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Monday, December 26, 2016

Snowy walks and M50 part 3

So "Boxing Day" is Queen's English for "Go out and get soaked, I dare ya."  First Scrappy and I get caught right by the bark bark (AKA 2.65 miles into a 2.75 mile walk) when the heavens opened the first time.  Then, after surviving making it out to a restaurant, out of the restaurant, in and out of Krogers, it decides to let loose again as we enter the complex.  So that puts me at two hoodies, two pair jeans, 1 pair shoes, 2 hats, one pair slippers and one coat soaked in just over 5 hours.  Thanks, Obama!

So rather than mix more of this day into the mix, I thought I'd mix some pictures of a colder but drier last Thursday in with the next set of M50 songs!  We are at set # 30-21 today, and we kick it off with:

30- Somewhere Only We Know, Keane: Unlike most of our countdown this actually charted on the Hot 100- #50 in 2004, as well as being top 3 in the UK.  Here on the M10, it spent three weeks at #2.  Check out the Druidic video here.

29- Love Is..., Dinosaur Jr:  The second of 2 on the 50 for the elder statesmen of alt, and from here on there are only 5 non-#1s left.  Here is the audio track for this one.

Wow, blue skies.  Haven't seen THEM in a while.

Scrappy braved the deeper, crunchy snow only rarely, and for only the best of reasons.

28- Liana, The Joy Formidable: This song would have pointed higher had they not pulled it off Spotify for about three weeks after releasing it ON Spotify.  The video, which will be a treat for Nature fans, is right here.

27- Let The Night Shine In, Scott Brothers:  The first- and only so far- country #1 on the M10 comes from Property Brothers Johnathan and Drew Scott.  Just proving they can do about anything right.  Join the party here.

26- Tranquilize, Shakes:  Here's one of those five that never hit the top, peaking at #2 for the boys from New Zealand.  Audio track here.

Guess this is far enough south for geese.

The work on the trail has things messed o=up even down at the south end!  More to come...

25- Quietly, The Explorers Club:  One of two acts to hit the top twice this year, this song turned Dent May from a three week #1 to a two non-continuous weeks #1.  Audio to the first one from the modern-day Beach Boys can be heard here.

24- Fall In Love, Phantogram:  One of those songs I could play the instrumental track on loop for a long, long time.  Watch Sara Barthel and co. here.

23- 1-2-3, Pom Poms:  Another one that almost but didn't quite force its way to the top (Damn you, Agnes Obel, lol!), it is also one of just eight songs that I left in the same spot they would have pointed at.  Check out Marlene Gold and the guys here.

THAT is what one of the new tower bases looks like before installation...

A lot of crap to go through just to pee on a damn tree...
22- Beyond Love, Beach House:  One of 3 #1s to overlap the old year- we've already heard Headbanging In The Mirror back at 37, and the other one comes up next!  The only hit this year for the only act with 3 M10 #1s.  Official video which I still haven't watched here.

Annnnnd 21- Small Town Talk, Boz Scaggs:  Do I really need say more than, Boz Scaggs?  And another video I haven't seen yet here!

Frozen river...

And that's what the base looks like installed.

And this is the next day, trying out the trail for the first time.  Apparently only the second man-beast team to try it since the snowfall and deep freeze, it was 4 inches of frozen crust crunchy snow.  Scrappy was NOT amused.


  1. Chris:
    I had a feeling that today was gonna be "iffy" for a walk of any length.
    "Thanks, Obama"...LOL.
    Might as well blame it on HIM. (add it to the pile)
    ---Quit bashing on Agnes...heh!
    And WHO has been driving along those trails?
    Get many snowmobilers up there or is the city trying to do some work?
    ---Yeah, that crunchy stuff nearly messed up BOTH my feet. Some was soft and other parts are hard as a bloody rock!
    Not a good mix.
    What kind of "tower" are they putting the bases in for anyway?
    Sports related?
    And to think that all that snow is now all that MUD...which will freeze overnight and we start the cycle anew.
    Still, as long as neither of you get pneumonia, consider it a WIN!

    Stay safe, dry, & warm up there, brother.

    1. They are the new "lower footprint" high tension towers to replace the old style ones along the canal.

      The tracks were ATVs, or maybe cushmans- IPFW equipment to give the winter runners a fighting chance.