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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Boring Fantasy Football stuff

This week we had our 20th Super Bowl in our home fantasy football league.  The contestants included my #3 of 4 team, the B2's, versus Laurie's #3 of 4 teams, the Greenwoods.  (I should explain.  Currently, Laurie, KC, and I run 4 teams each for a 12- team league.)  The B2's were named after my first dwarf hamster way back in 1997- Butthead's Wheel Runners.  Butthead passed away during season two, and his successor was named B2.  Except for a single year of the 20, it has been the B2s ever since.  The Greenwoods were an "original" team- one of the ten that KC, Shenan, and I named back in 1997 when the kids were 8 and 4 respectively.  They were on hiatus from 2002-2010, but Laurie adopted them when Shenan lost interest in showing up for draft day.

The B2s captured the last playoff spot in the last week with a 6-6 mark, while the Greenwoods rolled to a division title- their third in four years- at 9-3.  The B2s had to take out KC's Buzz Lightyears 30-23, and then the division champs, Laurie's Elks, 54-46 to get to the big game, their 5th time to do so and second time in a row (they lost SB XIX).  The Greenwoods had the shorter trip, knocking off my KCAs 30-25 to make their third SB in four years (they lost to the Elks in 2013 AND 2014!).

The game did not go well on the Greenwood side.  They lost one receiver (Michael Floyd) to a DUI the week before, another (Tory Smith) didn't play, and Aaron Rodgers couldn't throw a TD pass against the frickin' Bears.   Still, they would have won 14-9...

...except Devonta Freeman scored THREE touchdowns for the B2s which gave them a 27-14 win.

That total score of 41 is easily the lowest in the 20-year history of our Super Bowl- in fact, the B2's topped it in both their SB wins and just missed it in losing last year!  And since we started dividing the teams by "owners" in 2002, the win puts me ahead with 6 Super Bowls (2 in a row) to Laurie's 5, Shenan's 3, and KC's... er, one.

In honor of the hamster contribution to the champs, I thought it would be nice to feature a hamster in the cup picture.  However, I don't have a readily available picture around of the first two.  So I used a readily available picture of my LAST hamster, the late great Cassie, for the Championship photograph...

Owner Chris, late mascot Cassie, and the Super Bowl trophy
Next week is our All-Star Game, and then we close the Fantasy book on 2016, and start the third decade of NHFFL football!


  1. Chris:
    I suppose the best part of a fantasy football league is the fact that you never have to bail a player out of jail for any sort of impropriety.
    Stay safe & warm up there, brother

  2. Aaron couldn't pull it off? Darn. You know he's from my hometown, right? And his parents are really good folks. So I don't know what went wrong. I'll try to have a talk with him.

    1. It was below 20 degrees and he has performance issues at those temps. Totally inconvenient for a Green bay QB.

  3. What I know about football can be written on my little fingernail, with space left over, just saying

    1. Laurie says the same, but look how she does!