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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Newspage go and pictures

Well, I have made a commitment to myself to not be baited into going off on the really idiotic way both sides of the political fence are acting.  I would like to believe those who say they want to work together- and hope they want to do it in a more constructive spirit than Obama did with John McCain in 2009.  Therefore, I will declare a complete political truce for now...  as long as the world doesn't continue to tempt me...

Therefore, I am going to be a good boy, and share with you the best in sarcastic entertainment, music I like, and pictures of my corner of the universe as I always do.  And the rant that certain quarters- mainly media driven- are building up in me, I will forgo in the interests of showing that we CAN have fun in this world.  Starting with-

"Grandpa, I just tooted on you."
That's okay, I'm more worried about your dad getting a picture of my bald spot.  I'm starting to look like Brother Dominic."


Our headline here was found on Russian news site RT.Com, the story from South Africa...

‘Rare medical emergency’: Man accidentally ‘strangles’ his penis with wedding ring

The  part that cracked me up INSIDE the story was this-  “The patient reported that he had applied the ring four hours previously for erotic reasons, on the recommendation of friends.”  Thus showing not only that he had very stupid friends, but that four hour Viagra rule comes in pretty handy here, too.

"Grandpa, I'm too young to know who Brother Dominic is."
"Your DAD is too young to know who Brother Dominic is."
"Why, I outta..."

"Man, demoted to second string.  This sucks!"

This stop we thank the Japan Times for a story out of Myanmar:

Myanmar says 34 people killed after they attacked troops

And just what kind of people attack the Army?  Why, unarmed ones...

 ...but villagers belonging to the Muslim Rohingya minority say the victims were unarmed civilians.

Maybe they're upset that Trump won, too....

Oh, yeah, um, oops?

From Chinese news outlet Xinhua:

Space Journal: Entry 7 -- Chinese farmers in space

Milking meteors?  No, actually, they're testing plant growth on the Chinese space station Tiangong-2.  But I saw the headlines, and the first thing I thought was...

But it wasn't meant to be...
FOURTH STOP:  There is no fourth stop because everyone else is talking politics- except North Korea, who wants you to know the south is still incompetent and corrupt and the destiny of the US of A is to collapse.  So screw 'em, we say, and let's look at the Sunday walk to Shoaff Park.

A frosty start...

Bottoms up!

IDK what the green thingy on my neck is.  But it wasn't a hickey from an Orion chick...

Scrappy finds a side trail...

Bit of a dropoff there, Boofus...

And the new signage is in.


  1. The Chinese may farm in outer space, but North Korea has already put a man on the sun.

    1. I know I had that on a MWN post a while back, but I'm too lazy to find it.

  2. Babies make me smile, babies make most people smile just saying.

    I also have a bald spot so don't take my photo from above my head.

    1. Now you see why I try to wear a hat at all times.

  3. Chris:
    Hey, nothing wrong with Brother Dominic...all you need is the PROPER attire (I hear that Hawaiian shirts do go over well at the monastery, but sandals
    Lord KNOWS we've all been "forced" to take that "vow of poverty" already, thanks to certain political agenda.
    As to grandson peanut...wonder what he was looking at off to the side.
    And he DOES seem like he's gonna take a whack at 'ya (in a good way, I'm sure).
    ---Tell Scrappy not to worry about "second fiddle status" - it only applies to TWO-footed
    ---Wedding-ring-penis: A new form of "fidelity"? I'll PASS!
    ---The Myanmar (read Burma) thing - typical of such people.
    When Dad was in India during WW2, we took all sorts of farming gear to them to help feed the locals - they wanted nothing to do with it and went back to human-powered plowing...go figure.
    Never bring a FIST to a gunfight, I always say.
    ---Pigs in Space racist? Nah...try this:
    FISHHEADS in Space.
    That's 9 on the 10 scale there.
    ---Orion girl space hickeys...ROFL!
    ---Shoaff isn't that bad from the scenery...nice walkabout.
    Very good post.

    Stay safe (and no MONK-E business) up there, brother.

    1. I can't believe how lazy I have been at answering all these comments! Anyway, the highlights:

      Peanut was paying close attention to grandpa- until dad turned an NBA game on (true story)!

      The penis story kept flashing me back to the picture of the wedding ring lost in the garden that the carrot grew around...

      I remember similar to your Burma story from the wastegate stories I did on foreign aid to India or Pakistan. Hard to overcome centuries of hardscrabble with a few flashy bucks.

      That latest Shoaff walk nearly crippled both of us, lol! Just getting too old too fast.

      MONK-E business... another groan heard from!

  4. The guy with the wedding ring must have had a really small penis, or a very large finger. Just saying! LOL Thanks for the laughs and for this lovely glimpse into your world. You just had to slip in something political, didn't you? Bad Boy! ☺

    1. Well, some might think I'm going to bridle the snark to keep the peace... but I prefer to just gently direct it.

  5. I agree with what Debbie said about the ring penis ratio. Or maybe I need to keep in mind George Costanza's famous words about SHRINKAGE! You really should have made that story last as I couldn't concentrate on anything after that. As soon as a penis is in the conversation....

    1. Like I said before, I just keep seeing the picture of that carrot... I'll try to remember to save future genitalia features to the end of the post, lol!