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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pictures in the wind...

So windy hereabouts that the power at work went out-  8 minutes before quitting time.  Thanks, Obama!  So we took a nice relaxing walk- one in which I actually had a foot blown off track in mid step!  Thankfully, I still had my Stick, my doggie, and my trusty camera...

So windy it gave me a better hairstyle

Most of those trees usually stand straight

Big dead tree comes down, breaks smaller formerly live tree

Scrappy takes us wandering through the woods, over the "dry" stream, around and about.  Decided to recross dry bed on reaching a fallen tree too big to jump.  Doesn't realize that A) dry bed is about 2 feet deep here, and B) is totally full of leaves blown into one spot.  He briefly disappeared.

Lots of minor damage...

The leaning trunk leans a little farther...

But here's the only other big knock-down.  I think it happened when we entered the woods, because we heard a big BANG shortly thereafter.

Roots are substantial, but flat to the ground

Hey, nice catch

Moments ago, there was a heard of deer in the ravine.  I had the camera on and thought it was off.  Thus, a desperation snap only caught a bemused Scrappy.

We believe a skunk has moved into the barn.

Some signs that work was indeed progressing on the power tower project- until today, that is

Another brand new base, covered up

And at the Plex, two empty Powerade cases racing down the walk.  the leader was around the corner.  Now it's not that the Plex is sloppy- but a solid day of 50 MPH winds blowing straight at their dumpster flipped both lids open.


  1. Chris:
    ---LOL...a brand new hairstyle. What happened to the HAT?
    (hopefully not "gone with the wind")
    Those are some great pictures, too.,

    ---I'll bet that stream bed was dry, considering ALL the evaporation that went on yesterday.
    ---The one tree in that picture SPLINTERED really well! Geez.
    ---The other one that was uprooted doesn't seem like it should have, but the roots do tell the tale...way too shallow.
    ---You hiked to the BARN, too. Cool.
    Wonder if that line of "porta-potties" are still there, or did they get tipped over?
    ---"The Great PowerAde case race"...gotta kinda poetry to that...HA!

    Excellent walkabout.

    Stay safe (and stylish w/ the hair) up there, brother.

    1. Hat was safe at home (no fool I), stream bed is quite mucky yet but not splashy, the root deal is the same with most of these skinny straight up trees, the barn is just a short jaunt in and of itself, porta-pots went home when flag football season ended last fall but should be back soon, and I'll be over to your place after dinner. Just finished TM, y'know!