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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Assorted pics from the past week

Ground Hog Road getting busy again

"I KNOW you're in there..."

A dip in the pond, so to speak

The first of the new towers going in early in the week

Scrappy figures out the ground hogs like to hide under the boardwalk
The kids come over for a walk on a beautiful Friday

Peanut in his new stroller.  Almost rolled right into the canal.
Me:  "Geez, Jessica woulda killed us!"
KC:  "Yeah and you'd have took pictures of it and put them on FB, with the headline, ' Baby gone wild, crashes in ditch. Film at 11' ".

The tiny flowers are starting... we've finally rounded the corner

And an escapee daffodil in the woods!

When we jump this log, we know we've made 1/2 mile

Scrappy was convinced there was something in this log- and he was right!

Tucked in the back, a baby possum!

Then, we ran into some deer...

Later, we clambered down to an area we haven't much explored- the creek right off the back trail.

Dead ahead is where the deer were hanging out

And ahead that way is The Spot.  Scrappy unsuccessfully tried to force a 'back door' to it.

There's something you don't often see in the middle of the woods....
And the first two towers are up!

The socceristas are blooming....

And Mich's wonderful portrait of Scrappy is now hung!


  1. Chris:
    Excellent pictures as usual.
    ---I must say, I like YOUR "wildlife" a LOT better than "ours" (the 2-legged ones, especially)
    ---As for the near incident w/ Peanut.
    My answer would have been: "Whaddya mean US?
    ---Nice to see flowers there, too.
    AN escapee daffodil...ROFL!
    Can't be on of ours (we do bulb-counts each night before lights out).
    And those towers...what an effin WASTE. (monuments to stupidity).

    Sure am hoping we can get together for the Martin Nature Walk we missed last year.

    Very good post.

    Stay safe (and groundhog-free) up there, brother.

    1. I think the towers are probably more a testament to line technology than anything. Don't have to spread 'em out anymore.

  2. You know... I know we have groundhogs, but I have yet to see any, ever. The deer, have been rampant lately though, and the bunnies are everywhere.

    The downside of not having a dog is that it's hard to find the time to go out and walk off the beaten path. And that Mr. Chewey Cat of ours just won't have anything to do with a leash, or getting his paws dirty.

    1. Last year, we were lucky if we spotted six of 'em. Passed that already this year, which is a return to normalcy.

  3. Scrappy was on it this week! From scoping out the deer to the ground hogs which BTW I'm still mad at them for eating some of my herbs clean to the ground. Great pics!