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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Time Machine VI401M10112416- M10 countdown

So what's all that gobbledygook on the top?  Well, since a Tardis needs proper co-ordinates, one of the things I've decided to play with is putting the co-ordinates on the post:  V for volume 5, I for first post of the volume, 401 for the overall post, M10 for this being an M10 stand-alone (where the date we are going to would normally go, this time you get M10 and date typed).  At any rate, this is this week's M10 show, which includes two debuts- by the same act!!??!

10- The song who leads the category "most weeks on chart, peaking at 6 or lower" with 7 now, Tangerine's Wild At Heart drops a pair to #10.

9- First debut is by a two person band of under 21s- Max Schrager and Shannon Wise.  They call themselves the Shacks and their new single is our #9...

What I didn't know until moments ago is that this is a Ray Davies (of the Kinks) penned tune that was first charted in the UK by Dave Berry in 1965 (hit #37), but never studio recorded by the Kinks.  More on the Shacks in just a bit.

8- The former #1 for Dinosaur Jr, Love Is..., slipped another notch this week...

7- and so did Madrid's Baywaves with Time Is Passing U By, mainly because a couple of more impatient songs passed it by.

6- One of those tunes is Agnes Obel and Mary, jumping 4 to #6.

5- and the other is the beginning of the Shacks' story.  Max was working on some tunes for a band called the El Michels Affair.  They wanted a female vocalist for a certain tune, and Max brought in then 16-year-old Shannon.  The song, due to waiting for her majority, was released in June last year as an El Michels Affair single WITH the Shacks.  Either way, the song makes for one of the strangest M10s ever- because it is the second of THREE songs with the word strange in it- as well as the first time an act debuted 2 songs in ONE week!

4- Buffalo Springfield eases down a notch to 4 with Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It.

3- And the third of our strange trifecta, Billy Stewart's Strange Feeling moves from 5 to 3.

2- For a third week, Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club hold at #2 with Lavender.

And at number one....

Radiation City's Come And Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rad City becomes the ninth tune to hold serve at the top for 3 weeks... will they become the fourth to do it for four?  Very possible- but I've a Strange Hunch it won't be easy!  Find out next week at the usual time when we go to 1974!


  1. Come and go? Well, that just sounds rude.

  2. Chris:
    Since we're living in such "strange" times, maybe it's fitting to have THREE tunes with that word in the title?
    AT the jump. I was wondering with all the tunes DROPPING, who, if anyone (left) was rising on the M10.
    I wonder no longer.
    Good call.

    Keep on rockin' up there, brother.

    1. Wait'll you get Mary's Echo Chamber next week...