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Monday, March 20, 2017

Oboy, it's spring

And at least we got to have a nice little walk today.  Frankly, I couldn't get warmed up all weekend and laid low.  But today, with a bit warmer weather, and the construction crew away because of the early rain ( or maybe Bobby Orr's birthday is a union holiday), we hit the trail to the trail...

And there's the 2017 new blockage of the trail to Scrappy's Landing...

His Eminence was sing to us...

Caught him with his big mouth open

Outside of birds, we did have one other sighting.  After exiting the boardwalk,  a groundhog came out from underneath, ran up the bank, looked at us, and returned whence he came.  Scrappy, six feet away, wasn't paying attention as usual.  I did snap an upside down pic under the boardwalk (out of the sun...)-

...and if you squint hard that might just be him in that little arc of grass dead center...


  1. Chris:
    Starting to look nice along the trail.
    Can't wait to see things popping up through winter's refuse.
    Nice to see that trees still fall (and no one hears
    Good geese pics and love that cardinal (he mist have a huge parish).
    Another excellent walkabout.

    Stay safe (and trailblazing) up there, brother.

    1. Still no popping... and we've been looking...

  2. Come here you will get warm, going to be around 30 again today and very humid so the sweat will be dripping off you

  3. I really want that to be him that I see under that blade of glass. I can't quite tell. I'm glad to see Scrappy out and about on his walk.

    1. We've passed quite a few GHs since then- Scrappy's lessened eyesight is really beginning to tell, but that undisciplined sniffer still works!