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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Curses, foiled again

So here I have been, trying to decide whether to finally come out with the first of what I figure will be the first of a few "Stupid stuff Trump does" posts over the whole "By wiretapping he meant" fiasco.  I mean, at a certain point, someone should say, "Look, Don, just let us work out the details on the thing BEFORE you go on Twitter, so we don't have to make such a stupid backtrack."  And we have hit that a few times now, maybe none so bad as having Spicer come out and teach us that the way English is usually spoken is a misconception.  (Of course, Bill Clinton already set that ball in motion by updating the definition of sex vis-a-vis Monica Lewinsky.)  But, while we peacefully watched NCIS: NOLA last night, Rachel Maddow eliminated any purpose in spoofing Trump.

For those smart enough to ignore the news, here's the gig:  Maddow spent half the evening tweeting that she had a "BIG SCOOP" about the President's tax returns, and she was going to expose it on her show at 9 PM.  If I gather the story correctly, she later dialed the enthusiasm down a notch when her "secret source (who we'll discuss in a bit)" let her in on that it was 2 pages out of a 12-year old tax return.  Then, she found out that the White House kindly informed her that publishing a tax document without permission was illegal, wryly commenting that MSNBC must be really hard up for ratings if they want to use illegal methods to publish a non-story.

At this point, I take it, she went into stall mode, waiting for her "secret source" to publish first so she wasn't liable.  And that secret source pissed around and pissed around, so much so that she went into a 15-minute long monologue that left many anticipating that she was about to read from Green Eggs And Ham while she waited.

Finally, she got the go ahead- secret source had published it on his website, and the Daily Beast had reported it.  And guess what that evil, penny pinching Trump did on his 2005 return?  Why, he paid as much in taxes in 1998 alone as I will gross in approximately the next 2,000 years.

Yes, it certainly is.  In fact, it is the cherry on a cake of stupid that has been building ever since someone came up with the bright idea of wanting to see a candidate's private tax return.

Not I.  I could care less about anybody's tax return, including my own.  But it was a lot of fun hearing about "Rachel MadCow" (Laurie's line there) running herself into a brick wall of social retardation.

In the meantime, her secret source, one David Cay Johnston tried to cover himself with, "Somebody stuck it in my mailbox", "Maybe Trump leaked it" and other such nonsense.  Just what I'd expect of a man of his background.  His only real degree according to wiki is "a night high school diploma", and he is considered an "economics expert" despite, as wiki goes on, "Johnston studied economics at the University of Chicago graduate school and six other colleges, earning the equivalent of six years of college credits but no awarded degree, because he took upper level and graduate level courses almost exclusively, and did not remain at any one school long enough."

NOTE:  Just in case you to would like to go for a Masters without having the background to warrant entrance in a real program, his other six schools included San Francisco State, Michigan State, and four other schools that apparently warned him not to use their names in public.

So basically, a lot of ("lot" being a relative term) watched Rachel MadCow pin her credibility's future on a serial drop-out who publishes other people's private info for kicks, rubs all the right "intellectual" bellies and comes out an expert in economics, and thinks that a man who paid $38 million in taxes is somehow cheating the American people.

And the really funny thing?  They are both "investigative reporters", I am told.

Trump won't even HAVE to tweet about THIS one.


  1. Chris:

    One of the best and wonderfully true assessments of the leftard manifesto (as helped along by Rachel "Madcow"...LOL, good one, Laurie!).
    The memes are great, too. I mean who the hell DOES care? I certainly don't
    And Trump DID pay enough in taxes to drown me marvelously (several times over) in large-denomination bills.

    Hell, I'd like to have the money his empire makes in ONE hour...just one.

    Give anyone enough rope and they will hang themselves eventually.
    Thank you, Rachel for proving what we THINKING people already knew...heh.

    Very good post.

    Stay safe (and rolling in the aisles) up there, brother.

    1. And I can't think of someone more in need of hanging...

  2. I have been criticized for saying it, but have been saying since November, Trump is his own worst enemy and by that I mean his Twitter account.

    1. I cannot argue with you there. I think he's abusing what could be a valuable tool.

  3. And to think he paid more in taxes than how many of the people that are looking for that "gotcha" moment?