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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chris on the attack- the real enemy, politically speaking

A fellow blogger who is doing an excellent series on Donald Trump and the truly stupid- as well as the factually based- complaints about him clued us in to another fellow blogger who has seen fit to turn his blog into a one-track insult fest against those who dare to disagree with his near-divine intellect.  And you know me, I had to send out a (what I thought was) well-worded rebuttal to his premise, which basically boiled down to this:  If you voted for Trump, you either support the hateful, misogynistic stuff he represents, in which case you are stupid; or, you choose to ignore the hateful, misogynistic stuff because he favors some policy you like, in which case you're stupid; or you are just selfish and don't care that the hateful, misogynistic hurts people and thus are stupid.

As you might imagine, you get some pretty amusing replies from such a self-righteous, self-important gentleman.  To wit:

Martin: You have obviously been eating the sugar cereal for way too long and have no ability to think beyond what the Republican Party is spoon feeding into your gaping maw. The only record of corruption is Trump's. He's done more corrupt things THIS YEAR than Hilary has done in her entire career. When you back that kind of record, even if he wasn't a racist, misogynistic piece of shit, you have no room to talk. 

Okay, so you can see where the problem is right away when you deal with this kind of logic.  So the walking litany of corruption known as Hillary Clinton has done NO wrong, and yet I am the one who has no ability to think independently.  Now MOST of the liberals I know- even the ones who are almost as intransigent as this fellow- will admit that Hillary is a bit problematic.  However, MOST of them wouldn't try to fry Trump supporters in the same hot oil that would leave them a french fry.  Unfortunately, you do end up hitting a few odd ducks like this guy, whose main claim to fame is apparently owning a Don Rickles thesaurus.  And you might say that he is a product of the times- but you would be wrong.

We've talked before about the ill-advised attempts to compare Trump, or Obama, or who-have-you, to Hitler.  You can debate the economic conditions, social standards of the day, etc, etc, but they aren't really the problem at root of people like the blogger above.  However, read this excerpt from an Al-Jazeera article I read just moments after I thanked the blogger for his help creating this post:

Moscow, Russia - Jesus Christ was the world's first Communist, Tamara Lavrischeva announced cheerfully.

"Jesus said, 'Don't collect earthly wealth, you won't take it with you after death,'" the 78-year-old pensioner and Orthodox Christian told Al Jazeera as she trudged through the snow-covered streets of central Moscow with thousands of other Communists during the November 7 rally that commemorated the almost-centennial anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

"And Communists thought the same," she added, her voice drowned by the crowd chanting Soviet-era songs under red banners with hammers and sickles and portraits of Soviet leaders Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

With a dismissive shrug and a condescending smile, Lavrischeva rejected the killings, imprisonment and persecution of millions of Orthodox Christian clerics and believers at the hand of Communists.

What she said was not just an opinion of an elderly woman who wants to reconcile her faith with the ideals of her youth in the officially atheist USSR. Her selective amnesia about the persecution of believers - well-documented and brandished by Soviet authorities - reflects a seemingly paradoxical trend in the recent policies of Russia's Communist Party.

I don't share that to attack Russia or Russians, but to point out that there are people EVERYWHERE who are willing to overlook the most heinous deeds for the right combination of "chickens in their pots".  Indeed, if he could have kept the one-sidedness and the insults out, this would have been a very valid point in our blogger buddy's posts.  Unfortunately, he is crippled in removing the speck from my eye by the plank in his own.  The same people who find it convenient to compare Trump with Hitler- or any other current politician- forget that the reason WHY Hitler came to power was the heinous deeds forgotten by the "chicken seekers".  And in comparing the leaders we have now to this most despicable of beings, they are beginning the same train of thought that brought germany to that point back then.  The only way to defeat a Hitler is with an open mind- and being willing to say that there are warts on my candidate, and truly looking to see if they are bad enough to disqualify them.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that while I heard many on "my side of the aisle" do that very soul-searching- with many of them voting for candidates who had no chance  for that very reason, even though they opposed Hillary and what she stood for every bit as much as the all-in Trumpers.  The other side, I heard a lot of, "I guess I'll have to hold my nose and vote for Hillary", and not much in the way of "conscience" votes.  When these liberals wonder how it is that someone like Trump got elected, I hope they will come to realize it was this very attitude from them that led to his victory.

Bringing me to this conclusion- which I shared with that blogger, though I don't expect his comprehension- that the enemy of this country is not the Republican, nor the Democrat, nor even the Socialist.  No, the enemy of this nation, that is tearing us apart, are the people who refuse to listen.  That refuse to learn.  That refuse to accept that there are people out there who disagree with them, and many of them have good reasons.

But that blogger?  His mouth is a mirror he won't look into.


  1. right now , people are dead set in what they think and not open to learning true facts.

    1. But they are excellent at learning false ones. You can tell the people who really have intelligent thoughts on a subject- they INVITE debate, whereas these people hold up a lalalala I can't hear you sign in one hand and a "this is my position, yours is stupid" sign in the other.

  2. Chris:
    ---HA...divine intellect (when applied to a person)...I'm all ears now.
    ---I remember voting for Peter Capaldi...and that went well.
    ---Sugar cereal, of which Froot Loops gets the #1 spot for me (like ANYTHING in life) is good...when taken in ((ahem))...MODERATION.
    ---I didn't really see that person's retort as applicable to anything approaching LOGIC.(perhaps in an alternate universe?)
    ---A Don Rickles Thesaurus?
    Hey, where can I get me one? Both my George Carlin and Sam Kinison ones are getting a bit worn about the edges)
    ---Jesus as the "1st Commie"?
    I don't think so.
    Selective amnesia indeed!
    ---Your conclusion (as usual) is SPOT ON.

    The NUMERO UNO culprit responsible for many, if not ALL the ills in THIS country is...(wait for it)...IGNORANCE.
    Those who refuse to listen, learn, or accept can be called by no other name.
    And we all know that ignorance IS the root of ALL evil.

    Very good post.

    Stay safe & warm up there, brother.

    1. This doofus' worst problem was he could tell you you were wrong like a champ, but couldn't defend from any rebuttals. In my sign off to him last night, I told him it was like debating a cardboard cut out.

  3. Some people cannot be told, some people believe all manner of stupid things, some people just make us shake our head and wonder why and some people just crack us up

    1. This guy was 100% #1, 95% #2, roughly 75% #3, and about 15% #4.

  4. CW ~
    I had seen you mention somewhere (probably Lee's blog?) that you had engaged LOLeon, so I went to his blog and read it. (This was before you alluded to it on LC's blog.)

    When I saw Cowardly Leon criticize me there again, I left my own comment for him. If you were subscribing to "Notify Me Of Comments By Email" then I suppose you've seen it. I'd previously cautioned him not to mention me again but, despite his I.Q. of 251, he's a real slow learner. As is his custom, LOLeon "Hillaired" ("deleted") my comment within an hour of me posting it.

    That's quite an experience trying to reason with him, isn't it?

    He and I went at it early last year on his blog, and in that exchange, which hasn't been "Hillaried" (because he probably thinks he won - ha!-ha!) I referred to him as "Mr. Washing Machine" for his ability to twist everything around in the Spin cycle.

    I wish I could say that Cowardly LOLeon is one-of-a-kind but, sadly, he thinks [sic] in the standard Leftist manner.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I think he "mentioned" you on the first post Lee linked to, which I didn't subscribe to. I commented on the next link Lee put up, and was subscribed there until he ceased to be entertaining. So, unfortunately, I missed it, but having seen you in action, I'll bet if he (only) had a brain, he'd have felt like a washing machine afterwards!

    2. Ha! Well, thanks, Chris!

      The gloves came off between LOLeon and myself many moons ago, which relieves me of the necessity of even feigning civility with the guy.

      For your reading pleasure[??], following is the comment I left him there, just below YOUR exchange with him. He promptly "Hillaried" it, thus proving the accuracy of the statement itself:

      ​Hey, COWARDLY LEON, you overfed tub of Marxist goo, why weren't you honest with CW Martin? Why didn't you tell him that you're SCARED TO DEATH to debate me, even on topics you pretend to know about, such as McCarthyism and Gun Control? You shoot your mouth off about McCarthy -- according to you, "one of the most disgusting people in American history" -- but you refuse to debate me about him! How many times have I challenged you? How many times have you deleted the challenge? It's the same number and it's "Yuge!"

      Why didn't you tell CW that you delete every single one of my comments so your fawning liberal readership can't see how you dodge me over and over again rather than answer me and risk a debate?

      >>... "his [Stephen T. McCarthy's] rhetoric amounts to, basically, "well, you're stupid!" I don't have time for people like that."

      HA!-HA!-HILARIOUS! And YOU, LOLeon, saying that ALL THE PEOPLE who voted for Trump are "racists", "assholes" and "stupid", "PERIOD!", and "I'm not going to debate the merits of Trump with you. On this, you are wrong, and there is no debate", ...that is DIFFERENT in what way, exactly?

      Oops! Did you just accuse me of having the same attitude that you yourself have been displaying on your blog for a month now? Try a little objective self-analysis sometime.

      And, COWARDLY LEON, you read NO Left-Wing publications? You stick to NPR, the Washington Post, and New York Times? HOKEY-SMOKE & HOO-WEE!!! You couldn't be funnier if you tried! Gee, you might as well have included the CPUSA website!

      I warned you that I'd return if you mentioned me again on your blog. You've got only your brain cell to blame.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    3. Love it! All the sentiments I wanted to leave him as a parting shot- but for a change reeled myself in, told him a discussion with him was like talking to a cardboard cut-out, and unsubscribed.

      We need people like you to every now and again salute the idiots like him in the face. Well done, sir.

    4. I thank you, CHRIS!

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

      ~ D-FensDogG