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Friday, March 10, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VXI4193965

Well, hopefully things will go better now that I have the Musical Tardis up instead of the MWN logo.  Today we head to March 11th of 1965, and among the many (for a change) things I found was a bill passed in France that was called "a virtual emancipation of the wife".  The women that "showed us" during the "day without women" should have had to survive in France.  The bill gave for the FIRST time, women the following rights:

-Her property brought into the marriage was no longer considered "joint property"; nor were any inheritances.  Anything she earned still was, though.

- She could now get a job without the hubby's permission- and conduct business without him, too.

- And, in what was a REALLY big deal, she could now open a bank account without his permission.

And this was just a beginning of rolling back the "Lord of the Manor" laws that had been put in by Napoleon.  Being able to use contraception was still 2 years away;  being able to have a say in decisions about the children was 5 years away; abortion was 10 years away; and being able to have a say in the children's property was 20 years off...

Welcome to this week's' Time Machine, and this week, we have: the signature song the artist didn't like; a ten year old squeaks out the start of our 6D; and a twisty turny M10 that includes the 6th song to top 65 points, the most surprising debut ever, not one but two songs that move up five spots or more... and a new number one!  Go check with your husband, and see if it's okay to climb aboard!


Debut #1- not the surprising one- is the second single from POWERS to enter the Hallowed Halls.  It lands at #10... (BTW, this isn't so much a video as something to look at as the song plays, so don't get yer hopes up...)


63 stations played along this week to find a successor for our reigning POTM, Billy Joel (who'll be along later).  And they nominated 14 songs, including:

First up, we have a song that snuck in early (one of three...), as it won't peak at 34 until June.  That would be BJ Thomas and Billy And Sue.

Jewel Akins was at #3 with The Birds And The Bees.

Herman's Hermits make the list twice- once with Can't You Hear My Heartbeat (#12 on Cashbox) and again with Silhouettes (another early sneak which will peak in May).

Uh-oh... the Beatles with Eight Days A Week, currently #1 nationally.

Gerry and the Pacemakers were at #7 with Ferry Cross The Mersey.

The Stones were at #55 and hiding with Heart Of Stone.

The final May early bird is the Seekers with I'll Never Find Another You.

The Kingsmen were at #9 with The Jolly Green Giant.

The Temps were at #2 with their classic My Girl.

Next we have Wayne Newton...

ALLRIGHT!!! I'm back again!

...with Red Roses For A Blue Lady.  The problem here being that Cashbox combined it with the more popular version by Vic Dana at #27.  On Billboard this week, Dana was at #23 while Wayne was at #50.

Junior Walker and the All-Stars have Shotgun at #16.

The Supremes have to Stop In The Name Of Love, and they did so at #8.

And finally, Gary Lewis and the Playboys with This Diamond Ring at #5.

Hey, Mr President, come on in and give the fans the clues!  Ladies and gents, Billy Joel!

Hey, Thanks for havin' me, y'know?  For my first number, I want to...

Hey, Bill, you're just doing the clue.  And how did you get that piano in your coat pocket?

You have ta ask me that, Mr. "Bigger on the inside"?

That's what SHE said...

Huh huh, that was pretty good!  Okay, anyhow, here's the ones you can wipe offa yer ballot.  Silhouettes, Heart Of Stone, Shotgun, Ferry, that weird guy in the white tux, and BJ Thomas.  An' you may as well lob off the Playboys and the Kingsmen, since they only got two votes.  And you might as well take out the Temptations and the Seekers, since they got three each.  So that leaves you Jewel Akins, the Supremes, the OTHER Herman's Hermits song, and the Beatles, who you KNOW are gonna w- 

BILLY, STOP!  Don't give it away!

Well, okay, but you KNOW...

Bill, if you give away the winner, I'll have to elect #2- and look at the votes...

Huh huh.  Second place tie, eh?  This could get messy...

ANNNNND thank you, Billy Joel!  Let's move right along...


Sandie Shaw grabbed our #65 at '65 with a tune called Girl Don't Come.  A #3 in the UK, #2 in South Africa and Canada, it was her biggest hit in the US- which meant it got only to #42.  With a tempo taken straight from Always Something There To Remind Me  (which she had already taken to the top of the UK charts), she at first refused to do it.  Finally talked into it, it was put on the flip of a single called I'd Be Far Better Off Without You.  But when both were played in front of a live TV audience, they liked Girl Don't Come better, and it wound up being Sandie's signature song.  I bet she likes it better now...


And the surprise debut at #8... from the lp ...Sings Big Hits By Burt Bacharach- Hal David -Bob Dylan, from the year of our trip, 1965... I give you... the Four Seasons...

Look out above, a strong wind from New Jersey is blowing up the chart...


One of Laurie's favorite sixties tunes is the Cowsills with Hair.  And I'll bet she didn't know that the line, "...and spaghetti'ed..." was sung by the youngest of the family, 10-year-old (at the time) Susan Cowsill.  Speaking of Susan, she was married twice, the first time from the early 1990's till 2001 to one Peter Holsapple.  Among other things, Peter was in a 1970 short lived band called Rittenhouse Square, along with producer Mike Easter, who was REM's producer right from the start, including one of my favorites of theirs, So. Central Rain.  On the flip side of this single was a drunken version of a classic- so bad that guitarist Peter Buck said of it, "If there was any justice in the world, Roger Miller should be able to sue for what we did to this song."

And that song?  Our 6D victim with no votes despite sitting at #4 nationally- Roger Miller's King Of The Road.

I will, sue, I will pursue, an' I- aw, the hell with it.  I've sang it that bad drunk too, I suppose...


Just before we get to the tops of the pops, over in the UK- I'll Never Find Another You was #1;  the highest in the US also charting there was Ferry Cross The Mersey, #7 here and 36 there; and the highest there that was charting here was the Animals with Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, #5 there and #31 here at the time.


And now, the rest of the M10.

Sweet falls to #9 this week with the Peppermint Twist, putting them in some pretty big company- only five songs have garnered more points than they have.

Colony House is once again on the way down with You And I, this time falling to #7.

John Mayer up a pair to #6 with Helpless.

Tom Jones batters his way up five notches to #5 with his 1967 power ballad I Know.

The Shins climb another three spots to #4 with Name For You.

The big mover at #3, up 6, is the neo-psychedelic Crystallized by Melody's Echo Chamber.

And Chicano Batman is not necessarily dead, but slips a spot to #2 with Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm).

And the number ones?

M10 says...

Chrissie Hynde DBA The Pretenders, with Neil Tennant, with Let's Get Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just to let you know, the winnah of the Panel vote got 33%, the second place duo of the Supremes with Stop In The Name Of Love and Herman's Hermits' Can't You Hear My Heartbeat got 15.9 each, and the winner... c'mon, you know...

...the Beatles and Eight days A Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, is a closely guarded secret, as I am considering breaking the most sacred tenet of TM and breaking out of the Martin Era... or we may boink off the wall and go back to 1972, I haven't decided yet...


  1. A lot of great musical memories for me in 1965. I was really starting to immerse myself in top 40 radio and pop music back then. I still have my vinyl copy of the Four Seasons Bacharach/David/Dylan album--lousy condition though, but it still plays.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Me too- though I'll bet your memories are a bit more in focus as I was 3.

  2. Oh my what can I say, well some good memories here and some songs I have not heard of or do not remember

    1. When did you become "Jo-Anne the crazy lady?"

  3. Chris:
    Good open - shows that America was setting the pace and others saw no recourse BUT to follow.
    ---Powers song...fine tune w/ vocals that keep reminding me of someone from the 80s...any ideas?
    ---The candidates this week takes me back to my 1st year in high school. Now that was several lifetime ago. Good picks!
    ---Can't say I remember Sandie Shaw...gonna have to do a lookup. Got the cutie award this week.
    ---Walk On By...where DID they get those wonderful blue velvet jackets? How "mod" of them (I want one).
    ---Laurie's got good taste...I also like HAIR by the Cowsills.
    ---As for that band Rittenhouse Square...they talkin' about PHILLY (?), 'cause I've BEEN to Rittenhouse Square a lot of times when I lived back east. I listened to their music...I like it.
    ---I did not see KING OF THE ROAD coming at me...nice 6D.
    ---Good to see both Tom Jones and Chrissy Hynde rising on the M10.
    ---The Beatles...our slam-dunk of the week, hmm? Nailed it.

    Very good ride this week. Got to hear some oldies from my time (((sigh)). Where did it all go?
    And don't BOINK yourself TOO know how that can hurt.

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. Not really on POWERS... I just think of them as my KC and the Sunshine Band, lol!

      Sandie never much hit over here, but I've bounced into her a few times on TM.

      Stand by on the Four Seasons- I found TWO songs, of which I chose Walk On By... but the other might make it sooner rather than later.

      I didn't really look much farther into Rittenhouse Square. Perhaps I should have, but have to be careful of bunny trails, lest one never makes it to Roger Miller!