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Monday, November 7, 2016

The mystery of the greenway trail work? You solve it?

Today (actually Sunday, time travel and all) we decided on our walk to give you guys the evidence in the Case of the Mysterious work on the Greenway Trail.  Unfortunately, I came up with the idea after we had hit the fenced-off entrance to the north end of our section- but since someone cut that open Friday night or saturday, it's all good.  Let's proceed with the evidence from there, shall we?

#1:  These "structures" (thus the 'str' spray painted on them) in the canal, approximately every 500 feet- so far from the bridge across Woodbridge's stream to the south end.

#2- a pile of ties, presumably to create more "structures" the rest of the way north.

#3- Rubber tracks across concrete areas to prevent damage to man-made "structures", at least

#4- a small area on the north end of the soccer fields stripped and leveled.

#5- Fencing the length of the soccer fields- with a couple small gaps so the little kids game could play Saturday
#6- pallets of plastic drainage tile... now we're getting somewhere!  Could it be Purdue has finally figured out the need for proper drainage after their fields "flooded" last year?

#7 Proper protections for monuments.

#8- a gap in the fence near the main well, with utility flags all the way to the well.

#9, Another stripped and leveled area, just north of the main IPFW fields
#10- trail blocked by more ties and two bulldozers...

...but with a convenient platform to get us past them.

#11- the entire canal staked out with stakes variously noting "right of way", "wetlands", and "flood plane"

Because that always works with us...

If we never paid attention to the yellow barricade...
#12 - construction bridge at south end, complete with construction equipment.  Because barricades are expensive!

I remember a vulture this summer that coulda used that sign back then...

#13- conveniently located porta-pot

#14- Aha!  AEP access road! Too bad we were 0-fer-5 on protective equipment

Kids at the river.  Irrelevant but thrown in to distract.

#15- Last clue- south canal is staked out for future "improvements", too.

Down at the pond.

"Harold, why aren't we over there with the Joneses and Smiths?"
"Because they voted for Trump.  And who gave THEM last names?"
We have reached that section of the season where the trail disappears...

Leaves were falling like rain.

"Follow the yellow brick road..."


  1. Chris:
    I think you provided some good proof as to what is going on in those (former) "backwoods" areas...damn shame it HURTS the environment for the critters a LOT more than helps them.
    (but I'm sure those we used to call "preppies" HAVE to have their area as per our reigning "monarch", right?
    And who pays attention to KEEP OUT signs?
    (I need a reason, like a zombie holding area, or something similar).
    Wonder where that "sign in" book was, anyway...heh.

    The other pics are well done, as usual.
    Better to have leaves falling like rain than the REAL wet stuff, hmm?

    Good walkabout.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

  2. What a nice, relaxing, vicarious walk I took. Thanks!