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Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend picture roundup

Watch the birdie

Dandelions in bloom already

Scrappy demands to check something out...

...ends up rolling on the partially eaten arm of... something

Starting to green up

Hawks are really active right now

Little blue flowers

Trash can unclear on the concept

Tuckered doggie

Top of the old tower

Palm Sunday at the river- Bob, shoulda came over!

Taking a break near the Ponderosa.

Saturday, we had found another case of "unfinished lunch"- a barely eaten Possum up at the barn- and a few feet away, a ground hog hole with a patch of butt-fur from an aborted escape.  By Sunday, both meal and patch were gone.

Monday, a new bunch of rogue daffodils

Scrappy detected the little possum in his favorite log again

Suddenly it started getting a bit blue.  "R we supposed 2 get some weather?" I text Laurie.  "Just getting ready to warn you lol" came the reply.  Time to cut through the woods and head for home.

So there it was, starting to rain, just under a quarter-mile from home- and our old friend Ruffy shows up.  Fortunately for all involved, Mamacita was right there (we now know which house he lives at!), and apologized (for what I'm not sure).  I think the first solution might be to MAKE HIM WEAR A COLLAR THAT FITS!  Third time we met him, still haven't seen him with a collar.


  1. Chris:
    Oh, those (damn) dandelions...ARGGHH!!!
    love the pictures...nice and calm
    (and don't TEMPT me that way...LOL)
    Nice hawk picture...we've seen one (so far), and also seen two geese heading SW (why, I have no idea).
    Rogue daffodils...heh.
    Yeah, someone took the time to stick some bulbs in the ground there (no seed propagation there).

    Nice walkabout.
    (and tell Scrappy NOT to roll in dead things...sheesh!)

    Stay safe (and well-rested) up there, brother.

  2. Great photos minus the dead parts. LOL
    Scrappy has some great adventures.

  3. This past weekend was glorious. Among other things, I took the snowthrower off the tractor.
    In other words, blizzard for Easter.