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Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend picture catchup

His Eminence playing peekaboo in the grass

Ton of RVs by the Plex- something going on this weekend!

First Jacks of the season

More evidence of an event- enough signage that even the idiots around here won't park where they shouldn't

Ah, THAT's what it is- all indoors too.  Good.

Thus was Friday night- then comes Sunday.

The Green Hole is now green

Down at the Duck Pond

And nearby, at the river

Across the river, family fishing fun

Doggie driving his truck

Wild strawberries in bloom

Got lucky on a butterfly mating dance

This is Buster and his daddy.  Much like Scrappy, Buster is an old man with back leg problems- he's even recovering from ACL surgery on one...

The Big Guy is finally starting to green up.

Couple of side notes next:

1- A while back I told the story of the dead possum by the barn, whose corpse disappeared the next day?  It returned, sorta, this week- at least a back leg and hip, spinal chord, and head did.

2- Scrappy got to play with his neighbor Ernie at the start of the walk.  Ernie, is big white and a bundle of joy.  He looked like he was trying to step on Scrappy.

3-  We are coming towards the close of the hockey season, and you may know that KC and I have teams picked out in 25 leagues across the globe, and this year Laurie joined us in picking one team in each and 2 in the NHL.  KC won championships in Hungary (DVTK), Latvia (Kurbads), and Denmark (Esbjerg).  Laurie won the Slovak league (Banska Bystrika) and was knocked out in the finals in Switzerland (Zug).  I took titles in Norway (Stavanger) and the UK (Sheffield), and lost in the finals in Germany (Grizzly Wolfsburg) and France (Rouen).  My teams are all done for the year thanks to the Blackhawks' amazing first round flop.  KC still has Pittsburgh, and HV71 in the Swedish finals;  Laurie has Nashville, and St John in the Quebec Major Junior League in Canada.


  1. Chris:
    ---LOVE the cardinal...HATE the dandelions!
    ---That signage told the tale...and the city thinks it needs ANOTHER arena? Why, exactly?
    ---Gypsy Soul - a "vintage market" artisan venue.
    ---Always better to have a green hole than a brown one, right?
    ---Love those pink(ish) shrubs, too
    ---Dogs with pickups...what can be NEXT?
    (Scrappy seems more the SEDAN kinda pooch)
    ---Geez, that's a lot of turtles!
    ---Wild strawberries - ANOTHER garden bane (for me).
    ---Nice hawk pic.
    ---Why DID the geese cross that road?
    ---GREAT Scrappy pic!
    ---Weird about that possum.
    ---SHEFFIELD has a proper HOCKEY team. Kudos to them!
    Didn't they used to have summer hockey that was played on astro turf in an arena years ago? Can't find anything pertaining to that. I remember Flyers players doing that in the off season in Philly.
    Time to bring it back (or reinvent it)?

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. With Baseball now on, I've barely time to look in on Aussie Ice Hockey (fan of Adelaide Adrenaline). They're where the kids that thought they were better than they were and didn't study in Juniors go, lol. Only 15 minute periods and a lot of good players abandon ship about midseason to catch on with a Euro team starting camp. One such guy two years ago was a chap named Michael Forney. He caught on that season with my Austrian team, Villacher. They cut him just before the playoffs and he ended that year in Norway. He hooked up with Sheffield and did a damn fine job last year, then moved on to Laurie's Belfast Giants.

      Yeah, that possum wasn't the only thing to appear and disappear. You may remember me mentioning a dead Raccoon back when it was still snowy. It disappeared, re-appeared in virtually the same spot, disappeared again, and I think ended up being that unidentified leg that Scrappy rolled on.

  2. Parts of the dead possum turned up that is creepy