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Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend picture recap

Scrappy at the bark park with Reagan and  another buddy Wednesday...

"Dude, bad breath, man!  PHEW!"
Then a Friday walk...

Methinks we have a boardwalk failure here

Taking a break at mile one

The same old joke again- dip in the river

Owl down by the swamp

And a couple dozen turtles

Had to climb all the junk hills to look into dens

Mushrooms, anyone?

Hope the deer can read

Scrappy's first time off the leash to hunt down groundhogs

A good boy, checked every move with me and came back when asked

"Damnit, no one home!"

Saturday, our first trip to Shoaff this season!

My favorite spot- the little waterfall

And here's the FWFD water rescue team, hanging out

Scrappy spent a lot of time in the pond

They always get Dutchman's Britches there before we do

Doggie under the bridge


  1. Chris:
    ---As always, excellent photographs.
    ---An OWL in the daylight near a swamp?
    (well, that's rather novel)
    ---Scrappy is one GOOD boy!
    Checks with you, comes back, acts the proper pooch with others.
    ---Shoaff has a nice pond (and a LARGE one at that.
    ---"Stay off the grass"...ROFLMAO - our ghettohood kids would ignore that sign...(also KEEP OUT, PRIVATE PROPERTY, TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT - survivors will be shot AGAIN...
    Can't blame the educational system when the kids CHOOSE not to learn, can we?
    The deer have no such amenities...YET.
    (PETA's next crusade...getting DEER into the

    Great group of walkabouts.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. The first week we had Scrappy, he got a BIG introduction in "proper off-leash etiquette", later reinforced by Laurie a couple winters ago.

      Have to take you out back this summer and show you where the Owl lives behind us.

      I'll bet the deer will be great at singing "doe re mi" in class...

  2. You and Scrappy sure get around. :) He's such a good boy for coming back when you call him. Most Beagles follow their noses and ignore their owners.

    1. I make sure that I let him loose where I KNOW where his nose will lead him, and no other distractions around, that helps.

  3. The owl pics are great!! I really wished my dogs could go without leashes but lila is a runner. She runs and runs and it makes me so mad! jax will come back but he runs wild for a while.

    1. Yeah, it's been a long time coming for me to attempt it. But he's now broken down enough I am pretty confident I can keep up with him if I have to.