If you want to be heard, it should start in the voting booth.  If not, you might want to step back from the big stage.  If you want to fix the country, you need to bring more than your mouth and a protest sign.  I have voted in every Presidential election but one- I had just moved out of district and my car broke down.  (On the bright side, I would have lost a $20 bet on that election, and claimed my inability to vote as a voidable moment, lol).  So I feel I can speak out on such matters and I carry more weight than THESE particular speakers.  I almost called them bozos, but I erased that- because, despite their lack of class in delivery, their message was sound- the hope that we have an administration for EVERYONE.  They have my respect in a way that those who get their news from FB and depend on "what would [fill in my candidate] say" do not.

Now, I know the beginning and ending of this post will get me some hateful thoughts if not comments.  But think about this:  I'm not the ones calling people KKK supporters without ever digging into it for myself.  I'm not the one who refuses to hear what anyone but their chosen source has to say.  I'm not the one protesting a legitimate election, or demanding the electoral college go away because it screwed me.  Now, when it gets to a point that such people want to discuss item by item their concerns instead of just protesting me for being some kind of racist neanderthal, this can be an open forum.

But you better come with facts, and be ready to defend them.  Insults will be treated in kind henceforth.  Fake news stories on BOTH sides will be investigated.  And eggshells will be stepped on, and sacred cows put along with special sauce, lettuce, onions, (skip the) pickles and cheese between two sesame seed buns.


  1. Chris:
    ---BRAVO and kudos on that opening statement.

    ---On ITEM 1 - that kid should be BOOTED out of the school and placed in a juvenile facility for a spell, and no erasing that boot-print! He EARNED it.
    Glad he was charged by police.
    The school needs to PUBLICLY apologize to the teacher and the rest of the school body...but I'm so damn draconian, you know.
    ---On ITEM 2 - Wow, maybe there IS hope for the Russian media (they made a damn good call)...anyone for some Glastnost?
    ---On ITEM 3 - Hell, ANY behavior can prejudice health and safety...IF people are CARELESS!
    We cut ourselves all the time growing up (and learned not to do that)...we also had BACTENE and BAND-AIDS. We sucked it up and moved on. Time this new gen does likewise, no matte WHAT country they live in.
    ---On ITEM 4 - I feel much the same on the "Hamilton" show and it's "impromptu" lecture. The METHOD it was delivered was typical leftard-ish in so many ways, but the message had some points for EVERYONE (and not those wanting to be MORE equal than others).
    It comes down to CONTEXT (as usual).
    Your closing statement sounds much too like my POV...LOL.
    I guess I could be fearful (of growing numbers), but I find it wonderfully admirable.
    With age DOES come wisdom (learned that the HARD way often enough)...and you DO truly "get it", my friend.

    Have a great holiday and stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Okay, so there's one non-unfollow, lol!

      I just had to say it all after two days of unrelenting media and FB bs. I hope they all realize I don't mean TAW is taking a radical turn or becoming uncivilized, just that the "era of keeping silent in hopes others will act like decent human beings" is over.

  2. Ignore away, my friend, the world is full of idiots and hypocrites and idiotic hypocrites just my thought though.

    My nephew got a 20 day suspension for telling the teacher she wasn't the boss of him and couldn't tell him what to do followed by storming out of the room slamming the door.

  3. Thumbs up. It's late and my phone is down to 7%, so-lucky you-I can't say any more.
    By the way, yep, loving the Trump "Racist" meme.

  4. I expressed my views on President-Elect Donald Trump before the Presidential election. Indeed, I voiced my perspective of Donald Trump for several years going back before he ever announced his candidacy for the Presidency.
    Since Election Day, I have not expressed my opinion of the President-Elect or of his proposed nominees. I use the phrase proposed nominees because tha is appropriate at this point in time; they are not actual nominees until President-Elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office and actually submits their names to the United States Senate for confirmation.
    I submit here a favorite quote of mine that I have used often in the past several years and that I have been using frequently since Election Day:
    "The name-calling needs to stop. The personal attacks and belittling of individuals based solely on different political perspective needs to stop. All Americans need to pull together. Divisiveness will not accomplish anything positive. It is time for what I call some real D.I.R.T., i.e. Democrats, Independents, (and) Republicans (working) Together. If we, the American people, set aside the distrust, if we set aside the hostility, if we set aside the verbal tirades, if we set aside the casting of stones, if we set aside pointing out blame, if we set aside pettiness, we just might be able to work together for the mutual benefit of all Americans." ~ Roland Louis Hansen

    1. Roland, thank you for a logical, incisive, and intelligent post. If we all could assess, from different sides, in the manner you did here, we just might be able to make sense of things. I have read your quote before, and it makes perfect sense. But we have too many people on both sides playing little kids games. Thank you again for showing to those who may sometimes forget there ARE some adults on both sides.