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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon...

The mid-size trees are greening up

Now we have Dutchmen's Britches too...

And more shoes in the trees...

WAAAAY up there.

We went to the Spot... and just upstream is a BIG BAD dam....

The amount of erosion every year is astounding... of course, the bank IS mostly sand...

The dam has  an "overflow " on the west side

This is Connie and Otis, who we had a nice talk with

Below the bridge.  It got a little goopy after this... we trekked across the ravine floor...

"Hey!  WTH are we?"

"And we gotta climb THAT?"

Whew!  Topside!

A stop at the Alumni Pond


  1. Chris:
    ---It IS looking a lot nicer there...loads to see.
    ---In that 4th that "weed" growing there???
    ---Shoes in the 70s!
    ---A DAM???
    Beavers or humankind at work here?
    ---Connie (nice legs...behave yourself)
    ---Ravine...crater...whatever...I LOVE that spot (as well as the bridge).
    ---Goopy, huh? Drainage must be lacking.
    ---Erosion along the banks...maybe the city can step in and concrete it ALL over (let's hope to God NOT).
    ---Alumni Pond...always a great meeting place...heh.
    ---Excellent walk. I can smell the fresh air already.

    Stay safe (and non-goopy) up there, brother.

    1. It COULD be beavers, but I'm not convinced that it isn't just a bunch of crap that got stuck in one of our recent gullywashers.

      Connie was a nice, talkative sort. We chatted for a couple minutes. Otis was not so impressed.

  2. Do you ever come across snakes? Here lately theres been tons of snakes on the trails, parks, etc this Spring. They're usually poisonous too - coral and copperheads.

    1. Not often. One time there was one sunning himself on the back trail and Scrappy obliviously peed on him. Another time he met up with a garter snake that snapped at him- he was not impressed.

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful walk with great company. :)

  4. I'm envious of all the greenery. We're still slowly catching up, so the weather is good enough for walks, but the plants and trees are all still taking their sweet time coming back.

    I'm also envious that you can talk to random people. Around here, we've got nothing but snooty soccer moms who look like they're one stray 'good afternoon' away from bear macing you.

    I keep my distance.

    1. We have a lot of "Say hi"s and a bunch of "Stop and chat"s around here. About half, though are "I can't hear you, I am on my music/phone"s.

  5. Bob G's comments are hilarious!

    It's so nice to see green again. Although for us, because of the flooding we had from the hurricane, it means a whole new brand of weeds and grass is showing up in our yard...and in the garden. Why do we have grass in our garden? Weird. And a pain in the rear to maintain.

    1. That would be interesting... (Long as it ain't MY garden)...